Boxingtalk's Fire With Paul Malignaggi!

By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Paul Malignaggi!

Paul "The Magic man" Malignaggi (18-0, 5KOs) has stepped into the ring a total of eighteen times in his professional career. When he repeats this ritual on Saturday Dec 4th, it will be different. Fighting on the undercard of Taylor-Joppy, Malignaggi will be fighting for the WBC international title and a top ten ranking against Sandro Casamonica (34-4, 21 KOs). The young undefeated jr welterweight shares his thoughts with Boxingtalk days before his most important match to date.

Jose Aguirre: Paulie, what's going on? How you feeling?

Paul Malignaggi: "I'm cool, I'm cool."

JA: How's training coming along for December 4th?

PM: "Training is coming along well. We're just finishing up now. Camp is about to be over. We're leaving in a couple of days. We're just fine tuning right now. The camp was good, I'm sharp. I'm ready to put on a great show for everyone down in Little Rock. Once they see me arrive they defenitely won't forget me."

JA: What type of things have you been working on in camp in preparation for your fight on Dec 4th?

PM: "Couple of things. I don't want to get into details about my opponent without giving away any gameplan. Just a couple of key things that we would have to work on for this guys style. He's an aggressive boxer and he throws alot of jabs but he comes forward. We're going to offset that with our own style. You're always going to get the good show out of Paul Malignaggi no matter what I have been working on."

JA: When do you leave for Little Rock?

PM: "We'll be leaving this week."

JA: How are your hands feeling?

PM: "My hands are good. I'm ready to go. Everything is good, believe me. It's just going to be another statement. For all those Paul Malignaggi haters it's going to be another statement. You just can't neglect the fact that I'm here and I'm here to stay and with this fight it's just going to prove it more."

JA: How does it feel to be fighting for the WBC international title and a top ten ranking at this point in your career?

PM: "I'm going to rephrase that and say what are my feelings on being able to win that title in this point in my career. I'm going to say it feels great. It's my first belt and it's going to feel good to get it. But what's more important is the fact that it sets me up to position myself for my goal which is a world title."

JA: A WBC int'l title that puts you in the top ten ranking of the jr welterweight division, the sky's the limit from there. People are going to start gunning for you. What are your feelings on your whole career at this point in boxing?

PM: "I like the way you put that. Alot of people are gunning for me as it is. People are going to start gunning for me but there are alot of people gunning for me as it is right now. My feelings are that because my name is getting out there and because my name is so big as a prospect. People can't help but talk about Malignaggi. The fact of the matter is I will be ranked in the top ten in the world. That sounds good though, doesn't it. Paul Malignaggi in the top ten fighters in the world in the jr welterweight division. That's a big step. The main goal is the world title. It's going to feel good to be in the top ten in the world but the world title is defenitely my goal. My feelings on boxing in general is that once my name is big and once I win that world title my name becomes a mainstream name out there. The sky's the limit for real. I have the total package. I have the looks, I got the skills. I know how to talk on camera. Sometimes I do a little too much talking, I will admit, but that's just part of the total package. You'll always get a great show when you come see Paul Malignaggi because you're going to see stuff you don't usually see when you come see boxing matches. People will never forget that. People go home and whether they love me or hate me they just can't forget me. Malignaggi will always be on everybody's minds."

JA: What can we expect from the future WBC int'l champion for the future in your career?

PM: "You're going to see alot of big things. You're going to see me keep advancing in my career. Paul Malignaggi is going to be here for a long time. Like I said before you're going to see alot of people calling me out. That don't matter because it's been happening already. You're going to see alot more people calling me out. The WBC int'l champion will become the future WBC world champion when the time comes. That time is coming real soon."

JA: Does this mean that Paul "The Magic man" Malignaggi will no longer be a part of Broadway Boxing in the future?

PM: "I can't comment on that. I don't know yet. We take it one fight at a time. That's actually Lou DiBella's call. Regardless, as fights get bigger and I won't be on Broadway Boxing or whether I may make another appearance or two, that all depends on Lou DiBella. I'm just taking this fight and taking them one at a time."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to your fans on and around the world?

PM: "All my fanatics just keep supporting me. I love everyone of you. I do it thinking about the haters but I can't do it without the love of my fans too. Keep supporting me. I'm going to think of everybody out there when I win the world title. It's not just for me, it's for everybody supporting me."

JA: Appreciate your time, good luck and bring it home.

PM: "Thanks alot Jose."


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