Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Daniel Jacobs

By G. Leon


Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Daniel Jacobs

GL: It's been a while since we've had you on Boxingtalk, what's the latest and greatest with Daniel Jacobs and when can we expect you back in the ring? "The latest and greatest is, I'm getting ready for my next fight on Septmeber 13 and then September 27. On the 13th, I'll be fighting on the Vernon Forrest card and on the 27th, the Mosley card."

GL: How do you feel about the way you've been moved thus far?

Daniel Jacobs: "I feel that my progress has been pretty good thus far. You can't rush into things and you can't go slow. I'm very comfortable at the pace I'm moving, I'm sure that I'm going to be world champion in a year and a half or so and when I am nobody is going to remember the pace I've been moving now."

GL: You stopped Sergio Rios in one. He's got a lot more fights than you with a winning record. Were you surprised you got rid of him so early?

DJ: "Not really. I know what I'm capable of doing and I've been learning different shots in the pro's go. I'm really learning which shots are hurting guys and which shots aren't, so I'm really getting my Bernard Hopkins on as far as the learning goes."

GL: Who will you fight on September 13?

DJ: "I have no idea. You know how that goes."

GL: Do you expect each opponent from here on out to be a step up from Rios?

DJ: "Definitely. I'm going to make my first 8 rounder on September 27, so I'm looking to step it up."

GL: If they're scheduled for eight and they don't go four that doesn't matter much.

DJ: "You're right."

GL: Since you've been getting rid of everybody so quickly are you concerned you might get gassed the first time somebody makes you go rounds?

DJ: "I'm not going to say it's not a possibility, but I train and run to the best of my ability. It's something that could happen, but I'm pretty sure it won't because I'm always in great shape."

GL: 8-0 with 8KO's, do you consider yourself a puncher?

DJ: "Not really. I don't consider myself a knockout artist, I consider myself an aggressive boxer."

GL: How long before you see yourself getting it on with...

DJ: (cutting in) Kelly Pavlik

GL: Come on...

DJ: "You know I'm ready."

GL: How long before you fight somebody people are going to view as somebody who has a chance to win?

DJ: "At least let me hit 10-0. Two more fights and I'm going to want to start stepping it up."

GL: So sometime in 2009 you plan on making some serious noise, correct?

DJ: "Definitely."

GL: How do you feel about what's going on in the Olympics?

DJ: "I'm so glad I got robbed at the Olympic trials. It was a blessing in disguise. That whole system sucks and I'm glad I didn't waste my time for a year to go to China and lose."

GL: With that being said do you regret not turning pro sooner?

DJ: "Yes. I really don't though because experience wise, for those extra three years I got experience under my belt."

GL: Closing thoughts?

DJ: "Look out for Daniel Jacobs, I'm here. I want to thank Boxingtalk and my boy G. Leon for putting me out there."


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