Boxing Attorney requests Senator McCain look into Warrior's Boxing!


Boxing Attorney requests Senator McCain look into Warrior's Boxing!

PRESS RELEASE: I am writing to you in regards to the conversation we had in Chicago last month pertaining to the Seminole Indian Tribe in Hollywood, Florida and their relationship with Warriors Boxing Inc. Senator McCain I have been unable to ascertain whether Warriors Boxing Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Seminole Tribe but I do know that the Seminole’s Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida is the host and sponsor of most of the Warriors Boxing Inc boxing matches.  There is a very blurred line here between host site, sponsor and promoter, which illustrates the need for your legislation calling for a national boxing commission.  According to the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations the registered President of Warriors Boxing Promotions Inc and the President of Warriors Boxing Gym, Inc is Doreen E. Cypress and David Cypress respectively.  Both of these persons are relatives of Mitchell Cypress, Chairman of the Seminole Tribe.
Additionally, as I stated to you previously I signed up one of my boxers, heavyweight Thomas Hayes to an exclusive promotional deal with Warriors Boxing, Inc.  I negotiated this contract in good faith with a Mr. Kris Lawrence in his office on the second floor of the Warrior’s Boxing Gym.  At this time I was told that Kris Lawrence was the “Boss” of Warriors Boxing Inc.  During the course of negotiations of this contract several people were present.  Some of these people included Jesse Robinson, who has held various titles with Warriors Boxing, Leon Marguiles, who has represented Warriors Boxing as an attorney and now serves as the company’s executive director, Mr. Lawrence’s wife whom I was told was also the great quarterback Joe Theisman’s daughter, my friend from Chicago Steve Collier and other various people were in and out of Mr. Lawrence’s office during the negotiation period.
After we signed the contract with Warrior’s Boxing I found out that Kris Lawrence was not a licensed promoter, manager, agent, matchmaker and that at no time did he ever hold any of these licenses according to the Florida State Boxing Commission.  I found this to be incredible since he was clearly in charge of all final decisions regarding Warriors Boxing Inc at the time, and he was cc’d on all written correspondence even though his name does not appear on any written contracts. 
Because of this subterfuge and the fact that Warriors Boxing breached the contract by not making any bonafide written or oral offers as required in the contract, I exercised my right to void the contract.
Incredibly, Warriors Boxing still attempts to claim a proprietary interest in the boxing career of Thomas Hayes and has attempted to set up matches for him through unlicensed agents without our knowledge.
I am now urging you Senator McClain to investigate the activities of Warriors Boxing Inc and the Seminole Tribe of Florida as I am personally aware of other fighters whose careers have suffered in similar fashions at the Warriors hands.


Michael Joyce


Additionally, former World Champion Aaron Davis


 “ Senator McCain, Warriors Boxing needs to be thoroughly investigated.  Kris Lawrence is like the Robert De Niro figure in the movie “Casino”.  He has no title, and is unlicensed yet he runs everything.  There are strong rumors that he earned his position as boss of Warriors Boxing because of a favor he did for one of the Seminole Chiefs.  I don’t see how somebody can be calling all the shots on people’s careers if he can’t even obtain a boxing related license.”