Boxingtalk's Fire With Andre Dirrell

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Andre Dirrell

Jose Aguirre: What's been going on Andre?

Andre Dirrell: "Nothing much. Just getting ready to get this fight on April 15th."

JA: In your last fight on March 10th you scored a second round knockout. Tell us about that fight.

AD: "That fight, he was a short, cocky dude but when i got in there I used alot of my jabs and mainly straight punches. It was easy to deal with. He tried to intimidate me with his mouth. Everytime I hit him he would say "come on, come on". he didn't faze me now and by the second round I hit him with a body shot and it was over for him."

JA: How anxious are you to get back into the ring?

AD: "I'm more than ready. That's all I yearn for is to get fights. Just trying to get them (fights) in right now and do what I have to do to get to the top. I'm just looking forward to every single fight that comes my way."

JA: Any names of a possible opponent?

AD: "At the moment, no. I'm lookin for better opponents. No doubt about that. They say moving up gradually is the way but I think I'm moving a little to slow. I'm ready to get up there and start making it happen."

JA: So far this year you've fought once a month. Now you're going to go at it again this month. Is this something you plan on doing throughout the year and throughout your career?

AD: "Throughout the year defenitely. Throughout my career, no. Every professional boxer slows down as they go along. Throughout the year you have to put yourself out there. You have to let the know what you're about. That's the place I'm trying to go right now in 2005 and that's to fight once a month."

JA: For those people that have never seen you fight can you explain what kind of fighter you are and what you bring into the ring?

AD: "Well, I can box and I can brawl. I have power but it's not as strong. I defenitely have the speed and manuevering to get in there with anybody. All I have to do is get in shape and I'll be ready for anybody in my weight class. I'm jus pretty much a boxer and got fast hands. If you want to brawl I brawl too. It can go either way."

JA: Tell us about your experiences in the amatuers, capturing the bronze medal in the 2004 Olympics and how it overlaps into your professional career.

AD: "Amatuer wise right before the Olympics I had a great career. Some ups and downs but that's in everybody's career. Going towards the Olympics I enjoyed myself very much. There were alot of new people and experiences than any other amateur tournament. I wouldn't mind doing it again but I can't. It's a once in a lifetime thing. I got to fulfill my dream which for the most was to make my grandfather happy. I did that and captured a medal and that was pretty much my potential. Turning professional I see it's totally different. I'm seeing it now. You have to watch who you meet. It's not like the amateurs scooring-wise. Even in the ring you have to take a different gameplan for mostly every fight. You have to know what to do up here in the professional game and I'm keeping my eyes open, watching my back and doing what I have to do in that ring."

JA: How's training going for your fight on April 15th?

AD: "We were going to go out to Florida but we decided to stay home. I'm working out with Joe Byrd at the moment, Chis Byrd's father. We're getting pretty good workout. I've been running pretty hard mainly. Putting in alot of roadwork. Running and sparring, I'm getting alot of that in as I get ready for the fight because we just moved to six rounds. Just getting that in."

JA: How did it feel to fight on the same card with your brother Anthony Dirrell?

AD: "That's how I want to keep doing it. That's like the best way to go for me and him. You don't see too many people out there recognizing twins. You see one good dude and the other is alright. When we go out there we pretty much bring the house down like we did for the Laila Ali fight. I just love on the same card as my brother because we both get the credit we need. We plan to keep doing that alot."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to the boxing public and people all around the world on

AD: "Look out for Andre Dirrell aka "The Matrix" and Anthony Dirrell. We on our way to the top and there isn't anybody stopping us."


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