Boxingtalk's Mid-Week Mailbag

By G. Leon


Boxingtalk's Mid-Week Mailbag

Greg, 1) I have to say I'm still not on the Sam Peter bandwagon.  I would be happy to give him credit if its warranted, but for right now, I just don't see what HBO is hyping.  Are they attempting to give anyone credit who does not stink up the joint in a 12 round jabbing contest?  Oleg Maskaev looked like complete rubbish from the opening bell.  He was slow, plodding, devoid of power and head movement.  Before Saturday, he had been knocked out five times, and had only fought once in the last fifteen months.  So I am supposed to be impressed that Peter scores a knockout?  Sorry.  I just see the hype as more of a response to Klitschko's recent performance more so than Peter's.  2) Thank you to Showtime for Haye/Maccarinelli.  We need more coverage of European boxers.  I feel like I am missing out because I have never been exposed to guys like Carl Froch, Zsolt Erdei, Dennis Inkin, KRZYSZTOF WLODARCZYK (had to copy and paste that one)...these guys may be good, they may not be.  The point is, Ring ranks them all in the top ten of their divisions, and I don't even know who they are.  3) I had a feeling Diaz would not walk through Campbell like he did Freitas and Diaz.  Good for Campbell.  Was there a rematch clause?  I would like to see one anyways.  4) I got Marquez over Pacquiao this weekend.  5) What do you know about the Kessler/Miranda situation?  I want the real scoop from BTalk.  6) Any word on Taylor's next foe?  Bika?  Lacy?  Please tell me Lou DiBella is not going the Trinidad route.  He can't fool anyone into thinking its the best fight, just because it makes the most economical sense.  That is Arum's job.  7) Are we going to see Andy Lee vs. John Duddy before the year is out?  ~justin in dc

Leon's Response: I disagree. While watching on TV it took a couple of rounds to get adjusted to the change of pace following the Campbell-Diaz war. Peter hurt Maskaev and shot his load in round three, but finished Oleg off properly the second time around in roudn six. Peter's KO over Maskaev makes the Wladimir Klitschko fight the most significant heavyweight fight on the market. Peter-Vitali will generate money and if Peter defeats Vitali first that would make the fight with Wladimir huge, but Sam Peter doesn't feel Vitali deserves a title shot and I believe you'll be hard pressed to find any hardcore fans who disagree with him. Campbell was the mandatory, no rematch clause is legal under those circumstances. Consider that some free advice to Team Pavlik. I got Marquez as well. Don't know the REAL deal about the Kessler-Miranda situation, all I know is what's been reported.  Taylor will probably be fighting Ricardo Mayorga next. Email George Kimball about Duddy-Lee, he'd be more in the know on such af fight.

Let me tell you that Bob Arum is a funny guy!  He talks about Duddy not being a credible opponent but what about Lockett? Rubio? or even Lorenzo?  These guys haven't fought any type of level of competition that gives them the step up on Winky Wright!  This is extremely annoying and devastatingly hilarious!  I think the "Bobfather" has been doing some type of drugs because promoting Kelly Pavlik and fighting these un-credible opponents makes me gag!  Winky Wright is the man to beat, the man to fight, and the man to be able to call Kelly the king of the middleweight division.  When was the last time someone said, "Lockett" was the fighter to face in order to demonstrate to the world that he is an amazing fighter? I've never heard of such hypocrisy or garbage in my life.  Even though Jermain Taylor lost to Kelly, I give him his credit that when he became champion he fought Hopkins again, then went straight to Winky Wright, and then to Ouma.  I mean his promoters weren't trying to hide behind the bs that Arum is demonstrating,  Dibella wanted the middleweight division to be ruled by their young champion and Arum shows why people can't stand boxing.  I love it with all my heart, but this is just complete and utter disdain for the sport.  It shows more than people will ever know that when people watch boxing they want to see the fights that matter, not the preservation of a record.  ARUM YOU SUCK! HBO should be ridiculed if they hold this fight...Adam From Jerz -

Leon's Response: At 73+ the Bobfather has grown very set in his ways. Pavlik fighting and defeating Wright would give him a chance to do something Jermain Taylor attempted to do, but failed to do, which is take the middleweight division by storm. Winky also made a fine point when he said that beating him first would only make those less attractive fights bigger for Pavlik, because surely giving Winky a loss in front of his hometown fans would only make the Lockett, Rubio and Lorenzo fights bigger.

G. Do you think the Diaz/Campbell would have been the same result if the cut were not a factor? I believe Diaz would have been broken down similar to the rest of Diaz victims.  Taking nothing from Campbell I thought he fought a great fight but the headbutts and cutts played a crucial role in his victory?  Who do you think wins the Katsidis/Casamayor fight?  Be honest I know Casa is  your man but you have been good about keeping it real in the past, I just think that the same Casamayor fights anything like his last two fights Katsidis is the new Ring Magazine Champion.  Since you and Zab Judah are tight I hope you tell him to get that cardio game up because like Mayweather said he is a frontrunner good for 6 rounds but fades rapidly after.  Once again brotha thank you for the Best P4P boxing website in the game cause you puts it down for the real boxing fan. Post this for ya Man my birthday was last week thanx G!  B Bazil  E. Ifekoya
Leon's Response: I don't think any lightweight in the world would have beaten Nate Campbell last weekend. I truly believe that if Nate comes into the ring with the attitude and edge he had against Diaz, nobody at lightweight will beat him. Happy belated Birthday to you my man.

What's up G? I love the website but I have one request....stop all this non-sense about Judah having any chance of stopping Mosley! Judah could come in there with his brother Daniel and his dad Yoel, and the three of them still couldn't knock out Mosley. He has been in there with bigger bangers than Judah and his chin has proven to be top-notch. Also, this talk about Judah coming in like he did against Mayweather, Mosley will do just like Mayweather.... take his punches for four rounds and then break down the American Gangster. What's the deal with putting an end to predictions because it "offends" fighters? Who are these fragile individuals that can't take any criticism? Mike G. from SC

Leon's Response: We're all entitled to our own opinions and obviously you don't give Judah much of a chance. In the past fighters have gotten very offended by my predictions, the Team Boxingtalk Predictions haven't been popping lately because I can only do 1,000 things at a time. Email some of my generals and tell them to get on their prediction grind for me, LOL.

I heard Chris Byrd was moving down to cruiser-- then I heard light heavy. At 175 do you think he can beat Antonio Tarver?  Plus don't you wish James Toney run so he could drop some pounds, so a purist like myself can see a Byrd-Toney fight? Is Joe Mesi even relevant enough for fighters to be responding to his comments? Honestly i haven't seen Mesi since he almost lost to Vassiliy Jirov. I had no clue that people wanted to see Pavlik vs Wright. I wouldn't mind seeing it but it's not at the top of my list. I honestly think Pavlik deserves a little rest. 

Leon's Response: At 175 Chris Byrd could be a HUGE problem for everyone. Joe Mesi IS relevant enough to get responses to his remarks. He's ranked, undefeated and generates money. He's kind of like a heavyweight version of John Duddy.

Well happy birthday G....  Remember It's only a number .  Let me take the mailbag into a different direction for a change.  While the media and fans generally get caught up on a day to day basis with who's the best fighter, or what fight is on the horizon- the powers in charge, that being the boxers, promoters and media really need to remember that our great sport still needs fixing.  Especially with the MMA providing an occasional kidney shot to our sport.

Leon's Response: 30 is a big number and I think I might just celebrate it all month long. As long as the promoters match the best against the best boxing will be just fine. That's a memo to Arum for Pavlik-Wright, another memo to Golden Boy and DKP for Campbell vs. the Casamayor-Katsidis winner.
If Boxing's reputation ever wants head in a "full time ethical direction" it is my opinion that the sport should  adhere to universal rules regardless of the location of the fight.  Lets take the former great boxing commissioner Larry Hazard and NJ.  NJ is the only state that offers instant replay in boxing.  The Diaz fight had the potential for a problem this weekend and the record clearly shows mistakes being made in the past.  Why on god's green earth doesn't other State Athletic Commissioners embrace the technology we have to improve the sport?  Other sports are doing it, and boxing should too.  And one more thing.  Can Showtime and HBO have a gentlemen's agreement not to schedule fights on the same night?  You would think they would look at the big picture and realize they are hurting the sport more then helping it.  . In closing I recognize most of this will fall on deaf ears however an opportunity exists for someone with power to begin to effect change.  I, a big fan of the sport would be happy to help. Peace and God Bless.

Leon's Response: I completely agree with you. If we can give a guy five minutes to recover, we should be able to wait a few seconds to potentially fix an incorrect judgement call made by a referee during the heat of battle. Had that fight ended on the cut, gone to the scorecards and went to Diaz, Nate Campbell would have lost BIG, BIG money over a bad call. The words HBO, Showtime and agreement haven't belonged in the same sentence since Tyson-Lewis.

Hello G! Needless to say, great stuff here. If I could have a moment of your time, I was wondering where Winky comes off offering Pavlik anything. Does Winky not remember Pavlik is the Champ?  “Winky offers Pavlik Career high…” Winky’s high! He is in the position to ACCEPT an offer from Pavlik, not to make one. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a Winky vs. Kelly fight like most other boxing fans, but it’s like “ Here we go again” with Winky not being able to remember he is not in the drivers seat. He can accept offers from Pavlik; he is no way in a spot to make them. If this fight is made who do you see winning?

Leon's Response: Maybe Winky took a page out of Arum's book when he was trying to make Margarito with Mayweather.  Winky would love to accept an offer made by Pavlik, but if they don't make one because Arum doesn't want the fight and everybody but Arum likes the fight, I'd be doing the same thing if I were Winky.
What’s up Greg, what did you think of that heavyweight fight last weekend? As exciting as it was, I wish Samuel Peter would stop punching people behind the head, that shit is dangerous and if anyone wants to call James Toney punchy then there is only one mofo to thank for that! I absolutely hate seeing that shit, if I wanted to see innocent people die then I’d go to Iraq. How long do you think he’ll be champion for? Look at the people who are your age Greg, Samuel Peter may have outdid George Foreman, no way that bloke is 27 years old, at least I hope I don’t bloody age that much in the next 2 years! As James Toney said, “You know them Africans lie about their age”, LOL. Speaking of oldies, Nate Campbell and Joel Casamayor both champs at lightweight and both in their late 30’s. Now that’s an accomplishment for guys fighting at such a low weight class. DK needs to treat Mayorga with some respect and stop using him. Mayorga wants to reign supreme at 147 again, not sure if he can do it with Pretty Boy down there, but at least he can easily collect a belt from any of the others (Cotto, Cintron, Quintana). DK set him up for his favourite son to whoop him at 160 pounds, allowed the Vargas fight to happen at 164, and wants to match a welterweight against a super middleweight. The way Mayorga hits I wouldn’t be surprised if he KO’d Taylor, even though Ghost couldn’t do it in 12 rounds, but not denying it is far from the more likely outcome.....Brad, Australia

Leon's Response: Mayorga might want to be a welterweight all he wants, but when he and I were in Miami last month, middleweight looked like a more natural fit for the Nicarguan. Mayorga is one of the coolest people to hang out with, it's a good thing we were just partying at the Casino, who knows what would have happened if we decided to hit the beach. Sam Peter does need to cool it with the rabbit punches, however sometimes his opponents put their head down and he just punches. Few fighters, especially at heavyweight get lower than James Toney and few fighters at heavyweight are as tall as Wladimir. Samuel still reaches with a lot of his punches and when you're reaching very high or very low, precision is not at a premium. Campbell vs. the Casamayor-Katsidis winner is the only lightweight fight that matters.


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