Bojorquez gunning for Quartey

Will get his chance underneath Taylor-Hopkins II


Bojorquez gunning for Quartey

By Raj Sharma

The opportunity to face Ike Quartey on pay-per-view is like “something coming from the sky” for Carlos “Elegante” Bojorquez. The Mira Loma, California junior middleweight was busy focusing on his construction job when he got the call to face former WBA welterweight champ Ike Quartey on December 3, 2005 in Las Vegas. The fight will take place on the undercard for Jermain Taylor-Bernard Hopkins II on HBO PPV. For Bojorquez, who has worked in the past as an auto mechanic and car salesman while pursuing his boxing career, it’s likely his last opportunity to position himself for the big paydays that have eluded him. Boxingtalk called Elegante over the weekend, and the friendly boxer took the time to discuss his career, the fight with Quartey, and who he would like to fight if victorious on December 3rd.  Here is what he had to say, in his own words:

On his start in the sport of boxing:

“I started a little late, in 1992. When I was younger, I was boxing in Mexico. Then I started training in the United States when I was nineteen. I came to the US when I was 16, it took me almost three years to start boxing cause I was working and sent money to Mexico. My brother and I decided to start training because he knows I got a future. Never fought in Mexico, a lot of training with my brother. Maybe four (years old) when I started. I always loved boxing. I was dreaming to be a world champion someday when I was little.”

On facing boxing legend Pernell Whitaker, whom Bojorquez defeated in April 2001 when Whitaker suffered a broken clavicle:

“First of all, when I was fighting him I was laughing (in awe of the moment). When it confronted me, I’m like ‘Son of a bitch, I cannot believe I’m fighting this guy’. I felt like it was a dream when I’m in front of him. His elbow hurt, something happened. He quit. I don’t care what people say. Everything can happen in the fight.”

Describing his training camp for Quartey:

“I stopped working last week so I can be a hundred percent for the fight (Elegante works in construction). I always take one week off everytime when I’m fighting, and now I took almost a month off for this fight. This is the first time I’m taking a lot of time and resting. I feel so good. I’m with my manager, living in his house, concentrating for the fight. I don’t have my wife with me, I don't  have my kid. I’m out of my family. I don’t have no worries, like little fights with the wife. I’m here a hundred percent thinking about the fight. Training, eating, running. I feel so alive, so ready.  I got a personal trainer Marilyn Salcido, she helps me for my speed. My past two fights she’s helped me, and I feel something different. I’m working (with) guys just like Quartey. Fast guy, fast lefts. I don’t pick easy sparring I’ll be ready, I’m very excited. I want the fights coming up. If it’s tomorrow, I’ll be happy. I don’t have no problem.”

His thoughts on facing Quartey and his game plan for the fight:

“I’m fighting a big, tough guy. That guy is a great fighter, I see him fight many times. I don’t have nothing to say. I’m a good guy, I respect every fighter. Not in the ring. In the ring it’s different. My game plan is to fight him. He’s coming with the jab, I know it. I’m working for that. I got a good plan. This guy’s coming with strong lefts, he’s got a strong right. That guy throws combinations. My plan is fighting him back, moving around and fighting him. I’m in good shape, I want to push him. I’m full of energy. I jump on him and make him choke. I will never give him distance. If he’s tired in the later rounds, he will pay then. My defense (will be) my offense. Oh yeah, I’m working the body. A lot of people will be surprised. You can see and then call me”.

On whether he will hang up the gloves if he loses:

“I think so. I got a good job. I have to win this fight, if not I hang the gloves up as you say. I’m 33 years old. I’m not 20 years old, 21. I’m 33 years old and I’m thinking of my future. I’m one hundred percent fine in my head is what I think (laughs). I’m pretty good”.

“I'm coming with everything, what  I got. All my dreams. I got my baby boy (his 3 year old son Maximiliano), I’m thinking of him and his future so I have to come into winning this fight. Fighting in Vegas is big. Winning, look good there, that’s it. Big Mamoo($), right?" (laughing).

Who he would like to face if victorious against Quartey:

“I’d like to fight Mayorga. I’m serious. I want the opportunity for Mayorga. That guy, I got in my mind for many years. That guy is tough. I’m tougher. That guy talks shit left-right. I will kick his ass, that guy (laughing). A lot of people are scared of him. Me? I’m not scared. But really, I like to fight that guy.”

Final Quotes:

“This is my fight, a big opportunity for me. This is something like it’s coming from the sky. I’m thinking of working. I got a pretty good job, working the union. I got good health, good paycheck. And then the fight’s like coming from the sky. I have to take the fight. I have to do it. You’re(the fight) my best shot and I’m thinking to winning this fight.”

“I’m not a famous guy, but I got a lot of friends. A lot of people know me, and everybody knows I can do it. It’s why I’m training so hard. I know Quartey is coming with good training, good conditioning. It will be a war. I’m not backing up. It will be a knockout. I’m not thinking in my mind to lose the fight. I have to win this fight. I go for everything. I die there if I can die. I don’t care, this is my future. I promise to make a great fight. I want to put something like, people remember me”.

Carlos would like to thank his family, his training family, his friends, and everybody who’s supporting him.


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