Boxingtalk Introduces Dominic Salcido

By Brad Cooney


Boxingtalk Introduces Dominic Salcido brings you another promising prospect in Dominic Salcido. Dominic ( 7-0-4KO), will face Odilon Rivera (5-7-2) this coming Friday night at The Doubletree Hotel in Ontario California.

BT - Talk about your fight coming up this Friday

DS - Well the fight is this Friday on the 31st. I don't know much about the guy, and I don't even know his record. I know he likes to brawl, and I will box him.

BT - Talk about your experience in the ring.

DS - Well I have a lot of amateur experience, and I fought a lot of pro's as I was growin up. I first started at Colton, and then I went to Big Bear, it was at Big Bear where I really started to pick up as an amateur. When I was a kid I didn't win too much because I didn't have a good trainer back then.

BT - When did  you turn pro Dominic?

DS - I turned pro in 2003.

BT - Did you find the transition easy or hard?

DS - Well when I was amateur I had a pro style. When I was at Big Bear I training with pro's. In the amateurs you have to throw a million punches, and that's not me, I like to set up my punches.

BT - What is your style of boxing?

DS - I am half Shane Mosley, and half DelaHoya.

BT - Where would you like to see your career a year from now?

DS - A year from now you should see me ranked in the top ten. Mr Thompson would like me to fight for the WBS Youth title that's vacant right now, I am going to take that bad boy.

BT - Talk to the boxing fans out there Dominic.

DS - I want to tell everyone that Dominic Salcido is coming, and I want to be next World Champion within the next few years.