Boxingtalk's Fire With Joan Guzman

By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Joan Guzman was able to get a hold of Joan Guzman (22-0, 22 KO's) who was in his homeland of the Dominican Republic, thanks to his advisor Jose Nunez. When we caught up with the WBO Super Featherweight champion he was eating ices with a couple of friends and enjoying the weather. The undefeated champion, who has been giving away toys to underprivileged children in his country, wants to get it on with all the top fighters of his division and then move up and face the top fighters at Featherweight. Names like Manny Pacquiao, Israel Vazquez and Juan Manuel Marquez were mentioned by the champion as well as 130 pound king Marco Antonio Barrera. Little Tyson didn't hold back when asked about potential matchups with these fighters. Jose Nunez is tentatively working on a deal to get a unification fight with WBC Junior Featherweight champion Oscar Larios and Joan Guzman happening. You don't want to miss what the plans are for the knockout artist.

Jose Aguirre: How are you and how are thing going?

Joan Guzman: "Everything is good. Just waiting for a big fight. Jose (Nunez) is on top of that. Waiting to see if the promoters I have until March can make anything happen."

JA: You last fight was November 6th, give me your thought on how you think the fight played out.

JG: "For that fight I was not even at fifty percent. I wasn't right. I wasn't ready. I took that fight because I needed to take it for the money. The fight was on and then off and then back on again and I suffered in the training."

JA: How did you feel when you became world champion?

JG: "I felt good because I thought I would be able to defend the title a few times. I also thought I would have been able to unify the titles but there have been numberous problems. I have been stalled. I've been on hold. I haven't had the luxury of defending the title or fighting often enough."

JA: Are you in the gym and have you commenced training?

JG: "I began some light training on the first of the month to get in the groove for a possible big fight in February. We're working."

JA: What do you think of the other champions in the super featherweight division?

JG: "I'll beat them. I would beat them all. Put them all in with me in eight months to a year and I will beat them all. Eight months to a year and I'll fight each one and beat them."

JA: What can we expect from you in 2005?

JG: "Expect me to unify the titles and then move up to 126lbs and fight Manny Pacquiao, Israel Vazquez or Juan Manuel Marquez and possibly 130lbs against Marco Antonio Barrera. That's the kind of fight I need. Big fights. When the world sees me they will know that there is a Dominican that has heart. That's all I need is the big fight for the world to see me. They don't know it now. Right now I'm hardly known. The ones that know me are the hardcore fans and the ones in the gym. Those in the gym know of Guzman. When I fight the other champions I will be the underdog. I won't be the favorite. But that's what I want, to be the underdog so when I surprise them. Guzman time."


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