Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Juan Carlos Velasquez

By G. Leon


Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Juan Carlos Velasquez

GL: Boxingtalk welcomes you Juan, we've never had you on before. You're a red hot super bantamweight prospect 5-0 (3KO's), tell us a bit about yourself and what you bring to the boxing game? "First off, I want to thank you for my first interview here. Me and my brother have the same record, but I have three knockouts because I'm more of the boxer type. I work fast, but I'm patient and smart."

GL: You've been fighting for twelve years like your brother, what made you want to get into boxing?

Juan Carlos Velasquez: "It's the same thing as my brother. We went in there just looking for a hobby to defend ourselves. Then we started getting used to it and good at it and there was no turning back from there."

GL: Do you know who you'll be fighting on January 25?

JV: "Nope. It's up to Shelly and Luis to get that together, I'm going to do my job when I get into the ring."

GL: What are your thoughts on the 122 pound division?

JV:  "There's some tough fighters out there, but with my height and strength, 122 is the right weight for me to be a world champion. I have no doubt that I can be a world champion at 122."

GL: How good can the Velasquez brothers become? Can you guys make more noise than the Marquez brothers?

JV: "They're both great fighters, but I believe that me and my brother have the strength and the height to win various world titles in more than one weight division. We're looking to run through everybody and we're looking to become world champions."

GL: What are your goals for 2008?

JV: " My goal is to stay undefeated and dispose of whoever they put in front of me. I'm not going to lose and I'm going to go into 2009 looking really nice."

GL: Who was your boxing idol growing up?

JV: "Tito Trinidad."

GL: Who do you like in Jones-Trinidad?

JV: "My heart is with Trinidad, but I think Jones is going to win."

GL: Have you and your brother ever sparred?

JV: "Yes. We used to spar a lot and we went at it, but now we're professionals and we're never going to fight. There's no reason to spar each other anymore."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JV: "Thank you for the interview. Look out for me because I'm going to fight as much as I can and me and my brother plan on making a lot of noise. We will be world champions by the end of 2009!"


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