Boxingtalk's Fire with Shaun George

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire with Shaun George

JA: What's good Shaun? What's the latest with you? "Right now I'm trying to get this fight on ESPN2 on May 27 but I'm not sure what's going on with that right now. I'll be defending my title
out there."

JA: How does it feel not knowing what is the next move for you and with who?

SG:"You know what it is with me? I'm a patient kind of guy. It's frustrating yeah but at the same time I'm real patient. Eveybody gets their time to shine. Everybody gets a chance. I'm just sitting in the back right now."

JA: In your last fight in January of this year you won a unanimous decision against Jamel Barnes. What are your thoughts on that fight?

SG:"Personally I thought I could have done better but you have to realize that I was off nine months before that fight. I should have jabbed more and I should have put my punches together more. Plus that was my first ten round fight. I jumped from a six to a ten round so it was a learning experience for me."

JA: You fought once in 2003 and twice in 2004. Will you try to be busier this year?

SG:"Without a doubt. Right now after my next fight in May I want to fight at least four or five times this year. Next year I want to make a name for myself. I want everybody to start knowing who I am."

JA: For those that have never seen you fight can you explain to them what type of fighter you are and what you bring into the ring?

SG:"Boxer, slick boxer. Hit and not get hit. I like to ply myself of defense. If you can't hit me you can't beat me. I'm still focused and determined."

JA: What do you hope this year as well as the following year brings for you and your career?

SG:"Right now I'm trying to crack the top ten. I'm not thinking about world championships right now. I'm trying to get as much tv exposure as I can get. Get my name out to the public. I feel right now I am the best crusierwieight in the world period. It could be the world champ of a contender I'm the best one out here now. I just need a shot to prove it. For that to happen I have to keep getting myself out there."

JA: Are you in training right now as we speak?

SG:"I was back training a wekk after my fight. I'm always in training, always in the gym. That's what I'm talking about. I have a problem with boxing today. Nobody wants to fight anybody. Everybody talks a good game but nobody goes out there to prove it. I'm in the gym a week after my fight training hard core. Nobody wants to fight. Everybody that say they want to fight me they always ask for more money or whatever the situation is. I'm just ready to go."

JA: How eager are you to step in the ring on May 27?

SG:"I'm anxious. I'm excited man. Since I won the IBC Americas Crusierweight title you have to understand I felt reborn. Like I'm a different fighter. Like my pro debut. Everything is all new to me right now. I'm having fun again."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and the people around the world on

SG:"Get ready for me. I'm the best thing happening right now. I'm willing to fight anybody at any given time. I'm the best fighter here period. Look out for me and keep looking out for me."


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