Boxingtalk Introduces Travis Kauffman!

By Matthew Goldstein


Boxingtalk Introduces Travis Kauffman!

2004 PAL Nationals Champion and son of Kermit Cintron’s trainer, Marshall Kauffman, Travis has had significant work as an amateur while sparring the big dogs of the heavyweight division.  With good showings against Dominick Guinn, Malik Scott, Gerald Nobles and Jason Estrada, Travis is poised to walk into the National Golden Gloves next month and walk away with the title.  While his father claims “Travis has more talent then Kermit Cintron,” the Reading, PA native seems to bring not only talent, but a charismatic comedy act wherever he goes.  Boxingtalk willl be bringing you a highlight reel of all Travis’ big amateur fights and putting together an exclusive video you won't to miss.  

Matthew Goldstein:  How did you do sparring against Guinn, Malik, Gerald and Estrada?

Travis Kauffman:  I did very well against all of them.  I would say Malik Scott got the best of me, although I had my moments.  I did well against Guinn both times, but Gerald Nobles couldn’t even touch me.  Estrada was pretty tough but he tired out too quickly. 

Matthew Goldstein:  When we talked before, you said weren’t even in shape when you sparred Guinn

Travis Kauffman:  The first time I sparred I was in shape, but the second  time I sparred I was only like 70% but I still got the best of him.  But let me say this, sparring is totally different from fighting, but I have the talent power and skills to beat all of those guys.  I prove it in the gym, but I want to prove it in the ring. 

Matthew Goldstein:  What do you think you have over all of these other guys? 

Travis Kauffman:  I have the skills.  I don’t box like a white guy.  White guys are flat footed.  I stay on my toes and dance around my opponents.  You seen me fight, I stay on my toes and use my hand speed. 

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