Boxingtalk Daily Mailbag

By G. Leon


Boxingtalk Daily Mailbag

Greg,  I used to be a regular sender to the mailbag, but haven't sent anything in a while.  Over the years I've been on Boxingtalk, you evolved into an integral and important part of the boxing media, and in my opinion more powerful and influential than any other boxing media outlet today (including magazines, talk radio, etc).  I'm real glad to see you were the first to post Vitali's comeback, I think it will do the heavyweight division good to have an aggressive hard hitting heavyweight in the ranks. I think he was just starting to come into his own when he retired.  I read the comments from Duva and Peter.  Though I can understand Peter's frustration, how does this have anything to do with Vitali?  If the WBC allows him to fight for the title, their fight is with the WBC - not Vitali.  Vitali would be crazy, anyone would be crazy, to pass up a title shot if handed to them. Would Peter have stepped aside to let Toney fight for the title, if he thought that was the right thing to do?  Bull.  If the WBC said, you can fight for the title..   there's no one that would say "no thanks" no matter what. Also, Peter is HOT right now, will get the very next title shot without doubt, and it makes ALOT more sense/cents to fight Vitali than Masquev. Vitali is a much more known fighter than Masquev, and when he KO's Masquev in brutal fashion, it will setup a much bigger event against Peter for his shot for the title. Let alone all of that, I thought the WBC rule was clear cut on the Emeritus Champion.  Duva and Peter keep threatening legal action, but what leg do they really have to stand on? Keep up the great work Greg, and now that you are the king of boxing media, start doing your thing to get unification to occur grass roots up.

Leon's Response: A typo free e-mail except you consistently spelled the WBC champions name wrong. I mean Champion Emeritus was right on the money but the champ's name is wrong...Oleg MASKAEV, the champion appears to be the weakest link when matched with either Peter or Vitali. Alright enough about you spelling his name like Bernard Hopkins pronounces it, Vitali's comeback is great for boxing and great for the heavyweight division, but only if he's healthy of course. There isn't a more deserving challenger at heavyweight than Samuel Peter and it's very hard for him to understand how he is on the verge of being bypassed after the WBC assured him that he would get the next crack at Maskaev. Thanks for the props, I appreciate it.


What's up G, Love Btalk it's the best site for boxing fans!  How come people are still saying the jury is out on Kelly Pavlik? This guy knocked out Bronko Mckart - which may not be that big an accomplishment career wise but it definitley prooves the guy can punch! Nobody knocks out Bronko and he's faced some serious opposition in his career. I think Pavlik beats Winky and Taylor @ middleweight and runs into a buzzsaw against Miranda. Also to me Paul Williams is a tremendous problem for anyone from 147 - 160 He is a nasty body puncher I think his speed and accuracy have AM very weary to fight him. I got a quick question G, doesn’t have to be in the mailbag. But why wasn’t he Vasquez vs marquez fight on the undercard of barrera vs marquez fight? is it cuz they didn’t want both brothers fighting at the same card? I mean delahoya promotes 3 of the 4 fighters in those two fights. Just wondering cuz im a little disappointed that they are not on the same card. that would have been explosive. Peace    Sergio Herrera

Leon's Response: Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate them. Bronco is one of the nicest guys in boxing, but I'm sorry the naturally bigger Pavlik stopping McKart doesn't establish him as a world beater. I definitely wouldn't pick Pavlik over Wright or Taylor, but I'd love to see him matched with the winner or loser of Miranda-Green. I believe everyone involved wanted the Vazquez-Marquez fight the proper attention and that would not have happend on the PPV undercard because it would have never been shown on regular HBO. Props to Showtime for delivering a MUST SEE bout between two of the best pound for pound fighters in the world.

What’s up Greg ? Hey I just saw your updated rankings and I still can’t believe you don’t have Miguel Cotto on your list. You have been biased towards him from the beginning. But come on already !! I know it’s an opinion thing, but what does the guy have to do to get on there ? He’s everything you want in a young fighter. He has simply broken fighters down physically and mentally.  He shoulda cracked your top twenty a while ago in my opinion. You say that he hasn’t fought the best competition but Lovemore Ndou, Demarcus Corely, Randall Bailey, Ricardo Torres, Paulie Malignaggi isn’t that bad of a resume for a young upcoming fighter. Not only that, he was the first to stop Corley, whom Mayweather or Judah didn’t or couldn’t do.  He destroyed Victoriano Sosa whom Mayweather went the distance with.  He’s shown he can recover from adversity when he was hurt against Corley and Torres and came back in the fight like he was in charge the whole time, and stopped them. He was in war with Torres which coulda been the fight of the year if it wasn’t for Castillo vs Corrales.  He’s given Malignaggi, Torres, Pinto, and Quintana their first losses. 4 undefeated fighters in his resume already isn’t bad.  He’s avenged his Olympic losses against Abdullaev and Pinto. He’s stopped at least five fighters with body shots. And then makes his welterweight debut in very impressive fashion. Stopping an undefeated fighter who was already a welterweight with a body shot. I mean the guy had the minute between the round to recover and couldn’t. He’s made fighters literally quit. (Corely)(Branco)(Quintana)(Abdullaev ). Back to your rankings. Vernon Forrest who hasn’t fought in what three years and has one fight (which he should have lost) and he’s ranked ? Spinks is a question too.  Forrest is only on there because you refuse to put Cotto on there that’s all there is to it. I don’t know what the hell Cotto said or did for you to be so hard on him but you have to give the guy some kind of credit. You didn’t even predict on him against Paulie because I think you were expecting for him to lose that one and so you can come back and say “ See I told u guys he’s overated “. But since he put a softball in his jaw, well all of that went out the window. Oh and by the way, the originators of the Pound for Pound myth, ( The Ring Magazine ) ?  Has him at number ten after his destructive debut at 47 !!  Which got him on that list and shoulda got him on yours. Yes I am a Cotto fan, but I am also a boxing fan and there’s a crime being committed on your website. Everyone is biased in some way, but there is a such thing as being too biased. Probably isn’t getting posted but thanks for your time bro !!  Other than that, great site dude !!

Leon's Response: You must've misssed the mailbag where I admitted his omission was a mistake on my part. It will be changed and Cotto will make the cut when I next update the list. I've been quite busy lately and we've got a few big things about to pop so stay tuned to our front page at all times for all the latest. I enjoy watching Miguel Cotto fight, I respect his professionalism and I love how quickly his English is improving. He's on the verge of becoming a real superstar in the sport and I wish him nothing but continued success. Do you think Miguel Cotto would beat Vernon Forrest or Cory Spinks at 147? I'm not so sure.

Dear Greg, I have been and still am a long time Klitschko supporter. However, for once I am going to have to agree with the critics. Vitali doesn't deserve a shot at the title yet. He should have at least two warm up fights first. Maybe calling out Hasim Rahman for a change. I know there is still bad blood between those two. My question is what does Wladimir think of all this. He deserves a shot at Maskaev more than his brother. As much as I dislike Samuel Peter(he is still crying about how Wladimir beat him)and his manager Mr. Gotzev(Bulgarian version of Don King and James Toney)even more, I will have to side with them on this
one. They did what they were supposed to do twice already. Peter should fight Maskaev first and the winner of that fight should fight Vitali. I think Wladimir should try and talk some sense into big brother, that is if he agrees with the critics on this one. Since the brothers are close, I see no reason why Vitali shouldn't listen to Wladimir, again that's if Wladimir doesn't support Vitali's descision to go straight for the title. LeRoy Peters Mildenhall AB, England.

Leon's Response: According to the WBC rules he could deserve a shot immediately. I believe he should have a comeback fight to make sure his body can hold up. I'm not a boxer but I'm sure there's a difference between working out at the gym and absorbing punishment in the ring. I never knew Ivaylo was Bulgarian. The brothers have always made it clear that it is their goal to both hold heavyweight championships at the same time and I wouldn't be surprised if brothers Klitschko felt this was their chance.


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