Boxingtalk's Fire With Tommy Gallagher

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Tommy Gallagher

Jose Aguirre: Boxingtalk has reported that  ESPN will likely pick up the second installment of The Contender realty show. What can you tell us about that? "I know that they're negotiating and I think it's a perfect match because it can also take some of the Friday Night Fights off of them and they can develop talent that can move on to higher levels and they share in their development. I think it makes perfect sense to them.'

JA: How excited are you to being involved with The Contender 2?

TG:"I'm overjoyed. It's been a great experience for me and I think it's a concept that can defenitely bring boxing back to a different level. No question about it."

JA: What did you learn having all those guys under one roof?

TG:"You're talking about 16 different personalities and that if you all have a common goal it's very simple to get along. These kids showed alot of character and they did everything that was asked of them without being stupid and getting as far as they did in the actual contest."

JA: How was it working with Sly Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard as well as Jackie Kallen?

TG:"I go way back with Ray (Leonard) I fought Ray in 88' so we have some history. It was fine. Everybody got along well. We al had a common goal and everybody kind of contributed to the outcome of it."

JA: Ahmed Kaddour who was on The Contender and lost was brought back and then lost a second time will be fighting on Showtime. Will you be tuning in?

TG:"Of course. The kid is a talent. Alot of people have to start to understand that losing doesn't mean anything. The greatest fighters in the world have 5, 10, 11, 12 loses. It's about the adjustments that are made in coming back. Losing is just some guy was better than you on that day. That doesn't mean that your life is over. I think that he has the ablity to come back and get the rematches with the guys that beat him and he'll be right there."

JA: In term of Sergio "The Latin Snake" Mora who went all the way to the million dollars in the Contender, do you believe he could be world champion?

TG:"Oh absolutely. The kid has unbelievable character. Besides having natural ability he has alot of other elements that would make him a world champion. And he'll be a great embassador for the game."

JA: When the time comes that you and the team go from city to city having tryouts for the Contender 2 what do you look for in a fighter?

TG:"What they will be looking at is not talent wise or who's the best. There is always someone who's better than somebody else. There are alot of other elements in the show. They have to have a little personality. There has to be a little bit more than the basic talents of a fighter. You have to be able to chew gum and talk at the same time. It's a great experience and anyone who passes up the opportunity to do this is crazy."

JA: Word is that on Sept 1 the contenders will be back. Peter Manfredo Jr will face Alfonso Gomez whie Ishe Smith goes up against Jessie Brinkley. Sergio Mora was supposed to do it again with Manfredo Jr but he is now competely off the card. Your thoughts?

TG:"Maybe they have a title fight  for him or maybe he has an injury. I don't like that Alfonso-Manfredo fight becasue I don't think Alfonso is not really a true middleweight. He a courageous kid and he's a beautiful human being. I don't like that fight at all."

JA: Ishe Smith-Jessie Brinkley fight?

TG:"I think that's a very competitive fight. I think that just moves the winner of that fight to the next level. In my opinion I think that Ishe is too much for him. That's how I feel. It's a hell of a fight I'll tell you that. They didn't get to fight on the show and there was a little controversy so I guess it's a great shot."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to the boxing fans all around the world?

TG:"The only thing is you get the chance to root for somebody and see the kids fight more than once every six months. You'll have a chance to see kids fighting every week like it used to be in the old days and it gives you a real chance to lock in and learn a little more about theses kids. Not only what they do in the ring but what they're all about. I think it's great fanbase property. I think it's just created for the fan."


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