Boxingtalk's Fire With Jesus Chavez!

By Jose "OnFire" Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Jesus Chavez!

Former Champ Speaks On Future, MAB-Morales III and more!

Jose Aguirre: What's going on Jesus? What's the latest?

Jesus Chavez: "I am getting ready to vamp up for this coming year. I'm going to take a fight in February. Not sure when in February but sometime in February and then I'm looking to get my title back. Either the WBC or IBF, whatever is out there. I know that Barrera has the WBC and to tell you the truth I'm not so certain if he would want to fight me next year. My main focus is to become champion of the world next year."

JA: The last time we saw you in the ring against Erik Morales you injured your right shoulder. How is the shoulder coming along and is it near one hundred percent?

JC: "It's near one hundred percent. Not quite but it's coming along."

JA: Have you been in the gym staying busy?

JC:"I have been doing that. That's why I'm going to stay at home through the holidays and train and get myself ready for a fight in February."

JA: Any potential names or opponents for February or are you pretty much training without having an opponent set?

JC: "Pretty much. I'm training without having an opponent set."

JA: What did you think about the Morales-Barrera three-match that happened this past Saturday?

JC: "One hell of a fight, I'll tell you that. One hell of a fight. I wasn't really particularly looking for a specific man, either Morales or Barrera, but like I said earlier I'm willing to fight anyone for the title. That's the only reason why a fighter would ever be in boxing, to achieve his goal. I have already achieved my goal. I just never thought that the way I lost my title was in a fair manner. Not to discredit Morales but it was an injury that I suffered and it was bad luck for me. I fought the kid for ten rounds with one hand and that pretty much lets people know that I'm willing to fight with whatever I have left and I'm not going to break down next time. My injuries are taken care of. My spirits are up and my conditioning is going to be there. I'm coming back for  my titles, that's what I'm saying."

JA: Alot of people felt that if it wasn't for the injury the outcome of the fight could have been different. What are your thoughts on that?

JC: "I would have been the one that would have knocked out Morales."

JA: Did you get a chance to watch your fight with Morales fight? What are your thoughts?

JC: "I did. My thoughts are that maybe Erik Morales got into the fight a little later than everybody expected him to. He came in, maybe not cold, but never really got into the fight until after the third round."

JA: What are your thoughts on the one hundred thirty pound division?

JC: "It's still hot. It's creating alot of interest. Who wouldn't want to see Jesus Chavez and Marco Antonio Barrera slug it out for the WBC that got taken away from Jesus Chavez fighting it with one hand."

JA: Whoa. Sounds like fight of the year material to me.
JC: "Yeah, it's going to be a war. If it ever happens it's going to be a war and let me tell you I'm sure I know how to beat Marco Antonio Barrera."

JA: Anything you want to say in closing?

JC: "First of all I want to reassure all my boxing fans that I'm coming back early next year. That I am searching and hunting a world championship. I appreciate all their support and I promise them that by next year I'll be champion of the world.

JA: Jesus, thank you for your time.

JC: "Thank you"


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