Burstein And Loyalty: Can Anyone Spell Benedict?

By G. Leon


Burstein And Loyalty: Can Anyone Spell Benedict?

TWO WEEKS aftering Boxingtalk.com first broke the news that Judd Burstein has switched allegiances to become the newest name on the payroll of his long time arch-enemy Don King, the usually talkative New York based attorney finally decided to say something in his own defense. For over two weeks, Burstein refused to comment when Boxingtalk called to ask him if his decision to work for King was fair to another one of his clients, Shane Mosley. Today, Burstein finally spoke up in his own defense, telling another website, "there's an explicit understanding that my loyalties lie with Shane." Why is it then that Burstein made these remarks to one of the very few writers on the Mosley's banned list? That doesn't seem very loyal to me. Many in the boxing industry always thought Burstein's loyalties are to Franklin, Grant and Jackson. How else is one supposed to view the one-time chemotherapist now turned chain smoker? Remember, Burstein said the Terry Norris settlement he negotiated as King's adversary was "a dose of chemotherapy" and that "Don King was the cancer"... Could Judd be the tumor?

"Explicit understanding" or not, how can Burstein represent Mosley if Mosley wants to fight one of King's boxers?

If Burstein would EVER negotiate a deal for his client Shane Mosley to fight on a card promoted by his newest client, Don King, Burstein's previous quote on the WBO would summarize his own dealings best because having Burstein on both sides of a deal certainly would "have the aroma of a seven-week old. dead, unrefridgerated fish."

How would Burstein be able to make the best deal possible for two clients at the same time? Can anyone say conflict of interest?

As Mosley's business advisor, one must wonder if Burstein will ask them to sign a conflict of interest waiver should negotiations with King ever commence?

In my opinion, only a fool would sign that waiver and allow their attorney to negotiate a deal with a promoter he represents. Espcecially a promoter who happens to have a helluva lot more money than the Mosleys do. For some strange reason, I definitely don't think there would be UGLY shouting matches between King and Burstein at any restaurants this time

In case you were wondering, this the same guy who once sued Milt Chwasky for a conflict of interest involving Lennox Lewis.

Shortly before Burstein joined forces with King, he filed a $63M lawsuit against King on behalf of Chris Byrd.

In about a week the lawsuit was settled for $2.5M, the bare minimum that Byrd was guaranteed in his contract.

One must wonder, was the King-Burstein marriage consummated as part of this settlement?

In either case, it's not surprising the Byrds refused to pay Burstein his entire fee.

Many times, including in today's story, Burstein said, "I've always said Don King is the smartest person I knew."

In turn, one must wonder if Don King thinks Burstein is one of the dumbest people he knows because never again, will Burstein be able to participate in a lawsuit against King.



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