Bostick Speaks on Spinks Signing and more!

By G. Leon


Bostick Speaks on Spinks Signing and more!

"If you're a free agent, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse too!"

In one of this year's biggest surprises, former undisputed welterweight champion Cory "The Next Generation" Spinks signed with unheralded Florida based promoter Bobby Bostick. In this exclusive interview, Bostick discusses the Spinks signing, Judd Burstein's letter to his attorney stating that DKP is still promoting Spinks and much more.

GL: Tell us about the Cory Spinks signing, how did that come about?

Bobby Bostick: "I have a group of attorney's in St. Louis, or what I like to call Spinksville USA. (laughs) What happened was, our attorney's got in touch with Cory and Kevin's attorney Freeman Bosley, and I got to tell you, they're just three the fairest people I could ever hope to business with. To make a long story short, we heard through the grapevine that he was a free agent, the lawyers helped set up a meeting I showed them my offer and delivered a better deal than they would have gotten anywhere else, so now I'm the proud promoter of the slipperiest boxer in the world.

"Cory's a tremendous fighter and the Spinks legacy speaks for itself. We all know why he suffered the setback with Zab, and the city of St. Louis knows it too. I think that's something you'll see in Cory's next fight, which I guarantee you, will sellout. You know when Cory signed the contract he told me he's ready to fight anybody right away and I love that about this kid, because he'll really fight any of them. Those are the kind of kids I'm looking to promote, competitors with the qualities of true champions.

GL: Kevin Cunningham told me you made him an offer he couldn't refuse. What was your offer to Team Spinks?

Bobby Bostick: "Well look, I'm not going to discuss our contract because we have confidentiality clauses. Kevin was right though, because it was an offer they couldn't refuse. Well, they could have but it wouldn't have been their best business move. But there's something I want you and all the boxers, managers and advisors out there reading this to know, if you're a free agent I'll make you an offer you can't refuse too!

GL: Shortly after Boxingtalk broke the news of Spinks signing with you, I spoke with Don King and he told me he still has Spinks under contract until next June. What do you have to say about that?

BB: "Don King is one of the most intelligent men to ever promote anything, so I think he's smart enough to know that isn't true. DKP had Judd Burstein send my lawyer a letter saying something to that effect, and we very quickly dismissed that as something that lacked credibility. Don's probably upset that Spinks left him to sign with me and he should be, because he let one of the best fighters and biggest ticket sellers in boxing slip through the cracks and onto my lap. I'm here to promote fights and build the best stable of fighters in the world. I'm not looking to be antagnostic, I'm just looking to stay focused on my business and make a mark on the boxing industry."

GL: What can you tell us about Spinks next fight?

BB: "We're going to have a press conference in St. Louis later this week, and there's a few big things we're in the process of finalizing. But Kevin and Cory told me you're their guy, so I'm sure they'll be letting you know before I do."


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