Boxingtalk's Fire With Scott Pemberton

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Scott Pemberton

WBC super middleweight mandatory challenger Scott Pemberton (29-3-1, 24 KO's) took the time out to speak with Boxingtalk about the possibility of a third match with Omar Sheika. He also touched on the subject of learning new things, Jeff Lacy and his fight with Sheika,  as well as his last fight with Rubin Williams. Read on to see what one of the best super middleweights in the world had to say.

Jose Aguirre: Is there any truth that you're supposed to be fighting Omar Sheika for a third time?

Scott Pemberton:"As far as I know there is supposed to be some truth to it."

JA: How do you feel about fighting him a third time?

SP:"I feel fine about fighting him a third time. Right now I'm ranked number one in the world by the WBC and I'm sure he's trying to get that ranking. He's a dangerous opponent. It's if they offer me enough money to fight him again. And that's what it's all about making money."

JA: You've been in the ring with him twice before so I'm sure you are familiar with him and his style as well as his heart and determination. Do you expect the same fight from him if and when you do face him again?

SP:Yeah, pretty much the same fight. Maybe he'll be in better condition for this fight then he was the last time. You never know. But a tiger cannot change his stripes and he's going to pretty much be the same fighter. He may pick up a few little things here and there but he's one of those type of guys that the way he fights is the way he fights. He's a dangerous opponent. There is no doubt about it."

JA: Have you picked up some new things along the way since you fought him?

SP:"Of course I have. I've watched our fights on tapes a few times. I've watched his fights since I last fought him. His fight with Jeff Lacy. It's all about being
in condition and if luck does play any part I hope it plays a part on my side."

JA: Speaking of his fight with Jeff Lacy, what do you think of his performance in that fight as well as the performance of IBF Super Middleweight Champion Jeff Lacy?

SP:"I thought his performance was very good. I thought that Jeff Lacy's performance was very good also. I thought maybe in the later rounds Omar Sheika, that is where he lost the fight. Lacy Picked up the pace a little more in the later rounds but he had Lacy hurt early in the fight I think it was in the second

JA: What have you been doing since your last fight?

SP:"I've been in the gym and I've been training trying to keep that level of conditioning. I've been sparring."

JA: Give us your assessment of your fight with James Crawford, a fighter you stopped in three rounds.

SP:"I don't really think I fought very well in that fight. I did something in the third round but I was getting out to a slow start. What happened during that fight was that someone told me a joke before going out to the fight and it was so funny I lost everything. I was still thinking about the joke when I was getting ready
to fight the guy. It was pretty funny. I got the job done and I guess that's all that counts."

JA: When can we expect you back in the ring?

SP:"I would imagine pretty soon."

JA: How much have you heard about a possible fight with Omar Sheika?

SP:"I've heard quite a little bit about it and hopefully it will happen. In fact they gave me a date but then I heard that date wasn't going to happen. I just been in the gym and training."

JA: If not Omar Sheika who would you like to face in the super middleweight division?

SP:"I'll fight anybody in the super middleweight division. I would like to fight Jeff Lacy. I personally know Jeff Lacy. He's a great guy. If the money is right  I would like to fight him because like I say again it's all about making money. I can fight for any championship in th world bu if you are not making money
then what's the purpose."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and the people all around the world on

SP:"I would just like to say to them Thank you for your support. Without the fans there would be no real fights."