Boxingtalk's Fire With Timur Ibragimov

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Timur Ibragimov

On March 3rd at the Theatre of Madison Square Garden, Timur Ibragimov (16-0, 9 KO's) faces off against Ronald Bellamy (14-1-4, 9 KO's). In his last outing Timur won a unanimous decision against Billy Douglas, brother of Mike Tyson conquerer Buster Douglas, at the Atlantic Oceana in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Boxingtalk caught up with the undefeated heavyweight from Uzbekistan and got his thoughts on the upcoming fight, the opponent he will be facing and what it means to be fighting in the Big Apple at the Theatre of Madison Square Garden. See what else Timur Ibragimov had to say.

Jose Aguirre: Hi Timur, How are you feeling today?

Timur Ibragimov:"I'm very good."

JA: On March 3rd you have a fight at Madison Square Garden's Theatre. How's training going for this fight?

TI:"We prepared for this fight very, very hard. We're training two, three times a day with my cousin. Friday I had some good sparring and alot of good training. We're prepared very hard for this fight."

JA: What do you know about your opponent Ronald Bellamy?

TI:"I know he is tall and weighs around 250lbs. That's it and i think that's enough for me."

JA: In your last fight at the Atlantic Oceana in Brighton Beach you won a unanimous decision against Billy Douglas. How do you feel about that fight?

TI:"You know this guy came to take my belt. He prepared very hard for this fight and he was in top shape. When I first saw him I knew he wasn't going to be
an easy fight. I know I won this fight very good. I couldn't drop him but I won all twelve rounds."

JA: What did you learn from that fight?

TI:"I learned one thing. For each fight I am going to come and fight like a tiger. Whether the opponent is easy or hard I'm going to train the same, very hard."

JA: Now you're taking a big step and will be fighting at Madison Square Garden. How do you feel about  that?

TI:"First of all I am very happy because this is like my dream. I will do everything for my fans to be happy."

JA: How do the people in NYC and in Brooklyn and here in the United States recieve you?

TI:"There are alot of Russians in America right now and they are very happy that we are here. Americans too because we're like international. I am not from Russia, I am from Uzbekistan but I respect all religions. Everybody likes us because we're exciting in the ring."

JA: What can the fans in attendance expect from you come March 3rd?

TI:"First of all like usual I will start off with my jab and after the first round we'll see what we have in the ring."

JA: Is there anything you want to say in closing?

TI:"Very soon I'm sure me and my cousin Sultan will be world champions