Briggs: "I will decapitate Klitschko!"

By Brad Cooney


Briggs: "I will decapitate Klitschko!"

On November 11th, 2006 heavyweight contender Shannon Briggs will face IBF heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Briggs recently spoke with Boxingtalk and discussed what is in his words "a dream come true". Shannon  is not short on words, and predicts a knockout over Klitschko in front of his hometown fans.

BT - What's up Big Briggs?

SB - Not much Brad, thanks for having me.

BT - Shannon, is your fight with Wladimir Klitschko a done deal yet ?

SB - Pretty much Brad, it's 90 percent done.

BT - Have you signed a contract yet Shannon ?

SB - I have a contract in my possession, and I am just wating for Shelly to finish up some things. Nothing is done until the bell rings in boxing Brad, but like I said, this fight is 90 percent locked up. Everything is looking good so far.

BT - Shannon how do you see yourself matching up against Wlad, he's a big dude ?

SB - I feel great about this fight, I feel my chances of winning are great. It's a dream come true to be fighting this guy in my hometown at Madison Square Garden, I am looking forward to it.

BT - Shannon give me your thoughts on this comeback of yours. You have been knocking people out left and right, and to have this opportunity to fight for the Heavyweight World Title has to be a dream come true.

SB - Well Brad it was my intentions 3 yrs ago to stay busy, and fight my way into shape. I had some opportunities to fight some bigger fights early on in this comeback, but I felt I wasn't ready. I had fights offered, but I felt it was better to stay busy and Scott Hirsch, myself, and now Jeff Mayweather have a plan for me, and it couldn't have worked out better.

BT - You mentioned Jeff Mayweather. There is a story inside the story here, Jeff's story is an interesting one too. Jeff told me in an interview that I did with him a few months ago that he really feels blessed to have this opportunity to be training you.

SB - To me it's all about vibes, and energy. Jeff came to the table with both energy, and good vibes, he's a positive brother. Jeff helps me with my jab, and my defense. Jeff just brings me positive energy, and I love having him on board.

BT - Shannon you have had issues with conditioning in your past, have you been working in the gym on your conditioning ?

SB - Yea, but what I have been working on is knocking people out. I have been decapitating guys, and people want to see Heavyweights knock people out. As far as my stamina, yes, I have been working on that, but I am going to try to knock this guy out. I have 11 wins straight with 11 knockouts, I am not looking to go 12 rounds with Klitschko, I am going to knock him out. If I do have to go 12, great I will be able to do that too.

BT - Shannon, Wlad has shown that he can go deep into a fight.

SB - People question my stamina, but he gets tired too man. It's going to be two guys throwing bombs, and I am coming out from the first round to try to knock him out.

BT - Shannon, Samuel Peter has a message for you. I talked to Sam last night and he told me to tell you that you can win this fight, but stay away from Wlad's left hook (laughs).

SB - Tell Sam that I appreciate his advice, and I am going to keep that in mind. With that said, you know what ? he's got to worry about my hook too Brad. This is a dream come true fight for me, it's at home, big magnitude. Wlad has never looked the same in America as he does away from America. I have all of New York, behind me. I have come from rags to riches, back to rags. Now I am going to make this happen Brad!

BT - Shannon you yourself told me that back when you lost to Lennox Lewis that you didn't take that fight as serious as you should have. You told me that you were young, and immature. What are your thoughts concerning your mental game-plan going into this next big opportunity?

SB - You know when I fought Lennox, I was young. When I look back, I was just a kid. I had money, living the high-life, and I didn't really grasp how big it is to be The Heavyweight Champion of The World. Now, I understand that I can set up my kids, and their kids for the rest of their lives with this opportunity. I look forward to the future now, when I was a kid I was just living for the moment, hot cars, hot girls etc..

BT - Shannon they call Hasim Rahman (The Last Line of Defense) because he's the last American with a Heavyweight Title. How important is it to Shannon Briggs to win this Heavyweight Championship for America as well ?

SB - Like I was saying before, I am the American Dream Brad. This is for all of the people out there who are washing cars, going through rough times, the poor people. This guy Klitschko is rich man, he drives a Mercedes, he has a PHD, I don't have any of that! Let's say this right now, NO GUY WITH A PHD IS GOING TO BEAT SHANNON BRIGGS! Second of all, this is for the people that are pumping gas, washing cars, I am doing this for the people that are at the bottom. As far as America goes, this is my country, I was born and raised here. I am doing this also for the American people. I will say this too, I am the great black hope now! All these white dudes from Russia (laughing), I am the great black hope.

BT - How ironic is that Briggs? how things have changed (laughs). You are the great black hope for the Heavyweight division (laughs).

SB - That's me baby, the great black hope! I am doing this for my country, my people, gas pumpers, homeless, all for these people man.

BT - Shannon this fight has been a long time coming for you hasn't it ?

SB - Man, coming from where I came from? My mother was a heroin addict, my dad died in prison, and now, I appreciate this opportunity. I am so thankfull to Shelly, Emanuel Steward, and to Wlad for allowing me this opportunity to bring this title back home.

BT - Shannon, talk to the boxing fans out there.

SB - I want to thank everybody who has supported me with this comeback. Thanks to the people, the fans, and even those who doubted me because the doubters made me work harder. I am going to decapitate Wladimir Klitschko! I will show the world that I am the best Heavyweight in the world!


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