Boxingtalk's Fire With Ahmed Kaddour

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire With Ahmed Kaddour

Jr Middleweight Ahmed Kaddour of The Contender fame is set to showcase his skills in an 8 round fight on July 22 on ShoBox at 11 p.m. ET/PT. Boxingtalk had the chance to speak with Ahmed about his experiences on the reality show and about his upcoming fight against Maxell Taylor. You don't want to miss what he said.

Jose Aguirre: How was the experience being part of the Contender?

Ahmed Kaddour:"The experience was awesome, great. I lost the two fights but it gave me a chance to see the real world and see what it's all about. I just look forward to training harder next time and be a better fighter."

JA: Do people recognize you more as a fighter than they did before?

AK:"Yeah defenitely. Around the world and everywhere I go. Doesn't matter which city, which state or which country everybody knows who I am. They talk to me, ask for my autograph and take pictures. That's very nice."

JA: You have a fight coming up on Showtime. How do you feel about being on the Contender on national television and now in your first fight back you'll be on Showtime?

AK:"I'm a good modeling person. People get to see that and the way I am. They see the way I am. Right now I'm going to be on ShoBox and the next level will probably be Showtime or HBO. I'm very happy and can only thank Gary Shaw who gave me the opportunity and gave me the chance to fight there. As far as the Contender my skills are better than those fighters and I know that. There are no excuses. I was not one hundred percent ready and I was not taking it serious before the show started because I never really thought if I would make it or not. I lost and now I see the real world and I'm lloking forward to July 22. I've been training really, really hard. I'm living right now in South Florida and training with Daniel Santos. I'm staying with him in his house and I'm in camp with him. I've been here for two weeks. I've been running every morning, double of what I'm used to. Training every day in the gym and sparring with him. I'm fighting a southpaw and Santos is a southpaw who is a world champion so how much better can it be."

JA: What do you know about your opponent Maxell Taylor besides him being a southpaw?

AK:"I just know that he has 12 fights with one loss and five knockouts. I know he's southpaw. I know he's used to be 147lbs and in his last fight he fought at 152lbs. I know he's from D.C but all that his name and where he's from I don't give a damn about. My business is to take care of business in the ring and there is now ay that he will be trouble that night. He's going to probably look at me now and think I'm the same fighter he saw on the show but I'm not. It's a real fight, and 8 round fight and not a five round fight like on the show. the difference is that I'm in 120 percent in top shape."

JA: Does it matter who your opponent is?

AK:"Not at all. This time I'm 120 percent in shape. I'm in superman shape. I'm going to shine baby. I'm ready for anybody right now. It can't be better."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to your fans and the people all around the world?

AK:"Man, look forward to July 22 and see Ahmed Kaddour in different shape and attitude. Different boxing skills and all. Everybody will see the real world of Ahmed Kaddour and I'm comiung back different from what people saw on the show. I would love to tell all my fans that I thanks them all for their support. God bless everybody. To my family and my fiance I love them all. Thanks for all the support they are giving me, more than everybody else. of course to Gary Shaw I aoppreciate the opportunity he gave me by putting me on Showtime and I'm bless to have a strong team behind me."


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