Boxingtalk introduces Darrel Madison

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Boxingtalk introduces Darrel Madison

Nationaly ranked Heavy makes pro debut on Kushner’s Gotham Boxing

RC: Before we get into your upcoming bout which will take place on the November 3rd David Tua undercard at the Manhattan Center in New York. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?
DM: I am 29 years old Heavyweight; I am from Long Island, (NY). I was born and raised in Central Islip. As an amateur I won three Golden Gloves in different states. I won the New York Golden Gloves, the New England Golden Gloves and the Southern California Golden Gloves. I won the Ringside world championships, the empire state games for Long Island the NYABC championships in NY and I won the Canada Buffalo challenge two years running

RC: Do you know who you will make your professional debut against?
DM: Not really sure, my opponent hasn’t been solidified yet

RC: How long have you been boxing?
DM: I have been boxing for six years. I started fighting at … well I put the gloves on at the age of two. My brother put the glove son me at the age of two; I went to a gym when I was younger but I was just a bag beater, I couldn’t stay focused or in the gym. Then I finally had my first fight at the age of 23 years old. So I started late into the game.

RC: Any amateur victories over any notable amateurs or professionals?
DM: I beat the number three-ranked kid in the country Eugene Hill. I beat the number one ranked guy from Canada Erik Martel in the ringside world championships. I beat quite a few guys and I have worked with a lot of pros. I sparred with Terry Smith in Arkansas, I spar a lot with Jason Estrada in Rhode Island, and I helped Oleg Maskaev get ready for one of his title elimination bouts. A lot of guys like the work that I give then, a lot of time I go to these camps these guys like to handicap me and make me go conventional. But I give them the work because I can do it, I can do everything. I can punch, box, move, slide, southpaw, and conventional, it’s nothing.

RC: How excited are you about making your debut in New York City?
DM: I am very excited man, it is really an honor for me to be on a big name like David Tua’s undercard, plus to be able to fight the same night with other amateurs that I competed with like Joel Castillo… we were in the Golden Gloves a few years ago back in the days. Joe Greene and I were in amateur tournaments together, so it is like how can I say this… It is like a big coming out party and a reunion in a way too. So It is definitely a good look for me, I am happy that I was patient and I got the team that I got that got me the fight on this card with Cedric Kushner. It’s a really a good look for me, all my footwork that I did in the amateurs. It was like college work for boxing so it all paid off and this is like my reward and my coming out party on the David Tua undercard, I couldn’t even get any better than this.

RC: Who are the people you are currently working with on your team?
DM: Frank Mullin, Kelly Richardson and Joey Bernard. Those guys are my team. Those are some of the people that make Team Madison.

RC: If someone was debating whether or not to check your fight out, what would you say…
DM: (Cutting in) ON November 3rd what you are going to see the making of the next great thing in the Heavyweight division, I can do it all, I can entertain the crowd, I am going to give you a good show for your money. I am going to show them a little boxing a little punching a little savvy moving. I am going to show you some defense the wittiness, I am going to show you everything that I have learned and acquired over the years from the great trainers that I have had and the great work that I have had so you are going to see it all. You are going to see a total package, and I can do a lot of things like most heavyweights cant do.

RC: Who would you say your style is similar to?
DM: Ooh man, it’s a mix between a Pernell Whitaker and James Toney. I can do it all, I really can. I am really blessed.

RC: Making the jump from the transition from the amateurs to the paid ranks isn’t the easiest thing for many fighters. Why don’t you tell us what you have been working on differently in preparation for your debut?
DM: Honestly more or less turning over on my punches and sitting down on my punches. I am not shooting for the fast points like in the Olympic style boxing. Now I have been working on and sitting down on my shots and looking to get these guys out of there earlier instead of going to the decision. In the amateurs, they want points, points, points with their way of judging. So now Kelly Richardson and Frank Mullen have me sitting down a lot harder on my shots. They have me working on power more, and they are not handcuffing me, they are not taking my speed of my savvy ness away they are just adding my power the regimen, so more knockouts.

RC: So basically you are saying those on hand at ringside Friday night can expect to see a knock of in your professional debut?
DM: Definitely, definitely look forward to a knockout or one impressive stoppage.

RC: Is there anything else you’d like to say before I let you go?
DM: I definitely want to thank Boxingtalk for having me, and I definitely want to give a big shout out to Cedric Kushner for allowing me to display my talent on his undercard. I gotta thank Kelly Richardson, Frank Mullen, the whole Heavy Hitters, the Whole GYMU (Get Your Money Up) and all of my loyal fans that came to see me at all of my amateur fights, my whole family and everybody that has faith in me man, I love you all.


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