Boxingtalk's Monday Mailbag

By G. Leon


Boxingtalk's Monday Mailbag

Boxingtalk is head and shoulders above any other website out there.  Thanks for providing members and fans with this second to none footage.  I'm proud to be a member!  The first round of the DLH/Mayweather press tour in NYC on Tuesday was pretty entertaining.  I'm a fan of both of these guys. Floyd was more animated than I have ever seen him act at a press conference.  In my opinion, what he did was help to promote this sensational event more than anything else.  He is definitely not going to get under Oscar's skin with those tactics.  Floyd did show the viewers, however, that he's an outstanding promoter and showman.  The pot shot-and-move tactics Floyd applied to Baldomir are not going to work nearly as well against Oscar.  Believe that.  Oscar is a bigger guy, much more skilled than Baldomir, and has faster hands.  Floyd, an amazing talent, is the smartest fighter in the game right now, but it's not like fighters of his intelligence have never lost.  Ali was the smartest fighter in HISTORY - smarter than PBF - and the man has 5 losses on his record.  This is going to be a great fight in which Oscar just might force Floyd to stand toe to toe and you're going to see some major fireworks!  2007 is a great year for boxing. One last thing;  I don't believe the issue with Mayweather Sr was a money issue.   In my mind, I see it as an issue with discomfort more than anything.  The last thing the richest boxing event, as well as one of the greatest sporting events, in history needs is a harmful and unfortunate altercation that somehow manages to taint or ruin the great event that this is and I believe that was on Oscar's mind when he switched over to Roach.  With or without Floyd Sr, tickets for this event sold out in a little over two hours and the PPV is guarenteed to top $1M in PPV buys.Bryan AKA SUPERMAN

Leon's Response: Thanks for the kind words. We're going to keep it coming. I believe Mayweather has already gotten under Oscar's skin. If I'm wrong, I'm sure he will by the time their 11 city press tour is over. As I'm sure you know BT will be covering as many stops of this press tour as possible. If this is going to be Floyd's "last" fight he might as well go all out to make sure the event exceeds expectations at the box office. I've said it before and I'll say it again, for the good of boxing, De La Hoya-Mayweather must live up to expectations. As entertaining as these pressers have been, imagine what they'd be like with Mayweather Sr rocking the house.


What’s up G? Why can’t I find any new interview of Ishe here? Ishe pretty much embarrassed himself by talking so much trash and not backing it up. He bore the living hell out of me in that fight against Powell. I thought he’s going to let his kid ride the iron pony after the fight. He lost to a guy who lost to Ouma who lost to Taylor who drew with Wright. Do you see the picture? I think it’s time for him to turn his attention to mma (who pays peanut) cause he’s got no future in boxing. What is the date for the Margarito-Williams fight? I think Williams is an overhyped fighter. He didn’t look impressive to me against his last two small opponents and he couldn’t even put them away with one punch. I think his power is overrated. When he fought that tall guy in Carson, he struggled a bit. Williams has bad defense and he gets hit a lot and I don’t think he’ll be able to take Margarito’s punches that well. Margarito will do to Williams what he did to Cintron. I don’t know why Arum would put Cotto against Zab aside from the fact that he’s from New York. Zab is a very dangerous opponent for Cotto and if Cotto beat him, he’ll get no recognition from it cause Zab is coming of a loss against Floyd and Baldomir. Can you recommend three southpaws who fought in the colored TV generation and have a nice style to study cause I’m planning to buy a DVD? AXEL

Leon's Response: "I'm pretty sure this is a difficult time for Ishe and I'm also sure he'll give me a ring when he's ready to talk. Losing to Sechew Powell doesn't mean you don't have any future in boxing. Corneilus Bundrage and Grady Brewer seem to be making out pretty well for themselves. No date for Margarito-Williams yet. By the time Zab gets in the ring with Cotto he'll have won a fight on April 14, therefore he won't be coming off of two losses. Cotto-Judah is probably a bigger event than Cotto-Margarito and kudos to Arum for making sure we finally see Cotto in a fight where the outcome isn't predetermined. Marvin Hagler, Pernell Whitaker and Mark Johnson.

 Hey G! quite a few good small name fights this past weekend. All fights that determine whos going to be a contender or a pretender in their divisions. Tony Thompson looks not bad, needs some work though, looked slow at times. He needs to KO guys to get recognition, he's a heavyweight, 6'5 heavyweight. Knock someone out Tony and then you'll get a shot. Malignaggi gets back on the winning track, he still might turn out a champ after all. Sechew Powell and Ishe Smith, well, controversy? Ishe said that Sechew didn't even belong in the same ring, KO him out then Ishe, shut up or put up. The real stars of the weekend that I found was Andre Direll and Andre Berto. 2 good prospects. Answer me this G, do you think Berto's handlers might be touting him a little too high when they say they'll be ready for Shane Mosley in 12 months? Maybe a little too fast? He proved that he would've won the contender like nothing. There was no Shane Mosleys in the contender though. Berto will be a champion one day, he should keep on cutting through top contenders right now, maybe a year from now he will be able to get in the ring with Mosley, Cotto, Williams or Margarito. There's some good fights to be made right now. Andre Direll is not bad. A little wild but entertaining. I like both these guys and I'm hoping to hear on your site the next time they'll be climbing back in the ring.

Leon's Response: "Thompson has improved greatly since his loss on Cedric Kushner's heavyweight tournament. Frankly, we've seen fighters of his ilk on HBO and Showtime already so he might as well get his opportunity under the bright lights. He certainly would have been a better replacement to Shannon briggs than Sergio Mora. Andre Berto could be the best prospect in boxing, but his defense needs work and we need to see him there with somone who could have a chance. Ben Tackie would have been nice, too bad that fight fell through. Mosley in twelve months? I doubt that. 24 months sounds more like it. Berto needs to be groomed for greatness like Taylor and Cotto were, gradually.
What up Greg? Well I must say that Floyd think's he's fighting Gatti, Judah, Corrales. The look in Oscar's face was not fear but more like, WHAT R U DOING?. Does Floyd feel that he has to hype up the fight or get underneath his skin? HELLO he's fighting De La Hoya, no need for that, or does he think that he's intimidating Oscar. Because thats not it, look at the long list of opponents Oscar has been up against, I know Floyd is P4P the best but I think Quartey, Trinidad, Vargas, Hopkins, and Mayorga are much more intimidating than Floyd. Oscar is so intelligent, I believe that he will analyze, examine, and scout Floyd's fights, vs Carlos Hernandez, Castillo 1(which I believe was given to Floyd, Bcuz nearly the entire boxing world said Floyd was "suppose" to KO HIM). The way to beat Floyd (REMEMBER AND REPOST THE WEEK OF 5/7-11/07) is to faint with him and get on the inside, Castillo did an excellent job boxing with Floyd getting inside and Castillo is not the same fighter as De La Hoya, Oscar is a complete fighter and will prevail. P.S Why is Tommy Morrison in the ring, I guess its true about the Heavyweight Division has gone low. MIGUEL COMMERCE CA

Leon's Response: At the end of the day I believe Floyd is contributing to the cause of an eleven city press tour, sell PPV's. Personally I believe Leonard Ellerbe's remakrs of Oscar laying down against Hopkins frustrated Goldie more than any of the venom PBF spewed. I'm not going to say you're nuts for thinking Oscar's going to win, but I must admit that I disagree with you because in boxing speed kilss and smarts prevail and at the present time nobody is faster and smarter in a boxing ring than Floyd Mayweather Jr.


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