Boxingtalk's Fire With Larry Donald

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Larry Donald

"The easiest fight for me may be James Toney."

Jose Aguirre: What's going on Larry? How's everything with you? What's the latest with Larry Donald?

Larry Donald: "Everything is going good. Hopefully I'll be on one of the cards on April 30th or either May 21st on the Vitali-Rahman or Brewster-Golota card.

JA: Have you been in the gym training and staying in shape?

LD: "Oh yeah, I'm in tremendous shape. This is my time so I have to take advantage of it. There is no telling who they may send me. They gave me the nickname 'License Suspender'. The next guy that gets in the ring with me I want to suspense his license also."

JA: What have you been up to since your win over Evander Holyfield?

LD: "I just been training. Staying in great condition. Waiting for my opportunity to fight one of the champions like John Ruiz, Chris Byrd. It doesn't make a difference. Looks like they're trying to work on Ruiz-Toney and I may get the winner of that fight. So if that happens it would be beautiful."

JA: Who do you like in that fight and why?

LD: "I like John Ruiz because of his style. Toney isn't going to be able to be as slick as he wants to be with a guy like John Ruiz. A person that doesn't move and is going to try to be slick and stand still, John Ruiz makes those type of guys look bad. You have to have some type of movement like a Roy Jones. Some type of movement is needed to offset John Ruiz. Put him out of pocket. Make him do things that he's not used to doing. If James Toney stands right there in the pocket and try to be slick that's going to be right up John Ruiz' alley."

JA: Out of those two fighters, James Toney and John Ruiz, who do you think is the easier fight for you?

LD: "The easiest fight for me may be James Toney. To be honest with you I think it's about even."

JA: What do you think about the heavyweight division as it is today. Alot of rumblings, fights being made, fights falling out, alot more trying to be made. Where do you plan to fit yourself in this whole heavyweight picture?

LD: "My thing is these heavyweights just need to get out there and fight. It isn't about picking and choosing. If you want to be the best and claim you're the best then fight whoever is out there. Don't be in a position where you want to pick and choose. Just go ahead and beat whoever they put in front of you. The money is going to be there. Keep on beating them guys and the money will be there."

JA: How excited are you to possibly be getting back in the ring and more so back to Madison Square Garden where in your last fight you dominated Evander Holyfield?

LD: "Aw man, I'm excited about the whole thing but not too excited where I'm going to let it interfere with my training or whatever I have to do to stay focused."

JA: Vitali Klitschko-Hasim Rahman. How do you see that fight playing out and who do you see having the upper hand?

LD: "That's going to be a tough fight for Vitali. I have worked out with both guys. They are both good guys. Can't take nothing away from both guys as good fighters but Rahman has that power that can lay you right out."

JA: You also have Lamon Brewster who is defending his WBO title against Andrew Golota who is getting his third in a row at a title. Share with us your thoughts on that.

LD: "I don't think Golota should be getting a third shot. I think I should be somewhere in the picture but things happen. I'm happy for Golota that he's getting a third shot. Alot of people may think that Brewster may be a pushover and that Golota has a good opportunity of winning this championship but I don't see it that way. Not at all. I've worked out with Lamon and he's tough too. Golota has his hands full."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to the boxing public, people all around the world and on

LD: "Yeah I just want the fans to know that whenever I am given the chance to fight for the heavyweight championship of the world I will be heavyweight champion. Then go home and unify the titles to become the undisputed champion."


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