Boxingtalk Introduces Hasim Rahman Jr

By G. Leon


Boxingtalk Introduces Hasim Rahman Jr

GL:  Tell us about it little Rahman.  What have you been doing, and where are you going?  "I've been fighting for less than a year, and I'm already a two time national champion.  I came in with only five fight and won the Jr. National Gold.  I beat the #1 JO in the country, and I'm just looking to make history.  This is the first step, to get to the heavyweight championship of the world.  I'm on a mission.

GL:  Your growth spurts have been crazy, can you describe how your body has grown for our readers?

Hassim Rahman Jr.:  I went from about 5'9', 165 pounds, now 6'2 1/2 inches, 195 pounds approximately.

GL:  It's going to be a short matter of time before you're a heavyweight like your pops.

HRJ:  Yes.

GL:  How would you describe your style, is it similar to your father's?  Compare your style to his.

HRJ:  I can box, I can punch, I fight left or right handed, I'm trying to learn how to do it all.

GL:  Who have been your teachers, who have been working with you?

HRJ:  I've been working with a lot of different trainers, trying to get whatever I can, pick up whatever I can from everybody so that I can be the best.  I represent Barry's Boxing Club here in Las Vegas.

GL:  What part of your game do you think needs the most sharpening?

HRJ:  Getting a better understanding of the ring, being in there more, getting more experience. 

GL:  When do you expect to turn pro, and what goal do you have in the amatuers?

HRJ:  Just to represent America in the 2012 Olympics over in London, and finally bring the super heavyweight gold medal to America, and win some National titles along the way.

GL:  How old are you, Little Rock?

HRJ:  Sixteen.

GL:  And you're 195 pounds at 6'2"?

HRJ:   I go from 195-200 pounds.  We've got a fight coming up this weekend in Colombus, Ohio.  It's called the Arnold Boxing Classic.  We're giving personal invitations to any heavyweight  in the world.  Any amatuer heavyweights in the world, come down and register, so we can make these real fights, and show the world what we've got.  Zab Judah's going to put Shane Mosley away, and I'm coming to scoop all the belts in the heavyweight division. 


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