Boxingtalk Team Predictions


Boxingtalk Team Predictions


G. Leon: Pacquiao by stoppage: It won't be pretty.

George Kimball: Pacquiao by Decision: Barrera is only five years older, but he’s in his 19th year as a pro and whenever he steps into the ring you find yourself wondering whether this is one war too many. Pacquiao by decision.

Brad Cooney: Pacquiao by late TKO: Marco Antonio Barrera has been wanting to remove the thorn injected into his side by Manny Pacquiao during there first encounter, ever since that day.  Early distractions in the Pacquiao camp and a very focused camp on the Barrera side had me thinking on this fight quite a bit.  I feel Pacquiao is still going to be too fast, and too strong for Barrera to pull of an upset.  Barrera may make it a little closer than some people are thinking though.  If Barrera fights a strategic fight, this may go the distance.  If Barrera chooses to bang with Pacquiao, it may be a short night.  I predict Pacquiao will get the TKO in the later rounds.  Pacquiao by TKO

Darren Nichols: Pacquiao KO11 Barrera:

Socrates Palmer Jr: Pac-Man, by K.O., 8 the end of a legendary career is upon us. 

Ray O. Campbell Jr: Pacquiao TKO9 Barrera

Michael Gonzalez: Pacquiao By Stoppage: My mind tells me that the Filipino buzz saw will be puzzled by Barrera’s boxing and underrated footwork for however long the Mexican great’s legs hold up, which judging from his last fights, should be about six to eight rounds.  Barrera is an ancient 33 with numerous battles under his belt and Pacquiao is the worlds best at turning boxing matches into open trading sessions, where his overwhelming offense and sturdy chin eventually gobble up his opposition. But my heart, my heart, keeps telling me the wily and willful Barrera will pull out a decision a la Morales; frustrating Pacquiao by setting the pace with his jab and occasional combinations when Pacquiao goes on all out attacks.  What my heart says should be taken with a grain of salt, considering I was raised in a family that feverishly followed his career and every other Mexican’s for that matter.  I mean, my family would still giddily order another JLC senior “Adios” pay-per-view and believes junior is ready for a title shot.  If I had to bet my life - Pacquiao by stoppage.
Matthew Goldstein: Pacquiao SD12 Barerra: If Barerra can box with JMM, he can box with Pacquiao.  I think Barerra will leave it all on the table in a sensational back and forth epic but come up just short.  Pacquiao by SD12.

Raj Sharma:Pacquiao-Barrera: Pac-Man by stoppage. Conventional wisdom says Barrera too long in the tooth to test Pacquiao seriously.


G. Leon: Sam Peter Big Time

Michael Gonzalez: Sam Peter Big Time over Jameel McCline:  will continue fattening Jose Sulaiman’s pockets by beating Jameel McCline – “Big Time.”  The past year or so have been a “Nightmare” for Peter, who has fought two WBC sanctioned fights for a shot at Oleg Maskaev, who continues his hold on the title by pulling out of his defenses.  The moniker of interim champ will be given to the winner and if Maskaev can’t heal, the interim will then be named champ.  Judging on their past, the WBC may just have another surprise for Peter.

Matthew Goldstein: Peter TKO8 McCline: Having only been stopped once in his career, a 2002 loss to Wladimir Klitschko, The WBC interim champion will overwhelm the formiddable giant and stop him impressivley. 

Ray O. Campbell Jr: Peter TKO3 McCline

Darren Nichols: Peter KO3 McCline
Raj Sharma: Peter over McCline

George Kimball: Peter TKO9 McCline: In some ways McCline instead of Maskaev makes this a more interesting fight. Peter would probably have put the Russian to sleep early, but the big man will be there for awhile.  Unless Jameel’s knee gives out again, say Peter TKO 9.

Socrates Palmer Jr: Peter KO5 McCline: Sam Peter does the boxing world a favor and knocks out McCline in 5. Fans world wide will rejoice as hopefully we never ever get to see McCline on t.v. again.

Brad Cooney: Peter by UD: Sam Peter is a hungry lion chomping at the bit to unleash some frustration.  Jameel McCline is coming off of a significant knee injury that he suffered during his title challenge against Valuev.  McCline is bigger than Peter, and unlike earlier in his career, he can go deep into fights without getting tired.  I predict Peter wins by UD.