Boxingtalk Predictions: Diaz-Diaz, Ibragimov-Holyfield


Boxingtalk Predictions: Diaz-Diaz, Ibragimov-Holyfield


Joel Casamayor, BOXINGTALK WORLD Lightweight Champion: Some bum named Diaz will win and continue to run from me.

Scott Shaffer: Juan Diaz TKO8: I think Juan Diaz is seriously underrated just because he lacks devastating punching power. He does everything else well and he's a high-volume pressure fighter. I think Julio Diaz is there to be hit and will be hit. My guess is after a fast-paced fight, Julio gets stopped on cuts, or Juan wins by decision.

Brad Cooney: The Diaz from Houston should provide enough pressure, and a pounding body attack to get him by.  Juan Diaz by UD

Ray Campbell: Juan Diaz UD12

George Kimball: Juan Diaz TKO6 Julio Diaz

Socrates Palmer: Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz, by decision

Darren Nichols: Juan Diaz by unanimous decision - Both Juan and Julio have faced great competition, and I look for Julio to try to put on a boxing lesson against Juan.  However, Juan has his unrelenting hooks to the body that will nullify Julio's aggression.  Julio will put on a great show, but Juan will land the better shots.
Matthew Goldstein: Juan Diaz by UD

Michael Gonzalez: I think Juan's aggression and stamina will eventually separate him from Julio in a close match that should go to decision.  Good thing they aren't in Nevada (for Julio) where they will wear eight ounce gloves instead of ten.  This may also favor Juan, who can bust Julio's face up with his overwhelming activity.

Matthew Aguilar: Juan Diaz TKO8: Julio Diaz is a solid fighter. Good punch. Good boxing skills. Good chin. But he's not an elite fighter, as evidenced by his 2005 knockout loss to Jose Luis Castillo. For four or five rounds, this will be a barnburner. Because Julio rarely takes a backward step. But Juan is just too tough and too talented, and he'll eventually overwhelm Julio with combination punching and determination.

Alex Stone: Juan Diaz TKO Julio Diaz

David Diaz WBC lightweight champion: Juan Diaz

Michael Katsidis WBO #1 Lightweight Contender: Juan Diaz

Nate Campbell IBF #1 Lightweight Contender: It's a pick-em fight, but I lean towards Juan. I just want the winner.



Ray Campbell: Ibragimov TKO9 Holyfield

George Kimball: Ibragimov TKO8 Holyfield

Mathhew Goldstein: Ibragamov TKO7 Holyfield

Socrates Palmer: Holyfield TKO4 Ibragimov Holyfield by knockout 4th round in the heavyweight fight of the year

Darren Nichols: Holyfield by split decision - Both my heart and brain say Holyfield.  He's fought much tougher fighters, and bigger guys than Ibragimov.  The Russian has never seen the likes of Holyfield, and I see him being overwhelmed by the Real Deal's fists, heart, and head.

Michael Gonzalez: Ibragimov by stoppage: Ibragimov's faster hands will puzzle Holyfield until either the ref, his corner or Ibragimov decide the "Real Deal" has had enough.  Hopefully 2007 will retire another great fighter.

Brad Cooney: Evander Holyfield UD12 Ibragimov: Evander shocks the world?  I think it's a possibility.  If the older, wiser, former heavyweight champion fights a smart fight and utilizes the tools that he still possesses, we will have the first 5 time heavyweight champion in history.  I predict that Holyfield will come home victorious.  Holyfield UD

Matthew Aguilar: Ibragimov W12 (unanimous): Yes, Holyfield has a chance here. He still has something left - specifically, a good punch. But he's 44 years old and, in his last fight, he was fighting a fellow relic in Lou Savarese. He'll compete, but he'll lose every round - as the faster, younger Ibragimov beats him to the punch in every exchange. It'll be another courageous effort, but Holyfield will fall short of his goal of being heavyweight champ again.

Alex Stone: Holyfield UD12 Ibragimov:  Too much hype is surrounding Ibragimov following his less than entertaining win over Shannon Briggs. Let us not forget that Ibragimov had a draw with Ray Austin! Briggs is 40 pounds past his best weight, barely trained for that fight, and stood there waiting to be hit all night... and Ibragimov still fought scared!!! Hit and run won't help with Holyfield, who at 44 still has speed and power. Even though I know it won't happen, I hope Holyfield retires after he win's the belt by an easier than expected UD.

Scott Shaffer: Holyfield by decision: Whenever I think about Sultan Ibragimov getting held to a draw by less-than-stellar Ray Austin, it makes me think Holyfield can beat him, paticularly if Evander can move around the way he did against Lou Savarese. Fighting in Ibragimov's country, there's the robbery factor, but my guess is Main Events did everything possible to try and level the playing field by carefully reviewing the officials. I'll go with Holyfield scoring the upset to make boxing history, then we can all get ready for Holyfield-Klitschko unification in February.