Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Carlos Juan Velazquez

By G. Leon


Boxingtalk Prospect Watch: Carlos Juan Velazquez

GL:  What's the latest and greatest?  "Getting ready, working hard at the gym, waiting for our next date to come around, so we can be ready and strong."

GL:  Do you have any idea when you're returning to the ring?

Carlos Juan Velazquez:  We're looking at May 31st, the same date as my brother, or early in June.

GL:  How do you assess your progress thus far, are you pleased with the way you've been moving?

CJV:  I'm very glad about how my career is going.  With Shelly Finkel's management and Luis DeCubas Jr., we've got Golden Boy and DeCubas Presents, I'm in the best position possible.  I've only got seven fights under my belt, six by KO, I'd like to get another five or six fights in by the end of the year.  By this time next year, I could be 20-0, 21-0, I'd be real pleased.

GL:  What's the biggest difference between you and your brother?

CJV:  He's more of a boxer-puncher, I'm just a puncher-boxer.  I like to come forward and make that action, he's more of a counter-puncher.  That's the biggest difference between us.

GL:  Is there anybody in particular in the division that you're targeting?

CJV:  To be honest with you, we'll look maybe years from now and see who's there, whoever's a champion, any world title, whoever's there, we want them.  It doesn't matter who it is.

GL:  Give me some closing thoughts.

CJV:  I'd like to thank all my fans, and my family, who's always supported me, keep supporting the Twin Dream, we're going to make it happen this year.


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