Boxingtalk's Fire With Dmitriy Salita

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Dmitriy Salita

On March 10th at the Hammerstein Ballroom there will be a unique evening of professional boxing, top-shelf open bar, fine dining, cigar preview, charity Texas hold  'em poker event, model fashion show and more with part of the proceeds going to the The Laureus Sports for Good Foundation. On this night "The Star of David" Dmitriy Salita will be headlining what should be an exciting night of fights. Also on the card is fellow Brooklynite Curtis "Showtime"Stevens of the "ChinCheckers". Boxingtalk was able to catch up with Dmitriy who shared his feelings about being back at the Hammerstein Ballroom, being back with his old trainer  Hector
Roca and his excitement to put on a good show. Don't miss what the undefeated junior welterweight had to say.

Jose Aguirre: On March 10th Jed Weinstein of Jed Weinstein Presents is putting together an event that includes a charity poker game, cigar show and boxing. Share with me your thoughts of being able to headline on that show?

Dmitriy Salita:"It's just good to be back in the ring and I'm excited about the fight. I'm back with Hector Roca whom I started my professional career with. I'm looking forward to executing some of the things that we worked on and putting on a great performance."

JA: After training with Oscar Suarez for some time how does it feel to be back with your old trainer Hector Roca?

DS:"It feels good. Oscar is a great trainer. I  really enjoyed my experience of working with him. We're still good friends. He's defenitely one of the best guys in the game. It's just that he has so much responsibility to Acelino and some other fighters that he trains. He travels so much that it's very difficult for us to spend the appropriate tamount of time together. It's great to be back with Hector working on some of the things that I forgot that we used to work on. Remembering some of the things that I did early as a pro. Working on proper punching and placing my punches. Out of eight fights that I had with Hector, seven were knockouts."

JA: The last time you were at the Hammerstein Ballroom you sold the place out. How excited are you to be back at the Hammerstein?

DS:"I'm excited. This whole thing came on kind of a short notice but I'm still getting alot of requests and I know alot of people are going to come to the fight and show their support. It's great to be fighting in New York. It's a great honor and I think that New York is coming back to becoming a boxing town. It's a great
compliment to me when fans come and watch me fight. It gives me great pleasure and I look forward to making them happy on March 10th."

JA: How did you get involved in this show?

DS:"The event planner for this show, which is a VIP black tie event. This is like a Wall st black tie event. Jed Weinstein is basically putting this show together. This is just an opportunity for me to stay busy. i don't want to be out of the ring for any more time. I was in the gym and they came to me while I'm still negotiating with a few different promoters. It's a good time to stay loose and get better."

JA: How important is it for you to sign with a promoter that's going to take you where you want to be?

DS:"God willing everything goes well after this fight. I'm looking to settle down and sign with a promoter. Having my short and long term plans together and going after a world title. I'm very anxious and I want to get back on track."

JA: What can the boxing fans expect from Dmitriy Salita in 2005?

DS:"They could defenitely expect me taking on some tough challenges and stepping up to the plate. Showing people that I'm the future of the division and the future of boxing. I see myself as being one of the new people on the scene. I thinks it's an exciting time for boxing. I look forward to hopefully fighting on one
of the big networks so people around the nation and around the world can see my talent and see what I'm about."

JA: Is there a possible name of an opponent that you'l be facing?

DS:"At this time there isn't." (editors note: At time of interview an opponent was not yet named. Salita will be facing Darelle Sukerow 11-12-1, 5 KO's)

JA: How focused are you mentally and physically?

DS:"I'm prepeared. I train hard for every fight. For this fight I didn't go to camp, I stayed home. I'm looking forward to taking care of business. I think it's important for a fighter to stay motivated no matter how big or small a fight is. That's what I've been trying to do. I train well and still have a few more days
of training. It's been a good camp."

JA: Tell people why they should come out and see Dmitriy Salita fight?

DS:"People have been coming out thus far and they seem to be enjoying themselves. People come out to show their support and have a good time and watch the fights. And for those that never seen me fight I'd tell them to ask their neighbor."

JA: Is there anything you want to say in closing?

DS:"I appreciate the support from the fans and I appreciate the criticism from the critics because that's what keep me motivated. Keep me going. It's all good. I'm just trying to make it and do my thing. I'm working real hard. We're going to put on a good show. I believe my boy Curtis Stevens will also be on the card. Chin Checker. We grew up together and it's going to be an exciting night."


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