Boxingtalk's Fire Introduces Jorge Teron

By Jose Aguirre


Boxingtalk's Fire Introduces Jorge Teron

Jose Aguirre: Tell the people who don't know about Jorge Teron a little bit about yourself. "Right now I train at Gleason's.  I started out in the Bronx where I live at the Webster P.A.L. Out of Webster P.A.L come six Golden Gloves champions. I won three Golden Gloves from 2002 to 2004. And that was it. I was ranked number six in the country in the under-19. I was in the amateurs with guys like Andre Berto, Juan McPherson, Jesus Gonzalez and all the guys that are coming up now in the pros."

JA: How was the transition for you going from the amateurs where you wear headgear to the professionals where there is no headgear and the gloves are smaller?

JT:"I actually felt more comfortable fighting as a pro than I did as an amateur. In the amateurs I was a real late starter. Outside of first round knockouts I can't think of a first round that I won. I was naturally a slow starter so it's good having the three minutes and I feel alot better without the headgear because you can see alot more so your defense goes up a notch."

JA: How does it feel making your pro debut at the Theatre of Madison Square Garden, the same place you won your three Golden Gloves titles?

JT:"That was probably the best situation for me because alot of the nerves that I would have had going into my pro debut I didn't have because I was fighting at the Garden so it was like I was fighting at home. I felt real comfortable fighting at the Garden."

JA: Not that there is too much to assess but tell us how you felt in your pro debut?

JT:"I felt good. I had an idea on how the guy was going to come out. He probably thought I was going to be real nervous so he was going to come out throwing alot of punches which is exactly what he did. He came out winging alot of shots. My whole thing was to keep my hands up and stay calm and whenever he gave me time to punch I was going to punch. He punched himself out and got tired and the first right hand that I landed he was hurt and the ref stopped the fight."

JA: What's your mental state like a day before your fight?

JT:"I'm anxious. I looking forward to fighting on Thursday at the Manhattan Center. I'm looking forward to fighting with the guys that I fought with in the amateurs like Curtis (Stevens) and Jaidon (Codrington). We all used to be on the same team in the Junior Olympics and the Nationals so I'm looking forward to fighting with these guys on the same card as a pro."

JA: Will the New York Broadway Boxing crowd have any effect either negative or positive on your performance?

JT:"Hmmm. I've been to a couple of their shows so I know how the fans are. If you give a b.s. performance they are going to let you know it. I've always been a crowd pleasing fighter so I don;t think that's going to be a problem at all."

JA: Does it put any pressure on you knowing what you know about the crowd and the way they are in their honesty to the fights?

JT:"Most defenitely. It defenitely has a little effect on you to do good that night but when you prepare for  a fight you don't factor in the crowd. That's just something you have to deal with when the fight comes.

JA: In your pro debut, a fight that didn't last long into the first round, people didn't really get to see much of you. What can you tell us about your style and what you bring into the ring?

JT:"Exactly. That's exactly why this fight coming up on Thursday is six rounds as opposed to four rounds. I want to show people that I can punch hard but that's not all I have to offer. I want to show my boxing skills other than my punching power."

JA: So you and your team believe that you are ready for six rounders even in your second pro fight?

JT:"Like I said before I'm a slow starter and in a four round fight you really can't afford to lose rounds so that's why we thought it would be better for me to fight six rounds."

JA: You say that you are a slow starter but what do you say about the first round knockout in your pro debut?

JT:(laughing)"Yeah I know. That fight doesn't show I'm a slow starter. I was lucky I landed the right punch at the right time and I took advantage of it."

JA: Is there anything you want to say to the people on Boxingtalk and those who may not know who Jorge Teron is?

JT:"Those that will be in attendance can look forward to a great fight on Thursday. I'm going to show speed and power but I'm going to show alot of boxing skills. I'm going to try my hardest not to get a first round knockout but if it comes I'll take it and be happy. Bit I have to show people my boxing skills."


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