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By Ishe Smith


Boxingtalk Sugar Sack

Smith says Berto a hype job!

Hi Ishe, good to see you are back doing the mailbag. How are things? What do you think of Calzaghe and Cotto’s performances recently? In my opinion they have proved themselves to be top 5 pound for pound fighters. I think it has been a great year for boxing with some great fights, with only the Mayweather v Hatton fight the only major fight left this year. When do you expect to be back fighting? Looking forward to the Jones jr v Trinidad fight but cant help thinking it is a bit of a side show. They are both legends and Jones is my favourite fighter of all time but they are both well past it and the fight has no real significance. Can’t see Jones losing that one. Here is my list for the end of the year pound for pound rankings, for what it is worth. What do you think?
1)       Floyd Mayweather
2)       Joe Calzaghe
3)       Manny Pacquaio
4)       Bernard Hopkins
5)       Miguel Cotto
6)       Ricky Hatton
7)       Winky Wright
8)       Juan Manuel Marquez
9)       Kelly Pavlik
10)   Israel Vazquez

Ishe Response:  Thanks for the email and I know it takes a lot of time to compose a list of the best fighters pound for pound, so I will do my very best to analyze your rankings.  As we all know Floyd should definitely be the number one stunner at the top of the list, I would probably switch places with Joe and Manny, but you won’t hear me complaining about either of them being number two or three.  Coming off his last performance, I would rank Cotto over Hopkins and if Hatton is able to squeeze by Mayweather, you would have to consider him ahead of Bernard also.  Expect to see me sometime in January; I will be back stronger than ever this time. Love the list and thanks a lot for the email.


hats up ishe.
never would i have thought cotto would have beaten shane, i guess i am finally becoming a believer in him .man i wish hatton could some how beat mayweather(doubt it) but cotto vs hatton would be an awesome fight where as mayweather vs either one of them is interesting but probably not exciting.i don't blame floyd for this because he wins and if i had his fighting style and skill i would use it too.i can see oscar probably fighting cotto next year unless hatton got by mayweather and i think that fight could be  pretty good too. so who do you think should receive fighter of the year so far i think i have to go with cotto . i think he is going to be ranked above trinidad as the better  peurto rican fighter before its over with. well i guess you can see i am becoming a cotto fan overnight lol.

Ishe Response:  I picked Cotto all along, it was a very entertaining fight, and Shane didn’t lose any style points in my opinion.  I think Mayweather is going to slice Hatton up, kind of like he did Gatti.  If Mayweather beats Hatton, then the fighter of the year award should go to him, that would be 2 hall of fame fighters he has beaten in the same year, what more could a fighter ask for?  I agree with you, when it is all said and done, Cotto will rank ahead of Tito in the Legacy department, slighty; but that Trinidad was no joke man.

PS:  I don’t know man, Tito was great, I think I am going to change my pick, I don’t know if Cotto will ever be able to touch Tito’s legacy.


What's up Ishe?

That was a hell of a fight between Cotto and Mosley, man. I can't remember a time where I saw Mosley take so many heavy punches to the head. Despite all that he always came back with an answer. I think Cotto and Top Rank will take this win and move on. Mosley didn't wilt like many of Cotto's past opponents did. He was always right there, throwing back heat in return and that is sure to weigh on Bob Arum AND Cotto's mind in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on Mayweather and Hatton next month? I am a huge fan of Mayweather's skills and I appreciate the way he fights even if others don't. It's boxing...hit and don't get hit. Floyd does that very well and I believe the fact that his most recent opponents have been way bigger than him is the reason he hasn't scored a knockout some time (ie...Baldomir and De La Hoya). My thing is...if Floyd wins this fight I don't believe he will be interested in fighting Cotto. I don't know. The money should be there, but I believe Hatton would gladly jump in there with Cotto if he were to defeat Mayweather.

I guess Margarito would be an option for Cotto if he can't get Mayweather or Hatton. What do you think?

Jamar Kareen Ellis

Ishe Response:  I think Mayweather is he best fighter in boxing right now, but before we can discuss future opponents, he must get past a dangerous and live fighter in Ricky Hatton.  I too believe he is going to beat Ricky Hatton, but Hatton is no slouch man, and he is definitely coming to fight, and we wouldn’t want to overlook that.  Cotto on the other hand has many options, I do not believe Oscar can defeat him, too much pressure and Oscar gets tired late.  I would love to see him against Antonio, but Tony has everything to gain and Cotto has everything to lose.  I would much rather to see Cotto against Mayweather or Oscar.  Let’s just see how things play out.

Hi Ishe - I have a question for you and your mailbag -- -- --
What's happening with your career? I saw you fight on the Contender. Many of the guys who were part of Season One have seen their careers flourish while your career has nose dived and sunk without trace. You only fought once this year (and lost that one) and in 2006 only fought twice. Plus you parted ways with promoters Golden Boy and DBE. Are you a difficult fighter to work with?  Regards from England Graham

Ishe Response:  My career has been slowed recently; I am looking forward to it picking up in the New Year.  I was never a part of DBE, I think Lou Dibella is great promoter but we have never had a partnership together.  Golden Boy and I mutually agreed it was better if we parted ways.  Boxing is full of downs and ups and ups and downs, it cant get much worse than this my man, I will be back up shortly, thanks for the email and for your concern.

What's up Ishe,

How's everything going man? I wanted to drop you an e-mail and see how training was going and to see when you'll be back in the ring. I assume you will be fighting at 154 pounds. I read some things on your web site. I like the site and I definitely agree with a lot of your thoughts on the fight game. Going back a couple years, I think you beat Mora on the Contender for sure. You were the most legit prospect on that series. If the fights were all 10 rounds, you would have won with no problem. I'm glad to see your taking a proactive approach to your career with the new promoter and everything. Fernando Vargas gave you props years ago before you were well known and he was definitely right. Vernon Forrest could be a nice fight for you if he gets by Piccirillo this winter. Take care man and stay sharpe Best regards. Derek Gionta

Ishe Response:  Thanks a lot for the email Derek; I am definitely going to fight at either 147lbs or 154lbs.  The Contender did great things for my career, I still get noticed a lot from that show, it was a great experience and it is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.  My comrades were great and I wish them nothing but the best in their respective careers.  I don’t even think about the decisions that went down on the show anymore, I respect all of the fighters to be honest. I am very grateful that Fernando did that for me, I was a young pup in the game back then.  I wouldn’t mind fighting anyone who is willing to fight me, but I understand the business of the sport and a fight with Forrest probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon.  I have to place myself in a good position, to make myself look attractive to all fighters, and in doing that I know I can get a lot of big fights.  Once again thanks for the email.

whatsup shay, Its Brett Mauren from the forum. Good to see the return of the mailbag! Whats going on with Seeno group and when can we expect to see you back in the ring? Another question for ya, what do you feel about the Williams Cintron match up? I think Williams might have alittle too much length for Cintron to handle but i wanted to see what you thought. Anyway good luck with Yaseen and I hope to see you in action again soon. Brett

Ishe Response:  What’s up Brett!  Hope all is well!  Let’s get right down to business, I think Williams will be way too much for Cintron, bad style match up if you ask me.  Williams is a bad match up for a lot fighters, from 147 to 160 he would be a problem for anyone.  Seeno and I are still getting acquainted with one another, kind of like a new marriage, its going to take some time, but I think Yaseen and I are going to be just fine.  Thanks a lot for the email Brett.

Hello Mr. Smith,
I am new to the world of Internet boxing and although one of your writers, a heavyset fellow, told me to take a hike, I have elected to stay tuned as you youngsters say, especially when I found out that you were taking over the mailbag that Mr. Leon has now left behind.  I must say that you remind me of a young Emile Griffith with your mixture of speed and power and I must commend you for taking the time to speak to your masses of fans. 
I was curious as to your thoughts concerning the television show that you once starred in, "The Contender."  Do you believe that it is good for boxing or is it more of a television novelty?  I am interested in your opinion and I appreciate the time.  And I want to thank you in advance for not being rude to me like the baby huey looking guy that you have on your team. 
Maxwell Jenky III

Ishe Response:  I think The Contender is a great forum for boxing, it was a little rough around the edges at first but they’ve seemed to soften the edges out a little bit, and I think their doing a terrific job with their product.  I don’t care what they put out there, the first season will always be the best season, and there is no way they can top that first season.  The only way they could top it is if they brought back the best from season one, two, and three and did an all-star show with the top fighters, other than that nothing will compare to season one.  Thanks for the comparison to Emile Griffith, he was a legend and to even be mention in anyway with him is an honor, Thanks.

Shay, Great to have your insight and detailed views back again, Now I remember that you had signed to a new promotional team a couple of months ago and I want to know when will you have your first fight and who is your named opponent.  Since I know you give honest assessments, can you actually tell us how your opponent is picked, I mean is it by committee like you, your manager, your promoter.  For instance lets say you come back at 154 but your promoter wants you to go down and fight Margarito at 147 for the most money, now you being the fighter, say man Its hard for me to make that weight, not impossible but diffucult.  Who makes those decisions.  You always hear a fighter say its up to my management but when does the fighter say enough is enough, I know you guys feel I need 2 more fights but I want a shot at the champ right now.  Those are the scenarios but if you can tell me how decisions are made that would be great material to stomp my friends with during boxing discussions.  I know you don’t remember but once again its Joe Mac from DC

Ishe Response:  I am hoping it is very soon, I would love to get one in January.  It depends on the fighter Joe, as for me, I pretty much decide what weight I am going to fight at and who I am willing to fight and where.  I make the decisions with the advice of my advisor and my promoter, but at the end of the day it all is decided by me on what to do.  Personally I have been thinking about going back to 147lbs, once again that would be a decisions made by me.  I can’t speak for all fighters, but in my particular case I make the decisions concerning my career.  Sometimes you have management and other things to take heed to, but I am not in that scenario right now.  But 99% of the time it is up to the fighter and what he wants to do, no one has ever stuck a gun to my head and made me take or not take fights, you can use management as buffers, but the fighters are the ones who make the decisions, nothing goes down without us, Period!


What's up Shay? What's up with your career? When will you be back in the ring? Dude, I remember thinking back when you beat Estrada that you would be doing some things in this sport. Vargas and Mosely propped you up on tv and said that you were the goods. It looked like everything was going your way. Then the Bailey fight happened and you showed a chink or two in your armor. Ever since then it seems that you have just been coasting along. Is the business side of boxing keeping you down or are you trying to develop into the fighter that guys like Mosely and Vargas said you would become? This is no knock on you I'm just trying to see where you are and why things have gone astray. Holla back! Fleetwood the Pimp p.s. I still think Hopkins would have beaten Hagler in a close one.

Ishe Response:  Very Intelligent Email Fleetwood!    I have wondered that myself the past 9 months or so, I take some of the blame, I have made some bad decisions regarding my career at certain points.  I cannot change the past; all I can do is look ahead towards the future and learn from my mistakes.  I look towards the mountaintop because there is no place but up from here, yea I can make excuse’s, blame myself, blame people, or blame the system, but you know what Fleet, that’s not going to change the fact that I am at the bottom of the mountain.  Only thing I can do is climb, can’t get no worse than this, look up to the sky, call on Jesus, and start walking.  Get busy living, or Get busy Dying.  I rather live and achieve something great, and become something great and leave a legacy for my children.  Now am I perfect?  No I am not, far from it, but I wish to achieve perfection and that is all I can ask for myself.  Thanks Fleet. PS:  Hagler would have destroyed Hopkins!     What do you think about andre berto as a fight and would would you ever fight him  Thanks I am going to give you a couple of words to describe Berto, Over Rated, and Over Hyped.  Tell Lou to send the contract at 147lbs and we can make it happen.

Hi Sugar shay,

My first time of emailing you although ive been reading the mailbags for like forever.So i'd 1st like to say i enjoyed the contender 1st series and you was a real winner. Getting to my point,i was wondering what you think it will take for Floyd Mayweather to be recognised as one of the all time P4P greats.I
see him beating Hatton,Cotto/Mosley winner next year and Oscar or any other comers for the next 2 years at least,but it seems whatever he does or whoever he beats he will still not get the praise that he deserves. Am a big fan but can understand sometimes people getting frustrated with his fight with Oscar especially,as he did not pursue the KO. But to PBFs defence Oscar weighed much more than him.We saw a *weilterweight beat a junior middleweight*,as he said. So what do you think it will take for him to be ranked right up there with the all time greats and maybe even top of that all time P4P list? Am only 23 and not seen a awful lot of Sugar Ray,Ali and them but one thing i know is that they all lost and they had a few flaws which i dont think PBF has all round.Also please name me any few fighters ,present or
past with all the attributes below in their lockers in their natural
weight class,like PBF has. Defense,power,technique,ring generalship,reflexes,speed. anyway keep doing your thing and keep it real like you always do.You are one of the few fighters that do keep it real.God Bless and GET BACK TO THE RING MAN!!!!! LOL sorry for such a long email. :-) Hans (from London)


Ishe Response:  I am trying man, trust me will be the first to know when I return to the ring.  Floyd is a great fighter, but in my honest opinion you cannot compare him to Ali, Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong, those fighters were just a different kind of animal.  When you talk all-time p4p, Floyd doesn’t make the cut Hans.  When you talk great fighters, Floyd is as great as they become, he has the best defense in the game today, he has blazing hand speed, great footwork, good whiskers, and I mean who can you compare to him in the last 10 years?  Think about it, from head to toe, who has been better than him in the last 10 years?  Please someone let me know.  I judge Floyd in this era, but it’s still kind of early in his career to start comparing him to the greats, I respect the fighters who came before me and I know deep down Floyd does too.  Give Floyd 2 to 3 more years and we can definitely sit down and rank him amongst the greats, it is to early right now; In this era no one is touching him though.  When I think of fantasy boxing match ups, does anyone think Floyd could have defeated Tommy Hearns at 147, or Chavez at 140lbs. How about Aaron Pryor at 140, or a primed Pernell Whiaker, its too early man and in my heart I highly doubt he could have beaten any of the fighters I mentioned.


Closing thoughts:  First day back on the job, so were going to keep this short, we got many bags left to go.  Life at times will throw you some wicked pitches, I mean one minute you will be looking something slow, and in the next minute you will be looking at something just as fast as a Nolan Ryan fast ball on a hot summer day.  What do you do in these situations you ask?  Well you could be like A-Rod in the post season and strike out more times than someone asking Britney Spears to spell Custody!  But in all honest, life at times is very hard and can be grueling to deal with, so when your looking at a count of 3-2, down one with one man on, in the bottom of the 9th, why don’t you step to the plate and become a hero like Martin Luther King Jr.  This is what he has to say about life:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

The great Dr. King lived by this, I hope all of you will step up to the batters box and knock one out of the park for him.  Ask yourself a question today, what side are you on?
If the going gets tough are you going to be Bruce Seldon, barley getting grazed by a punch and copping out, or are you going to be a young fiery man named Muhammad Ali with all the confidence in the world.  Life is worth living and fighting for, God Bless you all.


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