Boxingtalk's Fire With Martin Castillo

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Martin Castillo

Jose Aguirre: How did training go for this fight? "My training went very well,my conditioning is much better than the last time I fought Ishihara. I am mentally and physically ready for this fight.

JA: How do you feel about being in Japan for this title defense?
MC:"I feel good, the people here are very nice and polite. They make you feel comfortable. But I am very excited to put on a good show for them."

JA: Did you have a chance to watch tapes and study your opponent?
MC:"I watch our last fight that we had with each other. I feel I know his style pretty good and feel I did my homework well."

JA: What specific things did you work on for Hideyasu Ishihara who is a southpaw? "I worked on moving to my left to stay away from his power hand and especially worked on my straight right hands and left hooks."

JA: Do you think you will have any trouble with his southpaw stance?                                                                         MC: "No, I fought him before and know his style pretty good. I do not think his southpaw stance will give me too much problems."

JA: What do you expect from Ishihara come fight time?
MC:"I expect him to be more agressive than he was the last time we met. I am sure he is looking for revenge but I am ready for anything he brings to me."

JA:  How do you plan to neutralize what he tries to do to you?
MC:" I plan to throw more right hands. That was the punch that knocked him out last time and feel it will be a key factor in my victory for the next time."

JA: What type of fight are you ready for?
MC:"I am ready for anything and everything. I can box and brawl, I feel confident in my talents and that it will lead me to a victory."

JA: Are you afraid of being robbed in a hometown decision?
MC:"No, I am not afraid of being robbed. I feel Japan is very honest and if it goes the decision, they will call a fair decision for the winner."

JA: Q: Any plans to go in there and try to top your last performance against Eric Morel?
MC:"Well, I always give my best in the ring and will try my best to put on a good show. But I can promise you this, I will be better than I was the last time I fought Ishihara."

JA: If when you come back with your title where would you like to go from there? MC:"I will leave that up to my promoter Top Rank and my manager Frank Espinoza. But I will be ready for anything that they put out in front of me."

JA: What do you think of the top fighters in your division?
MC:"There is alot of talent in the 115lbs division. Alexander Munoz is a good puncher, Fernando Montiel is a good boxer/ puncher, Kawashima is a good agressive fighter and so is Luis Perez. Also Jose Navarro is a good boxer too. So there is alot of talent in the division and potentially great match-ups."

JA: How do you feel about a unification with one or more of the champions? MC: "I would love to unify the titles. That is definitely a goal of mine to achieve. I would love to fight the WBC champ Kawashima or even the WBO champ Fernando Montiel. I want to be known as the best in the division and will fight anybody in the 115lbs division to prove it."

JA: Any chance that we could see you move up in weight?
MC:"Not right now but in the future that is a very good possibilty. I love challenges and moving up in weight would be a good challenge to go after."

JA: Is there anything you want to say in closing?
MC:"Yes, I would like to challenge any of the champions at 115lbs division. Montiel, Kawashima, anybody. Like I said before I want to be known as the best and want my name to be remember for years to come. Thanks to all my fans and especially to Boxingtalk!


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