Brewster, Golota, Briggs and Adamek Speak Out!


Brewster, Golota, Briggs and Adamek Speak Out!

PRESS RELEASE: Lamon Brewster:  “I wasn’t going to say much but sometimes you have to say what’s in your heart.  I haven’t had an easy road. I’ve had many obstacles to overcome to get to where I am today: emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I love Chicago.  Where I grew up there was only one building  and it made me reach for more in life than to be a factory worker in Indiana. That’s why it’s great that I’m defending my title in the Midwest city that I always dreamed of living up to.  Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world, all the way back to Jack Johnson, who made his home here. I owe it all to the Midwest.  To just come from down the street and fight here, we don’t get opportunities like this where I’m from.

Don King took a chance on me when he didn’t have to.  Andrew Golota is a force to be reckoned with and he’s going to bring his “A” game.  I’m not Ali and I’m not going to pick this round or that.  I’m going to give 100% on fight night and if they take me out on a stretcher, I will still have the belt around my waist.

Ali said, ‘The only way to be great is to fight good opponents.’”

Andrew Golota:  “I would like to thank everyone for their support for all of these years, especially my family.  Chicago is a great city.  I’ve made my home here for the last 15 years.  And all I can say is that Chicago needs a heavyweight world champion.”

Brewster beat one of the best heavyweights out there—Klitschko.  But this time I can’t leave it in the judges’ hands.  I will knock Lamon Brewster out.”

Don King:  “We are bringing big-time boxing back to Chicago after 24 years.  We put over 22,000 people in the stands in St. Louis and my good friend Bill Wirtz has assured me that the record will not stand.  We will have over 23,000 in attendance on May 21.  This is the battle of Chicago… Border War!”

William Wirtz : “Don King and I have been talking about bringing big-time boxing back to Chicago for 20 years.  This is not words, words, words.  This is happening now.”

Jesse Reid (Brewster’s trainer):  “He was 18 the first time I met him [Lamon Brewster].  I always stayed in contact and now I get a chance to finish it.  I look at his great spirit and great body and think of wonderful things.

Sam Colonna (Golota’s trainer):  I’ve been asking for a fight in Chicago for a long time and it’s finally here.  Andrew is in great shape and is training very hard.  Come May 21, you will see a new heavyweight champion of the world, Andrew Golota.”

Paul Briggs: “I would like to thank my opponent Tomasz Adamek, because without him it wouldn’t be possible.  I’m in great shape and I look forward to being the next light heavyweight champion of the world.  There will be 10,000 of them [Polish fans] here but they don’t have to fight me, Tomasz does.”

Tomasz Adamek:  “You gave me a chance and I will give everything for this fight.  I am very happy that it is in Chicago where there are many Polish people.”

Alejandro “Terra” Garcia:  [Through interpreter] I am a Mexican fighter.  I don’t know much English right now but I am learning.  I would like to thank Roshii Wells for taking this fight.  I was planning to fight Mayorga and I don’t know why it didn’t happen but I will let that pass.  The only reason I lost the only fight of my career is because I got careless in the ring and that will never happen again.”

Miguel Angel Gonzalez:  “I want to get another opportunity for a world title.  Thanks to Chicago for letting me fight in your city.”

Mark Suarez:  “Whatever gets in my way will be defeated and that’s the way it is going to go.  Be at the fights because my fight will be the most exciting of the night.  I always take over.”