Boom Boom Bautista preparing for Ponce De Leon

By Brad Cooney


Boom Boom Bautista preparing for Ponce De Leon

On August 11, 2007, undefeated Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista will challenge Daniel Ponce De Leon for the WBO super bantamweight championship.  Boxingtalk recently sat down with this Filippino brawler out of Candijay, Bohol and got his thoughts on what is the biggest fight of his career.

BT – How is training camp going so far as you prepare for Ponce De Leon?

RB – Very hard training, I think this will be a hard fight so I am training very hard.

BT – Do you see this is as the most difficult fight of your career so far?

RB – Yes this will be the most difficult fight of my career. I know Ponce De Leon is a good fighter, that's why I will train hard. I know I can handle this fight though, that's why I am training hard.

BT – Put it into your words how important it is for you to bring the world title back to The Philippines?

RB – It's very important to me because all of the people of The Philippines want me to be world champion, this is a very important fight for me. This is it, the time has come.

BT – Do you feel this is your defining moment, your time to put yourself onto the world map?

RB – Yes this is the time to become well known here in America, and all around. I will do my best.

BT– Your countryman, Gerry Penelosa came up short against De Leon [Penalosa, a natural 115-pounder, lost a decision to De Leon in March]. Did he give you any advice to help you defeat Ponce?

RB – Gerry knows what my ability is, he is my stablemate. I have the power, and the ability, I am bigger so I match up better against De Leon.

BT – De Leon is a southpaw, any concerns with fighting the southpaw style?

RB – No, I have had many fights against men who fight southpaw, so no problem there.

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts for your fans in The Philippines?

RB – Yes to all my fans in The Philippines, watch this fight it will be a good  fight. I will give you a good hard fight, and I hope you will be pulling for me and that God will give me enough strength on that day.