Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Francisco Palacios

By Brad Cooney


Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Francisco Palacios

Boxingtalk sat down with rising cruiserweight Francisco Palacios.  He recently signed a promotional contract with Don King, and looks forward to achieving his dream of becoming world champion.  Francisco is inspired by former Puerto Rican greats Hector Camacho, Felix Trinidad, and Miguel Cotto, and looks to achieve the same level of success.

BT – What's good Francisco?

FP – I'm chillin what's up?

BT – You recently signed a promotional contract with Don King, talk about how that all came about.

FP – My career was going up and down, up and down.  I went through some manger issues, and parted ways with him.  I went to work with Daniel Santos for like 8 months, and had two fights working with him.  Then Daniel left, and I started to work with Cotto in Puerto Rico.  I had a few fights with them, and then my mother got sick.  My mom is all I got in this world, so I came home to support her.  My brother passed away in 2004 so she was going through a lot.  I was on the bench for like 6 months, and then I got a call to fight Louis Azille, I was only about 75 percent, but I took the fight anyway.  I did the right thing, and won the fight.

BT – In boxing you're either an investment or you're an opponent.  What's Don King have in store for you for the near future?

FP – Well right now I am getting ready to go to France to help Jean-Marc Mormeck get ready for his fight against David Haye.  I will be fighting on the under card of that fight, and I think they will be showing that on MSG.  I am excited that Don King gave me this opportunity.  Ever since I beat Azille everybody was coming at me telling me that they were going to make me an offer, the man that stepped up to the plate was Don King.  Everybody knows that he's the best promoter, his whole career he's been around champions, and I will be the next cruiserweight champion.

BT – Is there an opponent named for your fight yet?

FP – I don't think there is an opponent name yet, but whoever it is I will be ready to step up and take on whoever it is.  I am ready, and I am in tip top shape.  I don't see any cruiserweight out there beating me if I am in shape. 

BT – You're 12 and 0, you are still in a position to where you will have to step up and face a bigger name fighter.  Who out there would you like to get your first step up against?

FP – Well like I said, I am ready to fight anybody.  I will fight Godfrey, B J Flores, anybody who wants to step up to the square circle.

BT – For those people who have not seen you fight, describe the style of fighter that you are.

FP – I am a boxer puncher.  My favorite boxer was Hector Camacho, he was fast, and flashy.  I have good power, and I have good technique.  I have a lot of heart, so I know what it takes to take it to the next level.

BT- You wouldn't be a Camacho fan due to that Puerto Rican blood are you? (laughs).

FP – (laughs), No I am a Camacho fan because he was the first boxer that I ever met in my life when I was like 8 years old.  Ever since I met him, I followed his career.  I like the way he dresses, his style, anybody can say what they want about him, but when he was in his prime, he was the man.

BT – There are a list of Puerto Rican fighters that have achieved high levels of success.  Trinidad, Cotto, Camacho's just to name a few.  Is it your dream to represent your Puerto Rican heritage like they did in the ring?

FP – Definitely, I will always put my flag up high.  I was born in New York but I was raised in Puerto Rico.  If I ever have the chance to be like one of them, I will represent to the fullest.

BT – Talk more about your amateur career.

FP – I was ranked number 2 in the nation, I got DQ'd for body slamming a guy that head butted me.  I fought B J Flores in the amateurs, I had him beat.  I was beating him the whole fight but then I got tired, and he started lacing me, he started outpointing me, and I got tired.

I went to the world's as an alternate, I went to Ireland, and Tailand.  I was supposed to go to Poland, but that was right after 9/11.  I decided that I didn't want to fly right after that.  I was ranked, and doing good, then my brother passed away.  I dedicated my life to doing better ever since that.  I spent time with Roberto Benitez, Sechew Powell, both up in Marquette, Michigan.

BT – What's your game plan for 2008?

FP – I been talking to my promoters about fighting for a regional title.  I am ranked number15 in the WBC, and number 7 in the WBO Latino.  I would like to fight on the Trinidad card.


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