Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Chris Howard

By Brad Cooney


Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Chris Howard

Boxingtalk sat down with newly signed Prize Fight Promotions prospect, Chris Howard.  Boxingtalk was ringside for Howard's second professional fight at Fitzgerald's Casino in Tunica, Mississippi back in October, 2007.  Howard electrified the crowd with very fast hands, and a confidence in the ring that looked like a 30 fight veteran.  Howard is scheduled to fight Rick Velasquez on December, 8th back at Fitzgerald's casino in Tunica, Mississippi.

BT – What's up Chris, congrats on the new contract with Prize Fight.

CH – Thank you, I am ready to start my career.

BT – You're 2 and 0, so you're off to a good start.  For the fans out there that haven't seen you fight, describe to them the style of fighter that you are.

CH – I bring a lot of pressure, and a lot of heart into the ring.  I am working on my skill level every day. 

BT – One thing that Boxingtalk noticed in your last fight was your hand speed.  Talk about your hand speed, and and what it does for you in your fights.

CH – I love my hand speed because it's so unexpected for someone like me.  I can use it as a real good weapon.  I can use it to throw 4 or 5 punch combinations, I can use it to set up a big right hand, a quick right hand.  I can land a shot within a fraction of a second, so it really works out for me.

BT – Talk about your fundamentals, with only 2 fights it seems that you are well on your way.  Did you have those fundamentals in the later part of your amateur career as well?

CH – I wasn't like that as an amateur because as an amateur they don't pay attention to that stuff much.  It's pitty pat scoring in the amateurs, but I feel like I have always been a pro style of fighter.  It's lately where people are really starting to pay attention to my fundamentals.  I have actually been working on fundamentals for years, so I use them to punish my opponents with every opportunity, and every opening that I can get.

BT – You just signed a contract with Prize Fight promotions, that has to be exciting for you.

CH – It's amazing, my dad has been working on it for awhile to get these guys to take a look at me.  He's been telling them to just give me a chance, and they will love me.  It's a blessing to be part of Prize Fight, and I am looking forward to what they will bring me over the years.  I will be the best fighter that I can for them.

BT – I heard that you will be training with The Peterson brothers up in Washington D.C.

CH – Training with the Peterson brothers is exciting because I want to work with someone who has the same work ethic as I have.  Training with the Peterson's will make me a much better fighter, it will push me even harder.  A lot of times you can go to a gym, and not get the full workout.  All I want to do is become a better fighter, and work myself towards a world title eventually.

BT – What is your game plan for 2008?

CH – Well I will wrap up 2007 on December 8th, I will be fighting in Tunica, Mississippi.  For 2008 I have a lot of things to work on.  I want to work on defense, punching power, punching power is important so I can hurt my opponents.  I want to work on my delivery, and open up new aspects of my boxing career.

BT – What's been the biggest change for you transitioning from the amateurs to the pros?

CH – Well I have to learn to pace myself better.  In the pro's it's ok to slow down a little bit, and to take my time to set things up.  In the amateurs you have short rounds, and short fights, so everything has to be done quicker.

BT – Now that you're a professional prize fighter, is there any advice that you would like to share with the kids out there who are still in the amateur program?

CH – Just to stay with it, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something.  If you set your mind to it, you can become what you want to become.

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

CH – I want to thank God for everything that he has given me.  I want to thank my dad for all of his support, and for all of the time he has spent pushing me, and making me the fighter that I am today. 


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