Birmingham speaks on Wright loss

By Darren Nichols


Birmingham speaks on Wright loss

BT:  We just heard that Winky's on his way to the hospital to get stitched up.  How is he feeling, how is he doing? "His spirits are high.  He thought he won the fight, he thought he had a good performance.  That's the way it goes sometimes." 

BT:  What did you tell him between rounds in the fight?

DB:  I kept telling him to win the war on the outside.  When you get tied up keep your hands moving, because they were scoring the punches when he was hitting and holding.

BT:  Did he do everything that you wanted him to do in the ring?

DB:  Yes, he did everything I wanted him to do.  Bernard is a tough guy to fight.  His style of hit and hold makes it hard to get ready for him.  I thought he fought a great fight.

BT:  Did he do the things you had worked on during camp?

DB:  Yes, he did.  Winky's a smart fighter, he knows how to make adjustments as he goes along during the fight.  As for Bernard, my hat goes off to him.

BT:  What happens from here with Winky?  What do you do?

DB:  That's up to Wink, I don't make the decisions for him.

BT:  If he asked you, what would you tell him to do?

DB:  Go back down to 160.


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