Braithwaite And Davis Go At It!

By Ray O. Campbell & Al Mermimi


Braithwaite And Davis Go At It!

Boxingtalk And Two Champs Produce Memorable Interview!

This one’s a special treat for all of the readers out there. Earlier this week via Video Interview with our very own Al “The Monster” Mermimi, IBF Champ Kelvin Davis offered to step in on ten days notice and fill in for the injured WBA Cruiserweight champ Jean-Marc Mormeck who pulled out of his unification bout against WBC Champ Wayne Braithwaite due to an injury sustained during training for the October 2nd Showdown. For some reason or another Davis was told Braithwaite wasn’t prepared to fight him and declined to fight. Once Braithwaite caught wind of his interview, he immediately contacted to set the record straight. “NEVER! I never turned down anybody” stated the surprised and angry Braithwaite in his rebuttal, released yesterday exclusively on Boxingtalk. Once that story ran, team Davis again contacted Boxingtalk once again insisting that Braithwaite turned down the fight. At this point there was so much “he said this”, “he said that”, and “he said he wasn’t training” stuff being said, we decided to get both champions on the line to set things straight and this is what we came up with. TRUST ME, you don’t want to miss all the action that took place on the line. Read on to see what the two had to say.

Ray Campbell: Hello…Kelly

Kelly Davis: Ray what’s happening?

RC: I got Wayne on the line, Wayne tell him what you told me about you not wanting to take the fight.

Wayne Braithwaite: Nobody contacted me about taking the fight so I don’t know what they are talking about. I’m hearing that they said I turned down the fight, but nobody ever contacted me about that fight. Because like I said Kelvin Davis can’t beat me, I don’t care what anybody says, Kelvin Davis can’t beat me, he is just a Mike Tyson wanna be.

RC: Well, Kelly who did you guys speak to that said Wayne turned down the fight?

Kelly Davis (Kelvin Davis’ Brother who takes care of all of his fight deals): Don King’s secretary.

WB: Nobody every called me and offered me a fight with Kelvin Davis. I was training and I was in good shape so of course I would have taken the fight.

Kelly Davis: Well I am telling you what they told us, we wanted to fight you. We volunteered for the fight; we figured that we only needed two weeks to whoop you.

WB: (Cutting in) yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Kelly Davis: We felt that we didn’t need six week to train to fight you.

WB: Remember you are not in the ring, you are not the ring there, you are not taking the punches for your brother. So you can talk whatever you feel like talking.

Kelly Davis: (Cutting back in) he (Kelvin) is right here if you want to hear it from him then

RC: (Interrupting) put him on the phone Kelly

WB: Kelvin Davis is a bunch of garbage.

(Kelly hands the phone to Kelvin)

Kelvin Davis: Hello

RC: Kelvin what’s up?

Kelvin Davis: Chilling

RC: Wayne is on the line with us and he said he was told you guys didn’t want to take the fight.

Kelvin Davis: (Rhetorically) What? Please man we will take that fight any day.

WB: Kelvin I will spank you in my pajamas man, you are not making any sense.

Kelvin Davis: Look here you fucking Shaka Zulu, I will fight you any day. Why don’t you not take this fight on October 2nd and fight me on November 13th?

WB: I will fight you whenever you feel like it. November 13th sounds good and it doesn’t make me any difference. I will fight you anytime. You are talking about Shaka Zulu but you put a bunch of fucking tattoos on your face like a little bitch and doing all of that talking but you can’t beat me.

Kelvin Davis: Ah man, you hear this little African? Look you can talk all that shit all you want because once I hit your ass with my 200lbs I am going to lay your ass out.

WB: You can do whatever you feel like; people who beat you I knocked them out.

Kelvin Davis: You are the little bitch; you ran from Luis Azille, you are the one that ran from him ass.

WB: I didn’t run from Luis Azille, I beat the shit out of Luis Azille, and I knocked Luis Azille out.

Kelvin Davis: You didn’t knock Luis Azille out.

WB: When I fought him the first time I knocked him out in three before the last time we fought.

Kelvin: Why don’t you knock me out? Fuck that! Knock me out.

WB: Then come on bitch, you can come. You can get it if you really want.

Kelvin: Knock me out; you are a big talker on the phone. Yo check this out, do you know how much respect I have for you? I was going to take this fight on a ten day notice. That is how much respect I have for you. You are a disgrace to the WBC belt.

WB: You got a gift when you fought an old ass Ezra Sellers, Ezra Sellers is washed up and Ezra Sellers is a bum. I would knock out Ezra Sellers in one round.

RC: Kelvin, you would rather take the fight on November 13th because it would give both of you more time to prepare?

Kelvin: Yeah

RC: What do you say to that Wayne?

WB: (In a heavy Guyanese Accent) it doesn’t really matter. It could be November 2nd, October it doesn’t really matter. All he has to do is sign the contract and stop talking.

Kelvin: Man I can’t even understand this mother fucker man.

RC: Wayne what happened when you inquired about fighting O’Neil Bell or Kelvin Davis?

WB: They told me that he wasn’t in shape, I asked them to get me anybody, and they told me Kelvin Davis wasn’t in shape. All I know is that I never turned down a fight with Kelvin Davis because I know that he can’t beat me.

RC: Wayne who told you that Kelvin wasn’t prepared?

Kelvin Davis: (Makes fun of Braithwaite, imitating an African Dialect) Boo-Lah Boo-lah Boo-lah. He doesn’t know who the fuck told him that.

RC: What did you say Kelvin?

Kelvin Davis: I said Boo-Lah Boo-lah Boo Lah, I am talking his language. He doesn’t fucking know, he don’t fucking know what the fuck is going on.

WB: Yeah Yeah Yeah you little fucking punk ass, you fight like a little bitch

(Kelvin hands his brother Kelly the phone)

Kelly Davis: Let’s come up with a plan real quick. Lets do it like this. He (Braithwaite) said he didn’t turn down the fight right. I will take that for his word, we are all fighters and we are all men right? He said he didn’t turn it down, and we didn’t turn it down. So it must be somebody trying to play both of us. But we all want to be undisputed right? So lets do it like this playa, lets get together…. You are not fighting October 2nd are you?

WB: I don’t know

RC: He wants to fight your brother Kelvin on October 2nd Kelly

Kelly Davis: And we want to do the same thing but what I am saying is it is not going to happen because these mother fuckers is keeping us apart. But what we can do it go down there and we show up together

RC: Show up where?

WB: (Cutting in) Let me tell you something, if me and Kelvin Davis is fighting I don’t want to take this fight on two days notice because when I whoop his ass he is going to say he took the fight on two days notice. I want him to have good time to train and be in shape so when I whoop his ass he won’t make any excuse. I don’t want him to have any excuse.

Kelly Davis: That’s cool, and that’s real. That is perfect, no excuses no nothing. But we got to all get together and go in front of Don King. You stand up with your belt and we stand up with our belt and then we tell him “Hey Dog we want to fight”

WB: I don’t have a problem with that.

Kelly Davis: So that is what we got to do. That’s all gentleman, we aint going to fight outside of the ring right?

RC: Right, because nobody is going to make any money that way

WB: I don’t fight outside of the ring; I make my money in the ring. If I fight outside of the ring I won’t make any money.

Kelly Davis: That is what I am saying; we can get together with Don King.

WB: (Cutting in) I will be there I am not running from nobody.

Kelly Davis: We can let the whole world know that the only person that is holding up the party is Don King. Not you and not me.

WB: You got to remember, Kelvin Davis knows about loosing I don’t know about loosing. I never lost, I am undefeated.

Kelly Davis: What does that have to do with anything? That doesn’t mean nothing.

WB: Plus I have fought better quality fighters than him so it doesn’t make a difference.

Kelly Davis: It doesn’t matter because you didn’t fight him.

WB: He is an easy fight for me. He is too short, he can’t beat me. He is a little midget; no gay midget can beat me.

Kelly Davis: You see, that is going to be your downfall.

WB: No it is not going to be my downfall.

Kelly Davis: Trust me, when you go into a fight…

WB: (Cutting in) Look here, we can fight winner takes all

Kelly Davis: You see when we go into this fight; we are going in there thinking that you have no weaknesses. You see when you go into a fight thinking that a fighter has any kind of weakness just because he is short, that is the fighter that is going to loose.

WB: Beat what? Kelvin Davis don’t have no skills, just like I said he is a Mike Tyson wanna be.

Kelly Davis: Alright! You don’t have a lot of skills neither player; you are not a graceful boxer,

WB:  I will box the shit out of Kelvin Davis.

Kelly Davis: You are not a graceful boxer, you don’t..

WB: (Cutting in) I will box the shit out of Kelvin Davis.

Kelly Davis: You don’t even have good footwork

WB: I will beat Kelvin Davis with one hand.

Kelly Davis: As a matter of fact I have a tape hear of you getting knocked out in practice. Who the hell gets knocked out in practice?

RC: Who did he get knocked out by on the tape Kelly?

Kelly Davis: He got knocked out by Eric Harding, he knows it

WB: Eric Harding? Yeah Right

RC: Is that accurate Wayne?

Kelly Davis: I got the tape; you want me to bring it with me?

RC: Wayne, is that accurate?

WB: No, he can bring it.

Kelly Davis: (Cutting in) yeah he knows it, be a man, be a man and say it. He stunned you; he got you caught with a good shot. It was a straight left.

(You can hear Kelvin Davis in the background saying “I knocked out Eric Harding out in the first day”)

Kelly Davis: (Kelly Repeats) He knocked out Eric Harding out the first day of in practice. Who gets knocked out in practice with 18 ounce gloves on?

RC: So are you saying Kelvin knocked out Eric Harding in practice?

Kelly Davis: Yes he did, and you can call him and quote him on it. He will tell you, that is why he knew. He said “ooh you are going to knock Wayne Braithwaite the fuck out” I said I know that…

WB: (Cutting in, tired of the back and forth) yeah right.

Kelly Davis: I know that….. You see we already got you scoped out homey. Your downfall is thinking that he is going to be too short to tap your chin. When you got that in your mind you are already going to loose. You see we don’t think you got any weakness but we are going to find out.

WB: He is just too short and fat.

Kelly Davis: All we need to do it get together and tell Don King you want to fight.

WB: Like I said if Kelvin Davis wants to fight, we can fight winner takes all, when the fight is done he won’t take home any money.

RC: If not winner takes all how about a bet? If you guys are going to do it like that why not just place a bet because I am sure you’ll want both fighters to go home with something in their pocket.

WB: I am not taking any bets. Let the looser go home with nothing. I am so confident in myself that I will send him home with nothing

RC: Kelly what do you think about that?

Kelly Davis: About what?

RC: About his winner takes all offer.

Kelly Davis: On that part of it, I am on the fighter’s side. These fighters fight their ass of to get to this point so if he goes home with his money, he goes home with his money. I don’t give a fuck about that shit. We want the title that is all we want. I don’t bet another mans money.

WB: We should fight winner takes all, I am confident that I can beat Kelvin Davis that is why I said we can fight winner takes all.

Kelly Davis: Winner takes all of the money?

WB: (In his heavy Guyanese accent) Money and the belts, and the looser go home with nothing

(At this time Wayne is talking with a heavy accent and Kelly Davis is having a hard time understanding what he is saying)

Kelly Davis: Man…. I can’t understand what you are saying..

WB: I said the winner…

RC: (Interrupting) What Wayne is saying that he wants to set it up where the winner takes all and the looser goes home with nothing, which means the looser doesn’t go home with his belt and he doesn’t go home with a purse.

Kelly Davis: Fuck it! You know what I am saying? If the fighter throws it out there we got to throw it out there too.

RC: Put Kelvin on the line to see what he has to say about it.

(Kelly yells to Kelvin in the background and says “ A yo this cat is talking about he wants to do some shit like winner takes all or some shit like that”)

RC: Kelly put Kelvin on the phone.

(In the process of passing Kelvin the phone Kelly tells him “I’m like you if he wants to bet fuck it” Kelvin then comes on the line)

Kelvin Davis: Hello

RC: Kelvin, Wayne offered a winner takes all offer for this fight, where the winner goes home with all of the money and both of the belts.

Kelvin Davis: (Turns to his brother and ask) what do you think?

(In the background Kelly Davis says “Fuck it, I don’t give a shit”

Kelvin Davis: We will think about that that is nonsense to think about that now. I just want to whoop his ass.

WB: Yeah Yeah if you were confident…

Kelvin Davis: (Cutting in) A yo Dog..

WB: (Cutting him back off) Yeah yeah whatever (Starts rambling)

Kelvin Davis: (Cutting back in) A yo look here you little black fucker. I got family to think about, I don’t just think about myself.

WB: (Cutting in) I got family to think about too.

Kelvin Davis: Aaa, Aaa, just set the shit up for mother fucking November 13th.

WB: Whenever you want bitch, I don’t care. It can be November 13th it could be October 2nd, whenever,.

Kelvin Davis: Why are you making a big deal about it, I still want to fight you.

RC: So what date are you guys going to shoot for?

WB: Listen to me, Ray it don’t really matter. Like I said I respect Kelvin Davis as a person and as a human being but as a fighter I don’t. He and I fight the same weight and we are gunning for the same shit. So I don’t have any respect for him as a fighter.

Kelvin Davis: I feel him, we are both champions. Aint nobody a unified champion. We are both champions. Look I got here in five years, how long did it take him to get here?

WB: I didn’t take long to get here,

Kelvin Davis: How many amateur fights did you have?

WB:  I had sixty amateur fights.

Kelvin Davis: How many?

WB: Sixty

Kelvin Davis: Sixty? I had six or seven fights. Look lets just fight, why are you talking so much I can’t even understand your bitch ass lets just fight.

WB: (starts to laugh) I am not worried about you man, you…

Kelvin Davis: (Cutting in) Lets just fight,

WB: You don’t scare me man

Kelvin Davis: (cutting in) Look, let my brother set the shit up so we can fight. I wish you were here so we could fight now.

WB: Like I said, I am not scared of you, you can do whatever, but your brother is not going to take the beaten you take. If you want I can knock your brother out too in the same ring.

Kelvin Davis: (Sounding a bit aggravated) Okay, we will see

RC: Kelvin, which is more suitable for you October 2nd or November 13th?

Kelvin Davis: November 13th baby.

RC: Obviously it is because you’d like time to prepare for him correct?

Kelvin Davis: Yeah I would like to prepare for his ugly ass; I would like to prepare for him

(Wayne starts laughing in the background hysterically and Kelvin Hands the phone over to Kelly)

RC: Kelly are you guys okay with me putting this out there for the fans to read?

Kelly Davis: That’s cool, it is cool. It is just two champions voicing how they feel. What I am trying to ask this cat is if he is he down to do that? Since he doesn’t have any fights we should all show up in front of Don King, and we can also let the public know that these two cats (Braithwaite and Davis) are willing to show up and they can ask why aren’t they fighting each other? What is the problem? That’s all I am saying

WB: Like I was telling you before, if I was still fighting Mormeck I would have personally bought two ringside tickets, one for Kelvin Davis and one for O’Neil Bell and put them in front seats to watch me demolish Mormeck.

Kelly Davis: Everybody was going to demolish dude. You act like that was a tough fight, that was an easy fight for you. It was an easy for us. Everybody knows that, you are not even scaring nobody. That fucking European dude can’t even fight so what are you talking about? That is an easy fight that you should have won. Shit we was going to win him, we were going to beat his ass too, that is an easy fight.

WB: When Kelvin Davis fought O’Neil Bell it was an easy fight, it was an easy fight to me and O’Neil Bell knocked him out. I never got knocked out.

Kelly Davis: (Cutting in) its okay but you will get knocked out on November 13th….all we have to do is schedule the fight dog. We have been asking this guy…look we got in contact with you that is how bad we want to fight you playa. You didn’t contact us you remember that, we contacted you. We called you, because we want to let you know that we want to get busy. All I am saying when we meet up you tell Don King you want to fight, and we are going to tell him we want to fight and we are going to tell the whole world that you’ll should be fighting November 13th.

RC: Wayne are you with that? That would give you about another seven weeks to prepare for him.

WB: Ray listen to me, Ravea Springs beat the hell out of Kelvin Davis, and I knocked Ravea Springs out in four rounds. So the people who beat the shit out of Kelvin Davis I knocked them out.

Kelly Davis: (Cutting in) but it doesn’t matter, but you do it. That is all that matters, you do it.

WB: I already…

Kelly Davis: (Cutting in) It doesn’t matter

RC: Okay wait a minute….Wayne, Kelly wait a minute

WB: (Cutting in) Listen to me, if Kelvin Davis is confident that he could beat me, like I said I put my life on the line, like I said we fight for winner takes all. If he is confident….

Kelly Davis: (Cutting in) All that shit talking about you putting your life on the line, every fighter do that. That is not saying nothing player, that is just garbage that fighters talk. That is just bullshit, because once you step in them ropes every fighter puts their life on the line

WB: (Annoyed) Yeah yeah yeah

Kelly Davis: So you can say that, and all you have to do is say you are cool with the plan. Are you cool with the plan?

WB: I am cool with anything; whatever you’ll want to do we can.

Kelly Davis: (Cutting back in) Hey look we are going to fly across the united states for you. That’s how confident we are that we are going to whoop you. We will tell the world that we are going to whoop your ass.

WB: You can do whatever, it doesn’t matter.

Kelly Davis: When we fight you in New York I will call you on your phone when we get there and let you know we are there, you want to come and pick us up from the airport to make sure we get to the mother fucking fight? Because I don’t mind, we are all gentlemen, right? We are gentlemen, so you can come pick us up and we will go over there.

WB: You are not the one fighting, so you can talk all of the bullshit you want, you are not taking the punches. Your brother is the one taking the punches.

Kelly Davis: But he is standing right here, I schedule his fights, look he is right here.

RC: Hold on, that is not the issue here

Kelvin Davis: (Cutting in on the line) Hello Hello, hey this shit should have been over 20 minutes ago, all you have to do is say you want to fight me and that’s it. (Kelly in the background “We will be there”) Don’t be a fucking bitch

WB: (Cutting In with a strong muffled Guyanese accent) Hey to me it doesn’t really matter.

Kelvin Davis: Man why don’t you take that mother fucking money you earned and get some English lessons, God Damn. How long have you been in the states for? Man lets just fight!

WB: I keep telling you guys you don’t scare me.

Kelvin Davis: You think I am a pussy? Have you fought Heavyweight? Have you even touched a heavyweight? No, you are a bitch.

WB: I knock out Heavyweights; I don’t have to fight heavyweights

Kelvin Davis: Yeah Yeah whatever

WB: (Cutting in) Like I said you are the Mike Tyson wanna, you got a tattoo like him just like a little bitch.

Kelvin Davis: Ray look, I am ready to fight, I will be there, we could have had this conversation done 20 minutes ago that is why he keep talking. When I see you I will bring my title so he can look at it, because he isn’t going to be able to touch it.

WB: (Cutting in) your title is garbage.

Kelvin Davis: You see he keeps talking, he is scared all you have to do is say come on down. You bitch, say come down.

WB: Like I said I will be here, I am not scared.

RC: So it’s a done deal, all you’ll have to do is let DK know.

Kelvin Davis: There you go! All you have to do is say come on down. You bitch, say come down

WB: Like I said I will be here, I am not scared.

RC: So it’s a done deal, all you’ll have to do is let DK know.

Kelvin Davis: There you go! You fucking sucker, you are a sucker ass nigga.

WB: Yeah Yeah Yeah whatever.

Kelvin Davis: You fucking bitch ass African, I thought Africans was strong. You aint no tough African.

WB: You are a Tyson wanna be

Kelvin Davis: Aww that is all you can say is Mike Tyson; Mike Tyson…..shut your ugly mouth ass up man

RC: (My stomach is actually hurting from laughing so hard at this point)

WB: (Cutting in) you is Mike Tyson bitch….

Kelvin Davis: Man we will see, I am going to knock your braids loose too mother fucker. Wait until I hit your ass.

WB: Yeah yeah yeah

Kelvin Davis: Just wait until I hit you, you’ll see. You talk so much shit; I am going to have your ass peeing blood just like O’Neil Bell.

WB: Keep it up; I am going to have you pee in your own mouth

Kelvin Davis: You are going to be peeing blood just like O’Neil Bell was you little bitch, I see you soon Mother fucker.

Kelly Davis: Like I said we reached out to you to make a fight dog, that’s all. We called you to make a fight. Did you reach out and touch us? No! We touched you, that is how much respect we have for you playa, we called you and let you know when we want to fight. I have been asking to fight you for I don’t know how fucking long….Forever. We will be there.

RC: Well on behalf on Al “The Monster” Mermimi, myself and the readers out there, I would like to thank you guys for taking to time out to come on the record with us. Now we just have to let Don King, Bobby Goodman, and Eric Bottjer decide.

Note to our readers: Give us your feedback on this potential Match up between two of the most exciting fighters in the division. Should this fight be added to the televised October 2nd under card? Which at this point with Zab Judah-Wayne Martel being the only main support lacks some spice. On any given night a card like that would be acceptable but it is going to be hard to compete against Showtime’s free televised card also taking place on the same night featuring a very intriguing triple header, consisting of DaVarryl “Touch of Sleep” Williamson versus Wladimir Klitschko, Verno Phillips versus Kassim Ouma and Jeff Lacy Versus Syd Vanderpool.

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