Hardcore Boxing Fans Go Head to Head Predicting the Big Fights!

PRESS RELEASE: SAN FRANCISCO, May 1, 2008 – Prediction Leagues, Inc., the defining provider of web-based sport prediction leagues, announced today that it has launched Boxing Prediction League (“BPL”), located on the web at <>, a new website that will allow boxing fans to compete for valuable prizes against each other in predicting the outcomes of boxing matches. Users will square off against each other in 15 round seasons, and at the end of each season a BPL champion will be crowned.


The BPL uses a proprietary algorithm based on analytical models employed by sports handicappers to allocate a certain number of points each time a BPL member correctly picks a fight. More than just a prediction league, the BPL site is an integrated research and discussion forum platform, which makes it easy on the league’s users to make picks on and discuss fights. Each time a fight is added to the system, the BPL users receive an email with all of the details about the bout, in addition to research on the fighters that the users will find helpful to make their picks. “The BPL improves substantially on similar sites that boxing fans might recall, such as the now defunct sofaboxer site, said James Michael, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Prediction Leagues, Inc. “What makes this league special is that it integrates great boxing content with the league aspect, and it is incredibly user friendly. Once users create their accounts, there is really nothing they need to do, except periodically check their email accounts to see if new fights have been added to the system. It’s a way for fans to easily follow the sport, while getting involved in competing against other fans.”


What may come as a surprise to some users is that participation in the league is entirely free. “The bottom line is we are doing this not to make money, but because we love the sport of boxing,” said Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dave Paxton. “We only hope the league’s users will have as much fun as we are having in setting up and running the BPL, and we think they will. Where else as a boxing fan can you go for this kind of entertainment, competing against other fans for great prizes, at absolutely no cost?”

Prediction Leagues, Inc. is the defining provider of web-based sport prediction leagues. *The company is based in Texas, with offices in San Francisco. For more information, visit <> or send questions by email to <