Brock speaks on Klitschko fight and responds to Goossen's insults!

By G. Leon


Brock speaks on Klitschko fight and responds to Goossen's insults!

"I'm ready to become the new heavyweight champion of the world on September 24!"

GL: I understand that you're the frontrunner to land the fight with Vitali Klitschko on September 24. What can you tell us about this? "I've heard about it too, but I'm still waiting to hear something from my promoter. If that's how it goes it down all that tells me is it's my time to become the heavyweight champion of the world because I know God is guiding my career. If the contract comes I'll sign it, beat this guy and become the new king of the heavyweight division."

GL: Do you feel that you're ready for a title fight? Or do you think you should have another couple of fights under belt before stepping it up to that level?

Calvin Brock: "Man, I'm ready. I'm ready to take on anybody in the world and Main Events is ready to put me in with anybody in the world. I'll beat em all. I put my career in God's hand. Wherever he takes me that's where I'll go and right now it looks like he's taking me to a world title shot. I'm stay in the gym so I'm in shape and I'd be more than ready to become the heavyweight champion of the world on September 24."

GL: Dan Goossen made no bones about his belief that you're not ready for Klitschko. Goossen said that you turned down Audley Harrison as an opponent and he also said if Vitali is supposed to be the Yankees he shouldn't be looking to fight Calvin Brock, a triple-A team. How do you respond to that?

CB: "First of all they never offered me any fight with Audley Harrison. Why would I turn that down? People thought Jameel McCline would be too much and everyone saw what happened. I'm pretty sure that going into a Klitschko fight a lot of people are going to think I can't beat him. But I guarantee you I'll be the one getting his hand raised if that fight happens.  It's all about the belief I have in myself. What people write and say doesn't really matter. The only thing that would matter is me, Klitschko and that rerferee."

GL: Not too many people saw your stay busy fight against Craven on the Gatti undercard. Tell us about that fight, how do you assess your performance?

CB: "I think it was an excellent performance. HBO PPV showed the highlights and I looked good and took care of business. I'm ready for anyone in the world, even Larry Merchant said it. I've been believing it and whichever title holder steps in the ring with me will be a former champion when the fight is over."

GL: Does your fight with McCline provide you with any extra confidence since you already know you can be successful with a much taller and stronger opponent?

CB: "Definitely. No matter what my opponents physical attributes are, I can adjust to it and come out a winner. Klitschko is a little bit taller than McCline, but he's not as heavy. He's big and powerful but I don't think he's quick at all and I think that's something that's going to play right into my hands."

GL: Many will feel that this is too much too soon for you. How do you feel about that?

CB: "Most of those people thought Jameel McCline was too much too soon and here we are talking about fighting Klitschko. What people think doesn't bother me, I believe in myself and if and when that bell rings, I'll be ready to become the new heavyweight champion of the world. I'm 26-0 so I must be doing something right, and believe me, that O ain't going nowhere."

GL: Do you consider Vitali the best heavyweight in the world?

CB: "Besides me, yeah. I think he's the legitimate heavyweight champion and I think he's a good fighter who fights smart. He has a high level of concentration and he'll be the best I stepped in the ring with. But when the bell rings we'll see what he has to offer."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

CB: "If this Klitschko fight comes off, all my fans can expect me to become the new heavyweight champion of the world on September 24."


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