Boxingtalk's Mailbag Is On Fire

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Mailbag Is On Fire

Tell Winky Wright that if he is really serious to fight Trinidad, he should sign that contract. Trinidad took a lot less than the "chicken" (De La Hoya) to make the fight, and who has shown to be the better fighter? There is no question that Trinidad has fought the better fighters than Winky, and there is no question that Winky would not get that money against anybody else. Thanks.

OnFire's response: Neither you nor I can convince Winky Wright that the right thing to do it take the short end of the stick in order to make the fight withTrinidad a reality. He knows the threat that is Trinidad and the hard work it would take to beat him so he wants to get paid accordingly. He knows there is more money to be offered him and he's holding out. Cory Spinks held out and got more money from Don King to face Zab Judah in his hometown of St Louis. Styles makes fights and Winky may have the style to trouble Trinidad. Now before you go ahead and attack my email, this does not insinuate that I believe he will beat him. I do believe however that he will trouble him. Maybe Wright can't make that money against anyone else but who else is Trinidad going to fight for the undisputed championships? Maybe Hopkins. Or not.

Sup OnFire, I just saw Delahoya putting his 2 cents in about a proposed Winky vs. TIto fight. I had to read it twice to make sure that Oscar was saying that wInky getting less $$ for a Tito fight is not fair. Is this the same Oscar who's taken the lions share of the purse in every fight that he's been in? Whether or not his oponnent was a belt holder meant nothing to Oscar. I remeber Oscar going on record saying that Tito wasn't worth the $$ he was getting for their fight, and obviously Tito has been the more successful boxer of the 2 since their fight. Oscars excuse for getting more $$ would be that he is the draw, and in the case with Tito vs. Winky, Tito is the draw. Bottom line is Winky is a good fighter with a cute style, but his style doesn't attract the avergae fan to pay and see him, and his biggest wins are against a much smaller fighter who hasn't won convincingly in 3-4 yrs in Mosely. Advice to Winky, take the $$ and fight. --rayvez21

OnFire's response: Doing good. That was De La Hoya the promoter speaking, not the fighter. De La Hoya is making his transition from boxer to promoter and his motives are to sign fighters to promotional contracts. That should be no secret. So what better way than to voice your opinions about things and maybe have the fighter have an open mind about you and think that maybe you have a better offer. De La Hoya is a smart business man and say what you may he's good for the sport. Oscar always got the bulk of purses no matter who he fought and that's why he was the Golden Boy. Anyone who wanted to make good money got it fighting De La Hoya. If my feelings are correct look for De la Hoya to make an offer o Wright in some way or another. Many people feel as you do in that Winky Wright should take the money and fight Felix Trinidad.

If Tarver is a true champ, he needs to learn he may not always get a second chance. If it takes him over 12 rounds to figure out how to win, I don't see anything that special. I'd rather see Johnson fight Briggs and Tarver fight someone else, then go to the rematch. These fighters don't fight enough times in one year to be fighting the same guys back to back all the time. I don't think that is good for the sport. Rematches are good. But I like how the Mitchell Tszyu rematch wasn't right away. Tarver had his shot, he cant keep betting on second chances. I thought he had one a close fight, but it doesn't matter what I think in the long run, he got the L. If Tarver ever gets a shot at Toney or Hopkins, he better not be banking on a rematch, go get it done right the first time. Who is the best light heavyweight in FL now? Thanks,
john va

OnFire's response: Antonio Tarver is a champ both in winning and losing, in and outside the ring. Recognize that. I'm sure Tarver understand that there are not always going to be second chances and I'm sure he doesn't go into a fight  thinking he's going to need it. But it's a smart business move that many fighters take advantage of. Others may go for the rematch even though a first fight proved it wasn't neccessary. If the fights are going to be good then I will welcome the same fighters facing each other back to back all the time. Gatti-Ward, Barrera-Morales and Holyfield-Bowe come to mind. Too bad not all rematches and trilogies are of this caliber. Right now Tarver is not thinking about anything other than getting back in the ring with the man that made his knockout of Roy Jones Jr look like nothing special and then comes along and shows he's not special either by beating him too. Universally recognized as the best lt heavyweight in the world, Glen "The Road Warrior" Johnson.

I had to write about this. That fight was amazing. I was watching it and my jaw was on the floor. Just a great fight. We've had some good ones this year with Pacquiao-Marquez and Barrera-Morales III and that fight is at least equal to those fights in excitement. Now in my opinion, Burton is on the decline heavily. I've seen his last several I saw him knock out a used up Manfredy then get destroyed by Julio Diaz, saw him EASILY outpointed by Emmanuel Augustus, only to have the worst decision ever offered up take place. Now he is fighting a guy in Elder who I felt he had all the advantages against. He had the height, weight (easily), experience against top competition, etc. Both guys fought their hearts out. It got a little rough in there sometimes, but it's a fight, not a dance. It was a great fight and I think both guys showed EXTREME class after the KO. The sportsmanship made me proud. Score one for boxing It also made me a fan of Burton for fighting tough, not complaining about accidental fouls, etc. I was down on him after that ass decision in Michigan. I mean, I could not accept a decision that bad in clear conscience as a fighter. Even he knew Augustus gave him a lesson. Now we come to the crux of why I am writing. This guy got cold cocked in the last round. There was no decision controversy. He was KOed clean. It wasn't a question of early stoppage. He could not get up. He was out. It was a CLEAR victory for Elder, no MATTER what preceded it. Even though what preceded it was some of the best 11 plus rounds of exciting action this year. And very close action no matter what that one judge had for Elder. It was close. Elder closed the show like a champion after taking some of the worst punishment of his young career. Now I hear Burton is wanking about some hand wrap bullshit AFTER the fact and filing a complaint with the commission. Also, complaining about the Ref. The ref let the men fight and did not get too involved. There were some low blows, but I didn't see Elder intentionally doing it. He was a bit shorter than Burton and was being pushed down some of the time and his shots strayed a little. He was warned and had a point taken if I remember correctly. This kind of sour grapes is ridiculous. After such a display of sportsmanship and such a great fight for boxing, this Burton character has the BALLS to ruin it by whining like a bitch. Why did they not stand firm on the hand wraps before the fight if it was an issue? I understand Elders knuckles were all bruised after the fight, so the extra padding must not have helped that much. What makes this rankle even more in my mind is that there was not a PEEP out of Burton after he got tore up by Augustus and got a gift decision that was the worst of the year. Now he protests after he gets destroyed by Elder in the last round? I hope Burton calls it a day, because I will no longer watch him fight. His attitude is wrong and he is a whiner. I was just up on him after that fight, but now, I will never be a fan again. Just when you think boxing has two new ambassadors, we get one more whiny bitch.Thanks for the best website in boxing.

OnFire's response: After reading that I feel a little winded. Whew! That fight had every element that is possible in the sport of boxing and combined them all to bring us an action packed fight from beginning to devastating end. Elder, a southpaw, came out from round one to dictate his pace and his fight on Courtney Burton who stood his ground. In round two Burton switched to southpaw and did better so it was something he did throughout the fight. Early on Edler got a warning about low blows but they seemed to continue from round to round. It was a back in forth fight in which Elder took alot of shots to the head especially when Burton turned lefty. Edler's right eye was partially shut as was the left. He also sustained a cut from a headbutt. But all that I've mentioned didn't stop Ebo from continuing to fight on. It was an exciting brawl that even non boxing fans would have loved. The low blows kept coming and Ebo was finally deducted a point for he offense. After, as he told me, he was much more concience about going to the body but it did nothing to throw him off his gameplan. I thought every time Burton went southpaw it worked right for him and Ebo's plan was getting harder to execute. It was a beautiful, hard-core boxing fans dream fight with the fight swaying back in forth and then back again. Elder's eyes were shutting as the rounds progressed and the cut was not helping. The blood was streaming into his eye and affecting the way he could see things, particularly Burton's punches. It had to be the first  time I ever saw anyone pray the whole minute between rounds without any instructions to the fighter, and I must say it was different. Then came the eleventh round where Burton turned it on and seemed to have Elder in real trouble. Right after the bell Burton lands a punch that makes Ebo stumble backwards in more trouble. It really didn't look good for Elder at this point considering the cut and the swelling of the eyes. Both fighters came out for the twelfth round as if it were the first still going at it non stop. Then came the point of all the praying, training and believing to come into play when Ebo lands a big left hand that clearly hurts Burton. At this point I'm sure I'm not the only one jumping up and down and screaming towards the tv. What an exciting ending to an awsome fight in which both fighters showed their heart, grit and determination...I heard something about some kind of protest but I don't believe it will go anywhere. Why protest any wraps if you knew of them before the fact of the fight. Sounds like sore loser to me. It was a great fight that should not be tainted by some less than nothing protest.

I first have to say that I love your site and all the work the crew is doing to keep it all up to date all the time. Here's my criticism. I don't know how exactly it works but you guys have to speed up your post fight report. Any type of report will do within the minutes of the fight being over. After the Klichko/Williams fight were the first to report on it followed by maxiboxing. Then about your p4p 20 list. You have go to be kidding me and the rest of the boxingtalk readers. You put James Toney in there above Byrd? Byrd would eat him alive in the ring if 2 were to meat. He would make Toney look like lost bitch that does not know what she is doinn in the ring. Byrd would make Toney look like a fool. Who in the hell is Toney and how much did he pay to you for that promotion? He is squad in the heavyweight division. Who did he ever fight? Holifield who is slower than my grandma. Or brook, who they picked up on a gas station and payed 200$ to show up. Did you hear of Brook before that fight? Toney is the most arrogant, trash-talking son of a bitch I have ever seen in boxing. With 5'7" precisely a foot shorter than Klichko you think he has a huge chance to take out any heavyweight. He would not even come close to Klichko. Big V would knock him out in the first 1-2 rounds. And then Toney would have to "wipe the sweat of his balls" with his own mouth. About Klichko. I know you will say, here comes a Klichko lover. Well anyways. The guy never lost. The fight with Byrd I don't count, and you should not as well. Lewis fight was extremely close and could have gone either way, I agree. But he fought toe to toe with Lennox himself. The king of the division. Lennox came after fighting Tyson, with superb confidence and resolution. Vitali stood right there and had a good chance of finishing him. He did not. So let's forget it for now. After that V took a trash-talker "I kick any ass" Johnson out in 2 rounds. The guy "who never lost to anyone" was knocked the hell out of there. He did not train and showed up as a pig ready to be slaughtered. That is HIS problem. He said he will walk through Klichko. Remember. Corrie Sanders-one of the most dangerous fighters out there. He can take any guy out. He showed it by taking Wladimir out. And just recently he knocked some bum out again. What did Klichko do? He took him apart piece by piece over 7 rounds. The guy was not ready? Are you kidding me? He stood there like he had a diamond chin, the one never to be broken. Only weeks of intense training can get you there plus huge heart. He was saying that he would knock the other Klichko just as well. So he lost by TKO. OK. Williams-he is nothing. He is a total piece of trash that Klichko found on the road. Well, you said that you believe that Mike can come back and clean up the division. So you believe that Tyson can take Klichko out and anyone else. I believe he has a chance, as any puncher. But not any bigger than Williams had against Klichko. Williams knocked the boots off Tyson, after standing there and taking beating. Now he is a "round shape" fighter who deserves shit. You know what you are so frieken blind. It seems like Klichko should retire like Lewis did to gain some recognition. Here is a question for you. Who do you think can beat Klichko, not just a lucky punch, no, really really beat Klichko? Tell me one name. Then, who should Klichko beat, to get any recognition from you? Is there a guy, when Klichko will knock him out, you will say, yes, he beat the man? One name. Hopefully those two names are one person. If you come up with something in your fogged anti-Klichko thinking, please post it so everyone can read. You can make a headline: KLICHKO GAINS FULL RECOGNITION FROM ME IF HE BEATS ........."Yes, the guy has flaws. No single fighter out there was ever perfect. You know what I think makes Klichko a great fighter? Not his style, I know you guys hate it. Not his size. His brains. The guy is frieken smart. He knows how to use his style, advantage. And his heart, his desire to be number one.With great respect to your work.

OnFire's response: Thank you, we appreciate it. After reading your email I was too exausted to respond back so here I am the next morning and still don't know where to start. Oh yeah, I'll start by saying that maybe next time you can keep your email to a minimum so that I can read it and have enough energy to respond. Thanks again.


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