Boxingtalk Introduces The Punisher!

By Dominic Fernandez


Boxingtalk Introduces The Punisher!

One on one with Jose Perez Jr.

Dominic Fernandez: Whats going on Jose?  So what interest you into the Fight Game? Jose Perez:  "My Father Jose Sr., he introduced me to boxing to teach me how to defend myself." 
DF:  So how many exact victories did you post as an amateur?
JP:  164 and I was also 5-time National Champ and 5-time Golden Gloves Champ!
DF:  So with so much experience in the sport there really isn't a style out there that you have never faced before and if there is what is it?
JP:  Really Ive seen every style out there so there's nothing that would come to a surprise to me when I'm fighting.
DF:  As far as styles which fighter would you say you admire the most?
JP:  Pernell Whitaker, just from a defensive stand point and how he was able to hit on the move made him so special.  Also Marco Antonio Barrera is a some one I admire also.  I was able to spar with him and it was a great experience.
DF: What sticks out the most when you think of that sparring session with Marco?
JP:  Man let me tell you he gives an incredible body shot.
DF:  The famous left hook to the liver?
JP:  Yeah, I still remember the way he beat Naseem Hamed and totally destroyed him.
DF:  Some Boxing people say Marco put the Prince into retirement?
JP:  Yeah he did.
DF:  So explain to me the outcome of your last fight and where does your record stand today.
JP:  Well I'm 6 and 0 with 4 KO's with my last fight ending in 74 seconds of the first round.  The guy I fought is trained by Luis Espinoza's trainer.  So my camp and I thought we were going into a tough fight and really none of my camp had seen this guy fight so I was really taking on an unknown challenger.  When the bell sounded he came right at me and tried to bring it to me but I took him out in those 74 seconds.
DF:  So indeed that mass experience you have paid off when a fighter with that approach enters the ring with you?
JP:  Exactly.
DF:  So whats your personal experience on the difference between the Amateur and Pro ranks?

JP:  The headgear.  I always would rather not wear headgear.
DF:  Where do you and your camp see yourself in a year or two from now?

JP:  Fighting for a world title.
DF:  The featherweight division is one of Boxing's best and its history is so rich with the likes of Barrera and Erik Morales and now Rocky Juarez and the all time great Salvador Sanchez fighting at 130.  What does that mean to you?

JP:  I'm very honored to be fighting in this division and I want to continue on the great legacy that those fighters have.  The featherweight division is a great class and I'm just looking to write my own history beside those great warriors.
DF:  Being of Mexican American descent do you have any special pride going into the ring and if any which type of people do you feel you represent?
JP:  I fight for all the people.  Latino, Black, White, Asian I fight for them all.  I want all the people to enjoy my fights.
DF:  Beside U.S. Marines, Boxers have to be the ultimate Warriors?
JP:  I agree in fact Ken Shamrock from the UFC once gave me a complement and said that boxers are the best fighters he knows.  In his sport they can use anything to knockout their opponent but he is amazed that us boxers are only able to use our fist.
DF:  Who else has came across you and spoke highly of you?
JP:  Emanuel Steward told me when I was an Amateur that I would be better off in the Pro Ranks.
DF:  Well its becoming a fact Jose.  I want to thank you for giving Boxing Talk the chance to talk to you and may we continue our relationship into the future.  Your website is for anybody who is interested into you getting to know you any further.  As a matter of fact as of today you are not signed up to any Promotion company right now are you?
JP:  Correct at this moment I'm not but we are in the process of listening to offers and I am still able to listen to anything else that is out there.
DF:  Well Jose good luck with that and Boxingtalk cant wait to post the outcome of your next victory and follow you threw out your boxing career.
JP:  Thank You Bro take care.