Boxingtalk's Fire Introduces Stevenson Adonis

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire Introduces Stevenson Adonis

Meet Stevenson Adonis, an amatuer World Champion from Canada looking to do the same in the professional ranks here in the United States. He is a 1997 Silver Gloves champion as well as 1998, 2003 and 2005 Golden Gloves champion. He also captued the 2005 Dual championships beating Edwin Rodriguez of the United States 24-16. Twenty six knockouts in twenty eight amateur fights shows he has a punch that he will bring along with him to the pros.

Jose Aguirre: Tell us how you got into the sport of boxing?

Stevenson Adonis: "It all began in 1997. What happened was that I was training for kickboxing and the gym we were training at closed down and the only other gym close by was a boxing gym. Due to that I started training for boxing. I was always an agressive person and I was searching for a sport where I could express that and channel my energy and boxing was that venue."

JA: Shortly after that in 1998, less than one year he won the first of three Golden Gloves titles. What can you tell us about that?

SA:"I took two regular fights and after that Dave Campanelli felt that I had enough strength because I do punch very hard, to win the Golden Gloves. I started at the Silver Gloves in 1997 and won it. After that I won the Golden Gloves. My trainer felt I had enough training and sparring and I learned really quick."

JA: How anxious are you to be turning professional?

SA:"Not anxious at all. I'm excited. I wanted to turn pro long ago but I was in Canada and I know I will not make the same money fighting in Canada as I will make in the United States or in New York. Even in Montreal I spar against professionals. Some professionals here won't spar with  me because I have a good left hand. I'm a good puncher and alot of people know that. Even here alot of people want to sign me uo but I'm looking forward to showing my skills to better promoters in order to get better deals in the United States."

JA: For those people that have never seen you, what type of style does you bring to the ring?

SA:"It's a pro style for sure. Nothing like an amateur fighter. When I started boxing in the amateurs I was already boxing like a pro and that's why most of my fights are knockouts and not by points. I'm really quick like Roy Jones and I'm a good puncher. My style is closer to Antonio Tarver. I'm really quick, I see punches coming and I'm a hard hitter. I have alot of energy so I never lose my fuel. I have great stamina. I also have a good chin. I have never been knocked down either."

JA: Who were some of your favorite fighters growing up?

SA:"Roy Jones of course and Bernard Hopkins. Also Marvelous Marvin Hagler. And I love the style of Tarver and that's why I look up to him"

JA: You have been Golden Gloves champion, Canadian National champion, US Dual champion and a Silver Gloves champion. Is it your dream to add world champion to that list?

SA:"Yes for sure. I wanted to be the top of the division always. I cannot see myself losing. I came to the United States just to become champion and collect all the belts I can possibly collect. I am a 1998 Silver Gloves champion. I am also the 1998, 2003 and 2005 Golden Gloves champion. This year I am also the National champion."

JA: You have twenty five knockouts in twenty eight amateur fights, when you turn professional will you be looking for the knockout or will you just take it as it comes?

SA:"I will be looking for the knockout, always. If a fight is difficult I will just work the person until I stop my opponent."


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