Bobby Pacquiao stops Carlos Navarro

Navarro counts to ten along with the ref


Bobby Pacquiao stops Carlos Navarro

By Wyatt Johnston

Bobby Pacquiao, the lesser known brother of Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao earned the most impressive win of his career against Carlos Navarro in a junior lightweight fight filled with strange happenings at the Table Mountain Casino in Friant, California on Friday.  First, Pacquiao, now 24-11-3, slid all over the ring for the first two rounds until his trainer Justin Fortune taped his shoes all around from top to bottom which helped Pacquiao move better and stay balanced.  Navarro seemed to be winning the fight until it took a very odd turn in round six when Pacquiao landed what looked like a perfect body shot but which was ruled a low blow by referee Jon Schorle, who deducted a point from Pacquiao.  

In the seventh round Pacquiao got very aggressive and started putting good combinations together, forcing Navarro down again, which afterwards Pacquiao landed a punch but the referee didn't count it as a knockdown.  This enraged Navarro to the point of banging on the canvas basically begging for the referee to count, but Schole instead told him to get up.  Pacquiao continued his aggression up and put Navarro down again, and this time it was scored a knockdown. Schorle began counting and Navarro counted right along with him, all the way up to ten. This ended the fight at 2:54 of the seventh.  Navarro, who drops to 26-4-1, clearly was frustrated with the referee and let it get in to his head. It wound up costing him the fight.

On the undercard, Abraham Esquivel, 3-0, won a four-round majority decision over Danny Salava, 5-3-2, in a very entertaining lightweight bout which had the crowd up on its feet throughout the fight.

Middleweight Jolison Dos Santos stopped Daniel Stanisavljevic in round five when referee Marty Sammon stepped in and stopped the fight at 2:18 of the
fifth round.