Brock hopes to run the IBF's heavyweight bracket

By Brad Cooney


Brock hopes to run the IBF's heavyweight bracket

The Banker slated to face Eddie Chambers in 4-man box-off

Heavyweight contender Calvin Brock recently sat down with Boxingtalk and discussed what may lay ahead for his boxing future.  Rumors of a possible fight between Brock and Eddie Chambers have been talked about, but according to Brock, nothing has been finalized as of yet.

BC – What's the latest with you C. Brock?

CB – Aint nothing up, just waiting for the news when my next boxing match is, against who, and over what.

BC – What are the possible scenarios for you out there?

CB – I don't know right now, nothing concrete right now.  My dad hasn't been talking to my promoter that much so I don't know, we are just waiting to hear.  I am keeping my body in decent shape in the meantime.

BC – Is everything OK with you and Main Events?

CB – Yes, everything is OK with Main Events, I have just been enjoying my summer.  I got some injuries in my last match, my ribs and my shoulders, so I took the time to get feeling better, so it's all good.

BC – You have a few nice performances in a row since coming up short against Wladimir Klitschko.  Talk about your performances.

CB – I was quite happy with my performance with the first round knockout back in March [Ralph West].  My fight in June I got a nice eight-round decision win [Alex Gonzalez], and I needed the work.  I was trying to knock him out, but it just didn't happen. 

BC – What's the latest with your trainer situation?

CB – Right now it's just me and my dad.  I was training with Whitaker, but now it's just me and my dad.  We are going back to some of the basics, working on my timing, my reaction time, my quickness, and countering.  I just been spending some time with my dad working with him for my next boxing match.

BC – Sometimes it's just a matter of getting back to the basics.

CB – Yeah, yeah just getting back to the fundamentals. 

BC – If a world title shot comes, will you stick with your dad or get some more help?

CB – No, I am going to just stick with my dad for my next boxing match.  It don't matter what type of fight, or against who.

BC – What's the latest with you and Eddie Chambers, a proposed IBF box-off with Alex Povetkin facing Chris Byrd in the other bracket. Is there anything to that?

CB – I heard about it, but nothing off of the ground with that.  It's definitely an option, it's just that I will let Main Events and my dad make the call on that.

BC – As is stands right now, what is your assessment of the current Heavyweight division?

CB – Well obviously it's pretty strong over in Europe.  They have a few undefeated world champions, and a few undefeated contenders coming up.  I am taking it serious and looking forward to challenging them guys for the world title.

BC – What are your thoughts on Evander Holyfield's opportunity to get a 5th world title?

CB – Evander Holyfield is one of the greatest champions of all time.  If he comes back and does it again, it would shock the world.  I think he can do it, and I don't think that anyone can deny that Evander has looked very good in his last few performances.

BC – What do you think you learned most from your loss against Klistchko?

CB – Well one thing I changed trainers, and that has helped me in ways that I don't even realize right now.  I changed trainers because I peeked out way too soon against Klitschko.  I think I could have won that fight if I wasn't over trained.  I can't let that happen again, so that's one thing that I learned.

BC – When do you think you'll get your title shot again?

CB – When God says it's time, it will be time.  I am more hungrier than I was before, I am ready.  It will be God's timing when I become world champion.  Everyone who I come in touch will tell me that I will be world champion, and I feel it too.  I have no doubt that I will be world champion again.

BC – Do you have any closing thoughts for your fans?

CB – Keep your eye on Calvin Brock, I will be heavyweight champion.


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