Boxingtalk's Ask The Champ Mailbag!

By Welterweight King Cory Spinks


Boxingtalk's Ask The Champ Mailbag!

What up Champ? I must admit I am a hugh ODLH fan, however I am also a boxing fan who enjoys the science in the fight game, which you undoubtably bring, so I respect the hell out of your skills. My question is when you get done with Judah, who are you looking at next? Has there been any legit discussions regarding DLH? Good luck. Thanks Anthony

The Champ's Response: Man, I'm an Oscar De La Hoya fan too. I'd be his #1 fan if he would be looking to fight me after I take care of this business on February 5. There ain't been no serious talks yet, we're hoping they start right after this next fight though.

Hi Cory,I am a big fan of Kostya Tszyu and more importantly I am a fan of boxing. I have a few questions:  1. Are you a little disappointed that a match between you and Zab Judah has been made instead of a fight with Kostya Tszyu. 2. Do you think that a fight with you and Kostya can be easily made at 147, or do you feel Don King will get in the way of that match. 3. Lastly I wish you luck against Zab Judah, I hope you take care of business and then onwards and upwards with a fight with Kostya Tszyu. Much respect Jukes

The Champ's Response: A little bit. I've would have liked to fight Felix Trinidad, Kostya Tszyu and Floyd Mayweather Jr. more than Zab but we couldn't do nothing there.  Zab is the biggest fight out there for me right now though so we took it. I think it could be made as easy as they let it be made. He's definitely one of the top guys in boxing and I want to test my skills against the very best. I don't think Don King is going to get in the way of some big money.

Champ how hard is it for you to make 47, and did making weight for the first Zab fight affect your energy level in the mid to late rounds? How much longer will you campaign at 47?

The Champ's Response: It's not getting any easier. If we can't get a big fight like Oscar De La Hoya, Kostya Tszyu,  Floyd Mayweather Jr., and even a Shane Mosley if he can win something first, I probably won't be at 147 for long if I can't get the big fights. But how do all those big names look if they're coming to 147 and not looking to fight the best?

Hey Cory I have a question regarding legacy and in your case family legacy. We all know about your famous family and the great accomplishments they have etched in boxing history. My question is how would you rank your accomplishments now compared to theirs and do you foresee yourself being the number 1 Spinks? If not what would have to be accomplished by you to do this. I think with your age and the 147 lb division become as sweet as it seems to be becoming. You have the opportunity to surpass your dad and uncles accomplishments. How does it feel to have that target on your chest and know everyone from 140-147 is gunning for you and them belts?!?!?! Good luck in St Louis! AKay

The Champ's Response: My father and uncle Mike are legends in this boxing game. I have a long way to go to become a legend, but I want to fight nothing but the best to establish my legacy. When I'm done with this boxing thang, then people will be able to compare our legacies and make their own choice. Sometimes when you think too far in front of the job at hand you lose focus, I'm taking it one fight at a time just wanting to make the biggest fights for boxing. Beating all them names I want to get it on with would be a very good start. We'll see how much they gun for them soon I guess.

Would you take the $4M offer that Don King gave Wright to fight him?

The Champ's Response: Yep. Man, that fight would be off the chain. 

Hey Champ what poppin, Man Im a big fan of yours and Im getting tired of Zab and his sorry ass mouth! Don't It bother you how he says his knock down was bs!! He acts like he wasn't hit how can a knockdown be bs if you get hit and fall on your ass? I know you must have just gave up on boxing writers who will give you props, Some So called writers don't even have you in the top
15 P4P having tito in front of you for beating a guy you schooled!!! Sorry for rambling but its just frustrates me to see how people just down play your accomplishments.

The Champ's Response: When you put in the hard work you don't have to talk much. My skills in the ring do all the talking my mouth doesn't. I've been putting in the work for the last two months, I'm going to be Cory Spinks and do my thang. If I listen to the media and the haters out there I wouldn't be where I am today. Maybe one day me and Tito and put the debate to rest. I don't get caught up with that pound for pound stuff, but I know I'm the best welterweight in the world pound for pound and that's undisputed.

After you beat Zab, which you will, would you be willing to fight the most dangerous Welterweight in the world ? Kermit Cintron From  Marshall Kauffman (manager and trainer of Cintron)

The Champ's Response: You're right I'm going to beat Zab again. Fight Cintron? For what? He's not on that mega-fight level I'm looking for. I'm in a position where I shouldn't have to take steps back and guys like De La Hoya, Tszyu, Mayweather and Mosley make more sense cause they bring more dollars.

Hey Champ, the 147 pound division is heating up rapidly. With superstars Shane Mosley and Oscar De la Hoya, new up and comers like Kermit Cintron and Miguel Cotto (struggling to make 140, most likely we’ll see at ’47 within 2 years), and solid guys like Antonio Margarito and Kostya Tsyzu all invading your territory, I’d love for you to share with the fans the excitement you must feel to be sitting a top this division right now. It’s gotta be a great feeling! Who would you love to see yourself in there with? Also, in reference to your upcoming undisputed title defense against the tough Zab Judah; I’ve been wondering since the bout happened, just what was it that troubled you with him after the way you handled a much stronger man like Ricardo Mayorga? Was it the fact that Judah’s skill level was much higher then Mayorga? (although he is stronger Mayorga is in no way a TALENTED BOXER like yourself) Was it those skills that threw you off stride for a few rounds and allowed him to sneak that one good shot on you at the end when you let your guard down? He seemed to be doing some tricky things in there that maybe you weren’t expecting coming into the fight, could you have been a touch complacent because of that GREAT win over Mayorga?  Serious though, it’s an honor. Thanks a lot Cory, Frank Lemongello

The Champ's Response: All these big name fighters coming to my house is exciting to boxing fans and people who read my boy G on Boxingtalk, but I can't get excited about any of that till I take care of this here business on February 5. I'll be back on the chat session and I'm probably going to be doing another mailbag for Boxingtalk after the fight. Once we take care of Zab I'll want to do a lot more talking about those big names who should be looking to fight the best. Zab didn't trouble me, I troubled myself by losing focus for one second. In boxing you have to fight your fight for twelve rounds not ten, eleven or eleven and a half.


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