Boxingtalk's Fire With Jose Nunez

By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Jose Nunez

Jose Aguirre: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jose Nunez: "Being that I came from the worst part of Brooklyn, Murder Capital, I know how important it is to be loyal and straight forward with people. Especially fighters that I work with. I have a real close relationship with (Joan) Guzman. It's more than just business, that's my little man. And I wish him the best and as long as I'm around I'm going to make sure he gets it."

JA: How long you been in boxing?

JN: "More than ten years. I actually started boxing myself at the age of seventeen. I'm thirty two now and I still spar with Vivian Harris and Joan Guzman at times."

JA: Yeah, I heard you dropped (Diobelys) Hurtado with a right hand at the weigh in. What happened with that?

JN: "Man, he deserved that for spitting on my man Vivian (Harris), but I felt sorry for him after Vivian finished him off in the ring so I went into his dressing room and I apoligized to him."

JA: Is Vivian Harris one of the fighters you work with?

JN: "No, that's my man to the heart. He has me on his payroll though."

JA: As what does he have you on the payroll?

JN: "As his boy." (laughs)

JA: People compare you with James Prince.

JN: "In what way brother?"

JA: Come from the hood, got money, love the sport and got a team of lawyers and as yourself alot of respect from the street to the boxing world.

JN: "We've been blessed from the man upstairs. Thanks to him. He knows this boxing world needs real dudes like us." (laughs)

JA: What are your plans for Joan Guzman now that you are his advisor?

JN: "I'm negotiating with his promoters and Michael Marley for a match with Oscar Larios the WBC champ. We don't need any more bus drivers.  Strictly the best fighters. We want mostly Mexicans. My boy knows how to tear them apart."

JA: What has it been like working with his promoters Sycuan Promotions?

JN: "So far Scott Woodworth and Michael Marley of Sycuan Promotions have been stand up gentlemen. Lets's hope it stays like that. If not we're going to take the free agency market soon. But I hope we won't have to go there because Mr. Marley is my man and I know that he will try and get Guzman the big fights that he needs."

JA: Anything you want to say in closing?

JN: "I would like to thank Johnny Boz for being there all hours of the night and I would like to shout out my comrade Vicious Harris. Don't worry, those cowards at 140lbs are going to have to come to you this year. Stay Focused. Love you. And for the boxing fans, Joan Guzman is going to have you talking about him for the years 2005. Bet that. (Manny) Pacquiao stay out of the way because we're coming up there as soon as we clean up house at 122lbs."


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