Boxingtalk's Fire With Jason Quick

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Jason Quick

Final Forum Promoter Sal Musimeci and Matchmaker Sampson Lewkowicz bring you "Battle in Brighton" at the Atlantic Oceana in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. On this night Jason Quick (4-0, 3 KO's) makes his second appearance at the Oceana.  On Sept. 9th, 2004 he won a unanimous decision against Henry Dukes. Originally from South Carolina now fighting out of Brooklyn, Quick, who works as a pressman for the New York Post is excited about returning to the crime scene where he assaulted his opponent over four rounds the last time out. Jason Quick shared his thoughts with See what the undefeated light heavyweight had to say.

Jose Aguirre: How are you and how's training been going for your fight on Dec 11th?

Jason Quick: "I'm doing good. Training is pretty much the same regime. Just fine tuning and doing things that we normally do. Working our basics and reiterating our basics. Not straying away from that. Basically that's the gameplan, to stick to the basics. Anything else that I do may be natural so instead of having one way of doing things nwo I have two way of doing things."

JA: What are some of the things you are working in the gym in preparation for your fight?

JQ: "Just letting my hands go. Combinations. Instead of pot-shotting just working on more technique. I'm naturally strong and that's just a God given gift that I have. My three previous fights have all been knockouts so we're trying to not let me get comfortable into just hitting a guy one time and seeing him go down. Now it's getting to the point where I really wear my opponent down and outsmart him, that's where the combinations and thinking come into play."

JA: Your opponent William Santiago, what do you know of him if anything and what are you expecting from him?

JQ: "William Santiago, I know that he's from Puerto Rico. They're bringing him in from Bayamon. I see he has three fights. He lost his debut. The second fight he won by TKO in the first and his last fight was a four round decision. What I expect from him? Really, not too much as a four round fighter because at this stage we're all still learning. I really think right now I have an edge on him because my trainers especially Tony Norris and Don. My edge is that I believe I'm more experienced due to my military training and being of age. I just turned thirty but age is not a factor. It benefits me in that I'm more responsible. Being more determined and dedicated in what I'm doing. I feel I know I have faster reflexes than him and I feel that I'm alot stronger than this guy because of his record. Then again you really can't tell by records but that's what I'm going by."

JA: The last time we saw you it was at the Atlantic Oceana where you won a unanimous decision against Henry Dukes. Did you get a chance to watch that fight and if so what are your thoughts on it?

JQ: "Yeah, I watched the fight. Each fight I give myself a grade and in that fight I gave myself a C minus. I wouldn't give myself a D so I gave myself a C. I felt like I could have done a whole lot. As my first fight in NYC I wanted to look good in front of all my friends and family and I was looking for a knockout and I went in there just trying to really take his head off. I didn't stick to my gameplan. I didn't let my hands go. Didn't let my hands go. But what i did was enough to unanimously get the decision."

JA: How excited are you to be fighting once again in New York City?

JQ: "I'm very excited. I feel real good. If I could get a fight once a month I'd be satisfied. I don't like to have too much of a layoff. I'm in active person I like to get in as often as I can."

JA: What can we expect from Jason Quick, now and in the future?

JQ: "For now you can expect me to be more poised, more relaxed and a more calm fighter with affective aggression. Not playing into the next mans hands and kinds go in limbo potshotting like I spoke on before. Just to stick to my gameplan and do what ever my trainer tells me."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to boxing fans around the world and on

JQ: "Just keep coming out to the show. See my name or see me just come out and support. Seeing me ad support me and help me build that fan base."