Boxingtalk Introduces Stan Martyniouk

By Matthew Goldstein


Boxingtalk Introduces Stan Martyniouk

132-pound amateur star Stan Martyniouk won 20 amateur titles including 3 international gold medals for the United States.  The 21 year old Martyniouk was born in the former Soviet Union but has been in the United States since he was 5 years old.   He currently resides in Sacramento, California but plans on coming to Reading, Pennsylvania to train with Marshall Kauffman and Joe Pastore.  Although he fought at 132 as an amateur, the young Russian-American will most likely fight at 126 as a pro.   As a featherweight, Stan's size and power could be exceptional.  Standing at 5 ft 10½ inches, he will have the ability to keep his opponents on the outside and the leverage to establish his power punches.  
BT:  Can you tell us a little about the accolades you have received as an amateur?
SM:  2005 was a pretty big year for me.   That is when I fought in the open division and I captured the bronze medal in the US Championships.  I won the Gold Medal against Korea, the Gold Medal against Mexico and the Gold medal against Ireland in 2006.  My only international loss was against the 2004 Olympic Bronze medalist from Russia.  I captured bronze at the national Gold Glove Championships.   I represented Team USA at the 2005 World Cup.  We beat Belarus and lost to Russia.  I was ranked the #2 lightweight in the country.   I was also 3-time regional champion in the Golden Gloves. 
BT:  When are you planning on turning pro?

SM:  In the next several months.   I am going to talk it over with Marshall Kauffman and Joe Pastore and whenever they think I should go, then I am ready. 
BT:  What will make you stand out in comparison to all of the other featherweights?
SM:  I am Russian American and was born in the Soviet Union, now Estonia.  I have been in the U.S. for 16 years.  In the amateurs I was fighting at 132, but I might be able to make 126lbs in the pros.   I am 5-10½ so I am kind of like Diego Corrales in terms of size and I think I will have great power in the pros.  I have a great style.  I've learned both the European style and the American style.  I have power in both hands and I can fight on the outside and on the inside.  My hand speed and foot speed give me great boxing ability.  
BT:  What are your short term goals and what are your long term goals?  
SM:  I want to become the best fighter in the world and I want to become the champion of the world.   There are a lot of good Russian fighters in the heavyweight division and I want to show Russia and the world that there are great Russian fighters in the smaller division too.  
BT:  If you could say anything to the boxing world, what would it be?  
  Every decade, every several years there is always an icon in boxing, Roy Jones Jr., Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya.   I am going to be one of those guys that will become that icon.  I want to show the world that boxing is not dead.   There is more to come.  I don't think there is any reason for me to fight in the amateurs anymore.  I have a very pro style and I don't think there is anything more I can accomplish.   I am very excited to turn pro and looking forward to my career.  I hope everyone out there watches me because I am an exciting fighter to watch.   I hope they see the best of me very soon. 



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