Boxingtalk's Fire With Yuri Foreman

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Yuri Foreman

Jose Aguirre: You have a fight coming up on May 6. What can you tell us about training? "I'm training really realy hard for this fight, you know alot of sparring, a lot of tough work but everything is going well."

JA: What do you know about the guy you will be facing in Kevin Gagle?

YF:"I've seen one tape of him. He has quick hands and his record says that he has twelve knockouts so I figure he has pretty good punching power and that's about it. He didn't have opposition like me so I think I have more experience in the professionals as well as the amateurs too. I'm ready for this guy."

JA: You are fighting a guy who is undefeated just as you are. What does this do for your mindset if you can get by this guy?

YF:"First off all this fight is going to be on national tv. This is a big opportunity for me to show what I've got. I don't really care what his record is. I know he's a serious opponent and he knows who he's fighting so I'm sure he's training his ass of for me. I'm just going to focus on my gameplan and beat him."

JA: In your last fight on Feb 24 you won a unanimious decision against Jesus Soto. Tell us about that fight.

YF:"It was a tough fight. The guy really could take a good punch. I hit him with everything and he didn't want to go nowhere. He put alot of pressure on me. I can box, I can box. Lets say I need to go the distance boxing I can do it. Jesus was a tough guy and he gave me alot of experience."

JA: Speaking of pressure, you'll be on Showtime so will tha put any added pressure on you?

YF:"Right now I'm thing I really want to look good on tv. I know when I step up into the ring I am not going to think about it. There is no pressure."

JA: How often do you plan o being in the ring this year?

YF:"I have this fight right now ahead of me. I'm not thinking anything past May 6. God willing everything goes well. I say three more fights. I just hate to do any predictions but I will say three more fights in this year."'

JA: What are your thoughts on the junior middleweight division?

YF:"It's a tough division and there are alot of guys in it. Alot of young serious contenders. I just watched the Contender(laughs). There are alot of challenges out there so it makes me work even harder. I'm looking to make a statement very soon. I'm happy to be there."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and the people all around the world on

YF:"Yes the fans. My fans. All the fans that know me, for the support I would like to thank everybody. Watch alot of boxing. That's about it."


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