Brock responds to Austin's challenge!

By Brad Cooney


Brock responds to Austin's challenge!

BT - Calvin you just read the press release on Boxingtalk, what is your response? "First of all, I am glad Ray Austin is willing to put himself on the line. I love knocking big men out, I took care of Jameel McCline and I am getting ready to take out David Bostice. Ray Austin can be another big man that can be waiting for me some time the first of next year on bigtime television, so everybody can see me take him out, then go for the championship. I will be glad to accept his challenge any day, any time, any where If Don King wants to get with my promoter (Main Events), we can get this done!"

BT - So there it is, Calvin Brock accepts the challenge.

CB - Definitely, as long as everything makes sense. The only reason I haven't called out Austin before is because he just recently got into the position that he is in. He hasn't been ranked as high as he is now, but now that he is, the two top dogs can get it on. And this top dog will still be undefeated with another notch on his belt.

BT - Calvin Ray is quoted in his press release saying that he will knock you out, what are your thoughts on that?

CB - Hey I respect that confidence, that's the kind of confidence that any man is supposed to have. But with that said, talk is cheap and my track record speaks for itself. There aren't any losses, and I have never been knocked out. No matter how big and bad he thinks he is, when he's ready to get schooled, meet me in the ring. Go and talk to Don King, don't be scared, because I aint scared... any day any time. Ray, let's do this for the number 1 contention for the IBF and WBA right after Wladamir gets his shot!


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